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sometimes during sex i will feel like i am about to pee. so usually we stop. should we keep going? is that one of the signs of a coming orgasm?
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Just let it out while you orgasm. Its an amazing feeling. The reason some woman cant do it is because as a child were taught how to hold your pee. But if you relax it will come naturally to you.
To put it in the simplest of ways – your urinary system and your vagina are in pretty darn close proximity. Your bladder, urethra, and your vagina are basically next door neighbors. So, given the pliability of the vagina, sometimes when a penis invades the space, it can make you feel like you are going to pee because it is kinda indirectly stimulating the urinary system.Now, the chances of you actually peeing on your partner during sex is slim. You could have peed right before sex and you’ll still get this feeling – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are indeed going to urinate uncontrollably. In time, you will learn that this sensation is normal. You’ll get used to it and you’ll be able to continue.It does not necessarily mean an orgasm is on its way into town, though, but you’ll never find out if you don’t keep going :)Also, please be aware that very few women climax with penetration only. So, don’t get frustrated if you sit through 10 minutes of the almost-peeing sensation with no orgasm, it’s normal. Clitoral stimulation is often necessary for orgasm, so in time, you may also want to experiment with either you or your partner rubbing your clitoris during sex in a way that you like so that you can orgasm during sex.
Yes you should keep going! Don’t stop and don’t worry- it’s fun!
Don’t stop,…you are not going to pee .You are going to have an orgasm.And it will be amazing.
its normal to feel this way. always be sure to pee before you have sex. and after. anywho youll feel like you have to but you wont youll get off! its great! kind of on a sub-conscience level you wont let yourself pee.
Ummm, I would say err on the side of caution: don’t pee on your mate. If you feel like you are going to pee, stop!
yes! just keep going, and let the “pee” out, but it won’t be pee, it will be your c u m! congradulations!
you are getting ready for an orgasm so keep going!
ORGASMS ARE AWESOME! dont hold it in..just HAVE FUN WITH IT lol.
Tiff is right “it is a G-spot orgasm, and you may squirt when you reach orgasm. If you are comfortable with you partner, let it go. Most guys think its hot.” This is called female ejaculation. Enjoy!
Go to the bath and if you pee, no one is going to die for that. Go for it.
Stimulation of the g-spot can make you feel like you need to pee. It can also give you an orgasm, so you might want to just keep going!
I have the same thing. It is a G-spot orgasm, and you may squirt when you reach orgasm. If you are comfortable with you partner, let it go. Most guys think its hot.
Have sex in the shower, that way if you really are about to pee, it will wash off and not be on your sheets, but i think you are approaching orgasm.
that is normal because your bladder sits very close to where the man’s penis is going in you; so it puts pressure on your bladder which in turn makes you feel like you have to void. It is not a sign that an orgasm is coming just that there is pressure on your bladder. That is how the bladder works. the urine is collected in the bladder until the bladder contracts ( puts pressure on itself) and you feel the need to void. As far as if you should stop that is something that you have to decide. If you put enough pressure on your bladder you can void during intercourse.
No, it’s probably because he’s hitting something and you DO have to pee. But then again, if you have never had one it may feel like this to you, but Ill tell you this. you won’t want to stop!
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