Women only?

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One of my best friends came up to me and asked me a very persional question about her vigina and i didnt know what to tell her she asked me about this discharge that she has it was shite and clear. I was thinking that it was a yest infection but she told me that it couldnt be she said that she thought the same and did a infection kit and nothing helped i dont know what to tell her does anyone know what this could be. Thanks
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It depends if this is different for her than usual. It is normal to have a small amount of clear/white discharge during the time of ovulation. However, if this discharge is different than normal, or if there is any change in odor (more foul, or fishy, that is), or any itching or burning down there, then it’s time to see the doc. 🙂
probably nothing, or chlamydia
it could be a std, or there are plenty of other things that it could be , she should see a doctor to get that figured out .
It’s probably normal vaginal mucus. Vaginas start producing sticky clear fluid around the time of ovulation, and then it starts turning white and more creamy until your next period. Some women produce more mucus than others. Some women don’t produce enough and have to use artificial lubrication on a daily Obasis just to be comfortable. You shouldn’t be ashamed of or grossed out by it. Guys love it, nothing better than a wet vagina. 🙂 Oh yeah, and the most accurate way of guaging your fertility is supposedly by observing the color and texture of your vaginal mucus. When it’s the most clear and liquidy is usually when you are the most fertile.
For some women, discharge is normal. Gross, but normal. I think it might be effected by hormones, and is more likely to occur before the start of your period.If it really concerns her, she should go see a doctor. I would, however, warn her against trying to take care of the problem with over the counter products like duche. Overuse of those can actually cause yeast infections.
well actually that is quiet normal but usually when u are in puberty I don’t no if she is but it is qiet normal its just probably her vagina just acting up. Tell her not to worry.
it might be north carolina
. if it’s white and CLEAR, then it could just be. AHEM. bodily fluids from when she’s aroused. *shrugs* That’s all that comes to mind. I mean, that’s only if it was just a little bit. If she has it like a period, then I don’t know what to tell you.
It is normal to have white/clearish discharge..this your vagina cleaning itself.
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