How much longer will I be on my period

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Every woman has a slightly different menstrual cycle, but on average, your period lasts between 5 and 7 days. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How long does a period last and how much blood is there??
It varies for each girl, but some have their period for 3 days and others have it for a week. Periods can be light, moderate, or heavy, and there can be a total of 2–4 tablespoons (30–59 milliliters) of blood or up to as much as half a cup …
How much longer til I get my period?
well your most likely going to get it around when your mom has had it, you get it 2 yeard after you start to grow pubic hair, don’t rush! btw: you stop growing 2 yeard after you star. i had cramps and then i started 3 days later!
Why can aluminum be used for a much longer period than coal and g…?
I believe its because aluminium is a pure element , (does not contain any other element) thus decay is not likely. Coal and gas have different properties, so any of the elements might decay , for eg beta decay, where an atom releases an hel…

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How much longer will my period last?
Q: So it started Saturday morning.It’s now Tuesday night and to be frank,,It’s just getting annoying.It’s ruining my knickers,,And I have P.E on Thursday and Friday.When I started,,The colour was very dark and there was hardly any blood.Now it’s the colour of blood,,Maybe lighter,,And I have to change about 3 to 4 times a day.How can I tell when I’m going to stop?How much longer?Thanks x
A: Periods usually last on average 5 days so it should have stopped by Wednesday/Thursday morning if not it should have at least slowed down by then and not be as heavy. If you don’t like to use tampons like me I usually wear the night pads by always when doing sports/dance at school because if they last you all night when your tossing and turning then they should last when you’re doing sports etc.If you’re really concerned then try a tampon, many people say they aren’t that bad. So just don’t worry about it. I hope this helped and good luck ;)xox
Will cooking bacon for a longer period of time lower the fat content?
Q: Two slices of the bacon I have are 230 calories and have 33% of fat. If I cook the bacon until it’s very crispy, will the fat content be lowered by a significant amount?thanks everyone!
A: One serving (usually two slices) of the bacon you have gives you 33% of your daily recommended intake of fat (if your calorie needs are 2000 calories), it’s not that the bacon is made up of 33% fat.Yes, cooking the bacon longer will reduce the fat content, if you cook it long enough for the fat to melt, and drain away all of the fat while cooking and after. This will take quite a while, as you need to cook the bacon at a low temperature to get the most fat off. A much healthier option is to get turkey bacon or a vegetarian bacon.
Will my period be longer after stopping the pill?
Q: I have finished my pack of pills and then got my period as usual but im not going to start on my next pack. Will my period im on now go for longer now or will i get another period sooner because im not going to be taking pills again? Or will i just get my period again in 4 weeks? Just curious, what happens once i stop taking the pill.
A: It really depends on what brand on BC you were on.So, you finished a pack, and now you’re on a “pill period” but you aren’t going to keep taking more packs, correct?What will happen most likely is that the period you’re on now will be the same as all the others you had while on the BC, but next time, it will be heavier and longer, and time between periods will vary. This is your confused body trying to regulate itself again, without the assistance of the BC, as it’s used to.
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