How do you clean a dildo after a yeast infection?

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My gyno gave me some vaginal dialators to use because I have a problem with muscle spasms down there. I recently used one and then realized that I had a yeast infection. I’ve since gotten rid of it with some Vagisil, but am not sure how I should go about cleaning the dialator so I don’t give myself another yeast infection. Has anyone ever had this problem before? What’s the best thing to do?
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you could wash it in bleach water make the bleach pretty strong let it sit and dry then rinse it with clean fresh water and vinigar.
Antibacterial soap! Sing your abc’s just as you would washing your hands.
you got rid of a yeast infection with vagisil? what about monistat? i don’t think vagisil is made for yeast infections! you may still have a yeast infection in this case. i’d call your doctor and ask if vagisil is a good way to get rid of a yeast infection. now, they have pills for yeast infections. you take one and it gets rid of it almost right away. anyway, to clean the dialator, i’d try either sex toy cleaner or soap and warm water. don’t get the battery part wet if it has one.
Soap and hot water generally does the job. Store the implement in a cool and dry place.
as embarassing as it is i would just ask your doctor. or call a random doctor and ask and tell him the situation
soak it in boiling water 4 agers
hot soapy water and a vinegar rinse
Wash in hot, soapy water and then soak in a bleach solution for at least 15 minutes. Try 1/2 Cup bleach to 2 cups water. That should do it. Yeast hates bleach! Then rinse to be sure bleach is gone.
try rubbing alcohol
Clean it in rubbing alcohol or boil it in water.
Buy a sex toy cleaner. Or use neat alcohol (rinse WELL!)
Can you clean it with bleach…….and rinse well ?
This is nasty, However It would be advisable if you were to clean it with bleach water well diluted, or you could use rubbing alcohol as well. I hope this can cure your uncertainty for sanitizing. Remember not to emerge in water if it uses batteries.
easy buy a new one
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