Do you think it is stupid to think that sex (the penetrating kind) might be painful for someone’s first time?

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I mean I’m just goin’ on what I know… I mean I get bad cramps, and not to mention I still aint comfortable with the thought of something goin’ in me down there, I don’t even use tampons, it just freaks me out. Is there something wrong with me? I think it’s because I’m afraid of any pain I can’t see, and I’m very sensitive to pain, so I’m assuming it will hurt, I mean I’ve heard people bleeding on their first time, BLEEDING that’s scary, forreal!
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I’m a vrgn as well, and think that first time is painful. and i believe were not stupid if we think so.people say it depends on how the guy prepared you before the penetration. i had a female classmate before and she said, she didnt bleed during her first night because her husband made sure that she was “prepared” for the penetration. that her husband made her really “wet” before taking her. so it wasnt really painful for her.i think we should choose a very gentle kind of man for our first time. ahihihi ^ ^
it’s not stupid, but i don’t think it’s supposed to hurt too much. also when you do it with someone you love, and completely trust, i think you aren’t so scared. You only bleed because if the guy is big enough, it breaks your hyman. It’s just a little blood and not bad.The 1st time I did it, I wasn’t sure we actually did it, because he was quite small.Cramps and pain during sex are not’ll be fine.
hey its better to get it out of the way if u know what i mean.just get yur cherry popped and get it over with u know.cuz soon once it get used to **** after the first few times it will be very pleasurable and worth it. Geezz! Some of these answers..!Sometimes it hurts the first time..and maybe a little soreness or discomfort after that for a little while.The bleeding is slight if your hymen isn’t broke yet.The pain isn’t severe.not as bad as all that.make sure you are ready, both physically, and emotionally for this.Take it slow!After *getting in*, take it slow and it will turn to pleasure!It is important to be with someone you love and trust!They will be loving and gentle with you..and it can be a wonderful, memorable experience from the first time!!
There is a chance of some discomfort the first few times, but that quickly gives way to intense pleasure. You just need to feel relaxed and comfortable with your partner. Someone you really feel you trust and respect and vice versa. This will help put you at ease and allow you to fully enjoy the experience. You might want to start off with some gentle fingering either by yourself, or have your partner to do it. That will give you an idea of what it will feel like to have something inside you, and can feel quite good at the same time. But don’t freak yourself over it. It’s all quite normal, and after a few times, I doubt you’ll feel any physical pain. And if you do, then there’s something else wrong that you should probably see a gyno for. Best of luck, and enjoy your new found pleasure zones :)And these morons saying you have a hymen. don’t listen to them. Chances are somewhere down the road you broke that hymen, so don’t count on that. Riding a bike, jumping up and down hard enough can break it, lots of things can rupture it, and it is no sign of virginity, so don’t worry about that. its natrual to be afriad and stuff.
hey do what you feel is right ok You have a Hymen (commonly called a cherry). This is broken during the first time. And yes, it does hurt. Also, there will be bleeding. This usually lasts for 2 days. No, it’s not stupid, it just means you’re not ready.
yes.wont hurt the guy.the girl maybe.
sex is not something to be thought that hurts. but the consequence definetly will- child birth! no.
that call pleasure and pain.. if u really enjoy it.. u wont remember the pain.. just make sure ur partner really make u in the mood on it.. most important let your partner know what u feel about that.. 🙂 I personally have no experience with this matter, but I’m going to let you in on what I know. In SOME cases, it does hurt for women. the only reason it hurts is because everything is stretching and stuff. And you only bleed (popping your cherry) because you broke your hymen. You can break your hymen in many different scenarios, not just having sex. So if you have already broke your hymen, sex will not hurt as much, if at all, your first time. And if you use tampons (which in your case you don’t) it will also help alleviate the pain. There is nothing wrong with you, many girls are afraid. You should try and use tampons sometime (not just so it can help with the sex thing) but also because they are very comfortable. They don’t hurt (as long as you put them in right), they are comfortable, you don’t know they are there, they are easy to put in, and you can swim with them and not have to worry about a thing! I would suggest going with the slimmer ones if you’re using them the first time. But you know, it’s all what you’re comfortable with. I think your mind will change as you get older (no clue how old you are but still! lol). So I hope that helps!
No, of course not. Almost everything is scary to most people until they’ve experienced it. I have not met a female yet who was not afraid of her first sexual experience on some level or having a cycle or having a baby. It’s reasonable to be apprehensive about things we don’t know about. It’s smart to think them through and prepare ourselves as much as possible. If you are still a virgin, it is totally natural to have that fear, believe it or not, men have that fear too, of their first time bieng painfull and scarry.If you have sexual feelings try masturbating, (it is normal) before you engage in sex with a man, that way you will have total control of the situation.
not at alldont worry about HIV
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