How long are goats pregnant for

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The time from which a doe is bred until she gives birth is on average, 150 – 155 days. [ Source: ]
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How Long Is A Goat Pregnant?
150 days average gestation. Goats often kid up to five days early or late (145-155 being the range). Approx. 5 months
How long does a goat live?
The oldest know goat is 20, but I have had one that lived to be 17 or 18 and she was just the sweetiest nanny you could have.
What is the gestation period for goats
The gestation period for goats is usually 150 days, but it can vary several days each way.

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how long are goats pregnant?
Q: I was thinking of getting a goat.
A: 5 months and 2 weeksgive or take some
how long is a pygmy goat pregnant?
Q: i have to pygmy goat one a male and the other female. thier 1 year old i’ve them in the same pen for 8 month. do you think she prenant/ and how long is she pregnant for?
A: Gestation is about 150 days, or 5months, same as a sheep. Every chance she could be pregnant, time will tell!!
how long does take for a pregnant goat start getting fat because of the babies?
Q: my goat is ,i think1 month pregnant.can she start getting her babie bumbs this early/if not the n a bout how long by guessing at her can see 2 bumps on her two sidesthey get bigger each 2 weeks.i got her 2 weeks ago and they said she was preg.and she just kept gettin bigger when we brought her home.she is having her hormone change alot latley day she loves me ,the next she acts like she hates me.she is two years old if that could help/
A: Uually they get bigger about 3 weeks before kidding. She is old enough and it seems that your liove hate relation ship is just her, usually goats when pregnant, get like this, but if shes friendly, try feeidn her hand fed and keep her frienly as when you handle the baby, it will be easier.As for the bumps, if shes only 1 month pregnant, it mght be a good idea to get her cheack by the vet, usually the bums can be the baby truning, but they should be lower and to the back near her hips, if you see her teats starting to fill, then shes close, i would get a profdessional opinion, as goats can easily loose their kids, and they can get stressed out easy too.Good luck an di hope she kids and its cute!
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