Cant Sleep?

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I’m from around 6:30 in the morning, Iand get bak home aroud 9pm, I should be beat but at nigts i can sleep, I get restless and cant fall asleep till around 12 or 1 am and thats not enough sleep. I good some sleeping pill from my doc took them for 2 nights and the third day I ended up sleeping the till 7pm the next night, almoust an entire day so I stopped taking them. what do I do any advice?
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lots of caffeine? maybe it’s stress and you need to let it out through some kind of therapy. exercise, talking to someone, artistically letting it out through something like paint? try something like ambien if nothing works, maybe.
You’ve got to train your body to get use to the sleep pattern you need. There are certain things that might help you i.e infuse your room with the scent of lavender, drink chamomile tea before bed, sleep on a green towel, if you are to restless when you lay down get back up and do some form of physical exercise, or sometimes what I do is pick up a book—-I’ll think I won’t be going to sleep for awhile but when I pick up a book it is almost instant that I feel tired and want to go to sleep. Good luck.
I’m the same way. No matter how early I get up, I can’t fall asleep at night. You are a night owl.The thing that I’ve found to be the most helpful, without taking drugs, is counting backwards from 1000 in 3s.1000, 997, 994, 991, and so on. It sounds crazy but it really, really works! Give it a shot! It wears your mind out! have you tried tylenol pm. most sleeping pills recommend you have time for 8 hours of sleep. Maybe you should take the pill earlier in the night so you have the 8 hours for sleep.
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