Why is it said that pregnant woman have a glow

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It isn’t just an old wives’ tale — it’s really true. A woman can look most ravishing during pregnancy. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-it-said-that-pregnant-woman-have-a-glow ]
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What does it mean when they say a pregnant woman is glowing??
It’s that jai ne se quois that we have because we are happy. Have you seen how people in love kind of shed some light? pretty much the same with pregnant women, they may wear sweatpants and they can look gorgeous. Not that it’s happening…
Does every woman get a certain “glow” when they are pre…?
The breaking out is all a part of it cause i have broke out at the begining of all three pregnancys. But my husband always says i had a glow about me but like said about it is to do alot with happiness and my husband says i usually got my g…
Do Pregnant women really glow?
‘My Periods Stopped. I’m in Menopause, Right?’ Expert Advice 04/20/07, Johns Hopkins University Menstrual periods commonly stop during chemotherapy or hormonal therapy. This isn’t a guarantee that you are menopausal, though. 12 Pregnancy…

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Do pregnant women glow in the dark?
Q: I heard someone say that pregnant women glow. Is this true?
A: We only glow in the dark if exposed to large amounts of radiation. :)The “glow” you’re referring to is real though. It is just a warm, shiny look because of the hormones, though. But, you can’t see it in the dark.
Have you seen the “glow” of a pregnant woman?
Q: They say pregnant women glow and are one of the most beautiful sites to see.
A: i was told i glowed when i was pregnant.
What does it mean to say that a pregnant woman is glowing?
Q: Can women have the same glow for other reasons?
A: Some pregnant women do have a glow, it just means that you look great, and you do get a pregnant glow, most women do. Its really like they have this glow to there skin, like on your face. I only had about 2 or 3 days where I had this glow and mine was at the end of my pregnancy. About my 8 month. Hope I could help you. Take care honey.
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