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Almost everytime I get into the hottub I get a yeast infection, does anyone know how I can prevent this, other then not getting in the hottub?
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I-Eat-Paint-Chips made a good point about hottubs being a breeding ground for bacteria. However, why should you deprive yourself from something that you enjoy just because of a nasty yeast infection? Trust me, I’ve been getting them left and right for the last few months and after dropping a lot of money on over the counter treatments, I finally went to see the doctor. Here’s the advice that she gave me:Change out of your bathing suit ASAP. The moisture creates a breeding ground for yeast and if Paint-guy is right about the hottub being full of yeast, you certainly don’t want that against your vagina.Take acidophilus supplements. Don’t bother with yogurt. While it is good for you and it does contain the active culture (okay, so yogurt is good… eat it anyway), there’s not nearly as much as taking the culture in pill-form. It sounds like you’re prone to yeast infections and it wouldn’t help to take this supplement. Think about it: tons of women go into hottubs everyday… they’re not all getting yeast infections, are they? It has to do with the natural pH of your vagina. You’re probably just more sensitive to it just as I am.Good luck! I know these things are NASTY to deal with! The acidophilus should do the trick. If it doesn’t, go see your gyno. 🙂 I’m not sure, but I do know that douching can increase chance of getting infections.You might want to consult your OB/GYN about this one.
Hot tubs are pretty disgusting and you can get a lot of diseases from them. Make certain that the tub is being adequately maintained and that the chlorine levels are within safe zones in order to kill off bacteria.
make sure the hot tub is clean and use yeast infection cream it may help
Here is your answer. In college, we did a study for class on the hot tub at our apt complex. We knew it was not well maintained (which is why we picked it.) After laboratory analysis, it contained 1000 times the amount of yeast in a normal yeast infection. A covered, warm, wet area like that is the perfect place for yeast to grow. Stay far away from that tub.
You should eat 1 yogurt a day and that should help. It has l. acidophiles in it which is a good bacteria that you need, try it and see if that works. good luck.
Your bathing suit is a breeding ground for bacteria. Right after you are done in the hot tub take a shower and change into dry clothes. Not wearing thongs( only cotten breathable undies) and not shaving down there can also help. Eating yogert is also a good idea.
Try eating yogurt, it actually helps to clear yeast infections #1 don’t put bleach in a hot tub- that’s y they make chlorine! b4 diseases grow in a hot tub it would turn green & grow algae- if u r not sure about the proper maintenance of the chemicals take a sample of the hot tub water (8 oz max) to a local pool store, usually they’ll test it for free & advise u on anything it may need
get in the hottub but before you really need to talk to a doctor because thats serious maybe ur having sex
disinfect the hot tub with some bleach first
yeast infection come from a ph imbalance(usually)-eat a container of yogurt(any flavor) everyday.a vinigar water bath afterwards will help also(kills the itch too)
make sure you change out of your wet bathing suit ASAP. The moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria.
make sure that the hot tub is clean when you go in, otherwise if there is bacteria, it will harvest in your body.
eat yogurt? oh brother….. bathing in hot tubs or Jacuzzis, as well as any situation in which expose the outer vaginal area to prolonged moisture, such as wearing a wet bathing suit throughout a long summer day at a pool or water park can cause yeast infection. The chemically treated water in hot tubs and overly chlorinated water in indoor pools may also be causal through irritation of delicate vulvar/vaginal tissues. I would suggest tryint short visits in the hottub and showering immediatly afterward, see how that works
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