How do you make your hair grow fast

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The right vitamins and minerals play a major role in keeping hair healthy. Your hair ultimately reflects overall condition of body [ Source: ]
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As Rach says, trimming your hair does NOT help your hair grow “faster” but only neater and healthier-looking. Remember that your hair grows from your roots and not your ends~! The basic factors of hair growth is excersize, which i…
Yeah, I had beautiful long hair, but I had to get a trim and I wanted the stylist to add some LONG layers, and instead took off a few inches more then i wanted! I was (and still am) a bit sad that its not as long, but they say your hair gro…
・ 1 Assess the health of your hair currently. If the ends are split, dry, or otherwise unhealthy then you… ・ 2 Assess your overall health? Are you eating right? Exercising? Getting enough sleep? The more healthy… ・ 3 Add more prot…

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What do YOU do to make your hair grow fast?
Q: Basically im wondering ANYTHING you do to make your hair grow fast. Any tips, remedies, shampoos, anything.:)I have a question about prenental though, does it work? and do you have to be a specific age…? are there risks?
A: try these tipsdrink milkeat food rich in vitamin and protein because ur hair is made from 75% proteins so eating more proteins makes it thickeralso wash ur hair with warm water so that u would open the pores to allow more hair to growdont wash ur hair every day 4 times a week is enough because using too much shampoo ruins ur hair because it is full of chemicals and because u remove the natural oil in ur hair needed to make it thickdont take artificial vitamins natural nutration in food is better because too much vitamin can kill i read it in the bookhope i have helped plz answer mine;_ylt=AvEsqa0jz3_AIY7l3XR8AbHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081213094411AAQM2id
What can you do to make your hair grow fast?
Q: What can you do to make your hair grow fast?
A: I have the same problem! What i did is I bought Pantene Beautiful lengths and it really helped. I also take Vitamin B12 and that also helps. If your nails are in bad shape….then so is your hair. Don’t put your hair in a ponytail a lot because it pulls on the hair and prevents hair growth. Also don’t straighten/curl your hair a lot because the heat burns your hair.Sometimes you can but try to limit yourself. Try creme instead. Putting your hair in a loose braid overnight helps if you want a curled look. Whatever you do DON’T GET EXTENSIONS! They are very bad for your hair and they look very fake.Good luck!!
how do you make your hair grow faster and thicker?
Q: ive heard biotin makes hair grow fast, it that true? my hair is fine, thin, blonde, and frizzes up in humidity. sounds bad, huh? lol.well, my hair is about 2 inches below my shoulders, and i want it to be above my belly button but below my chest area. how long would that take to grow?is there any way i can thicken my hair?how often do i trim it? (ive heard 7-9 weeks?) are there any products i can use to make it healthier?
A: well, biotin and all that other hair growth stuff is unhealthy for you. It messes up the normal growth rate of your hair, has severe side effects, like hairloss etc. but wat you can do to make your hair grow faster is make sure you have enough calcium, like in milk or soy milk,(in case your vegan, i am and soy work,es for me), proteins, yeah all that stuff. but also for your hair to grow faster, you can NOT use heat products, they make your hair limp, frizzy, give you split ends..just baddd. and yeah trims every 7-9 weeks. do not shampoo and condition every day its rly bad for you and dries out hair. but what you can do, is condition your hair, so instead of putting on shampoo you just skip that step and go right to the conditioner. it rly helps. trust me. i use tresemme or pantene or paul mitchel. and remember the less products you use in your ahir teh less greasy or unhealthy it will be. it will take a while though, usually hair grows 1 inch a month, but it really depends what you are eating and stuff. um so i’d say if you were eating healthy, try to actually avoid too much protein, that 3 months at least. hope that helps!
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