I think I am depressed, what can I do?

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I think I am depressed, what can I do?
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sinful has wisest answer. Im On Lexapro for mine but please go see a doctor to be sure thats what is wrong with you…you may have a chemical imbalance or something more serious.
not use www for seeking comfort.
Yoga and transcendental meditation(for immediate relief)
Seek professional help, if you can. If not, some things that can help include regular exercise, especially walking (especially when you don’t feel like it), volunteering in some capacity helping others (so you don’t stay so focused on yourself), and dancing crazy to happy music.
have a drink or two and bang as many guys as possible…it’ll help with your self esteem
Talk to a friend…. see a therapist at school or college…. listen to slow music and relax urself.. Try to smile… Uve got ur life ahead of u.. things will b okay!! i hope u feel better, pm me if u wanna talk to some1.. go to a psychiatrist..
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