I am 37 yrs,can't afford insurance.?

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I raise my 3children on a $1200.00 a month income, I was covered in 2003 by medicade of Louisiana before and shortly after the birth of my youngest child, it was then when I was treated for Cervical tumoros . I am affraid that another condition has arised, this time it is my overies, I have researched my condition on line and now I need to see a doctor.what if anything can I do? Please address this only if you can help.Thank you
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go www.lsuhospitals.org web site and look under hospitals or about and the will give you a list of the 8 charity hospitals in the state. you will have to bring proof of income with you usually your last 4 check stub. with 4 people on your income you should qualify for free care if not there is a co-pay of $15.00 at the one i go to in Houma, La. i am very satisfied with them i have no problems. everyone is very nice and they are caring people. depending on where you live you may have to travel. good luck and i hope everything works out for you.
Look for a free clinic in your area, try the Health Department or even see if there is a medical school in your local area….often times they have clinics that are very low cost or free. Once you find out what is wrong, the doctor can direct you to free services.Did you try to get Medicaid again? In California, our version of Medicaid has a program that is called “share of cost” they pay for almost everything and you pay a small monthly co-payment…I know that Kansas has a similar program too.Be careful diagnosing yourself with information from the Internet…you might be reading into your symptoms and mis-diagnosing yourself, thinking you have something far worse than you really do. Good luck!
Try calling some clinics in your area. Some charge on a sliding fee which goes strictly by income. Also try calling the medical association and see if they can refer you to some doctors who do work for free or low charge. I have heard of some doctors doing this as a tax write off. Not sure how it actually works, but sure doesn’t hurt to find out and look into everything. Try getting help through the state.
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