dislocated shoulder? what the heck?

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2 days ago i was at a fair and they shot off a cannon which made a loud bang and startled me, i sort of tensed up and hunched over and when i went to straighten back up my shoulder was in a odd position and wouldnt move. it seemed like it was out of place. i immediately went to the first aid station to see an EMT, i told them what happened and they didnt even look at me! they just said they cant pop it back in and they couldnt do anything! so i go outside and try my hardest to move that arm around and magically it went back in place but then it started to hurt really bad. now, 2 days later im having pain when i move it. what is going on? should i see a doctor (i really cant) or just wait for a few more days? (the pain is not severe)
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yeah, you dislocated it. from now on, be very careful with that arm, because it is likely to happen again.
EMT’s must stay within their standard of care. It is outside of their scope of practice to attempt to align a joint injury. It’s highly specialized because of the amount of nerves and ligaments located around the joint and the risk of damage to them. Their training dictates that they should have splinted the injury in place and applied ice. EMT’s contracted at fairs typically don’t also provide transport so they use the 911 system or place calls directly with an ambulance provider to provide the transportation aspect of it. You need to go see a orthopaedic/sports medicine doctor so he/she can check for nerve damage. Rehab may also help you prevent dislocating your shoulder again in the future. Once you’ve dislocated your shoulder you have shoulder instability and need to care for it properly.
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