Does penis enlargement surgery work?

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I have seen documentarys on it, and I know it exists, but I want to know if anyone has known anyone personally or has a husband that has gone through it. I have never really been to happy with my size, and want my wife to be “extra” happy as well. She has never complained, but she does have a 10 inch dildo, which means to me, she wants a larger penis that I can’t give her ( i am only 7 inches). I know that there has been tons of topics like this that discuss that I should be happy and that size doesnt matter, and I agree to a certain point. But, i feel that this would be good for me, and my wife.
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Keep in mind that once you go though with this surgery, there is pretty much no turning back.It is your body. If she isn’t pleased then talk to her about it. Don’t assume anything. Assumtions lead to problems.I, personally, would never have this surgery done. I believe I am average length but even so, I am pleased with myself.
i have seen a show on this also where they cut some ligaments that are connecting the penis to the bone or something like that and you do gain some length. however, 7 inches is definitely not small and i am surprised that you are considering having a surgical procedure for this. if you were 4 or 5 inches OK, but 7 inches is nothing to be ashamed of, i mean, it is bigger than the average isnt it?? talk to several doctors before having it done, it seems unnecessary to me. if your wife had C cup breasts would you want her to get implants to be a DDD-seems comparable here
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