Top 10 Museums in St. Joseph, Missouri

If you are traveling through St. Joseph, Missouri, you should plan to stay awhile. This town is chock full of interesting and historical museums that will keep you intrigued for days.

Patee House Museum

The Patee House Museum was originally a four-story hotel opened by John Patee in 1858. In 1860, it was the headquarters for the Pony Express, which landed it as a National Historic Landmark. In 1965 it was turned into a museum and visitors can view antique telephones, a blacksmith shop, the gallows from the Buchanan County Jail, antique cars, an 1877 railroad depot, a stagecoach, model railroads and much more.

1202 Penn Street


The Pony Express Museum

On April 3, 1860, the first rider of the Pony Express left the Pikes Peak Stables in St. Joseph to begin his journey. The Pony Express Museum stands in the exact location of these stables. A portion of the stables were saved in the 1950s and became the museum. Visitors of the museum will be able to learn about all aspects of the Pony Express.

914 Penn Street


Jesse James Home Museum

This is the actual house that Jesse James lived in when he was shot by Bob Ford on April 3, 1882. The museum tells about the life and death of this famous outlaw. Artifacts such as the tie pin he was wearing when he was killed, a bullet removed from his right lung area, the coffin handles and a casting of his skull can be viewed as well as the bullet hole in the wall.

12th and Penn Street


Glore Psychiatric Museum

This unusual museum features interactive displays, full-sized replicas, artifacts and documents to illustrate the history and treatment of mental illness.

3406 Frederick Avenue


St. Joseph Doll Museum

The building that houses this museum was previously a church and is over 100 years old. Visitors will enjoy viewing the remarkable displays that feature over 1,000 antique dolls, doll furniture and toys.

1115 South 12th Street


St. Joseph Museum

Collections at this museum include the Native American collection, archaeological artifacts from North America, and the Lewis and Clark Expedition exhibit.

3406 Frederick Avenue


Robidoux Row Museum

This building was originally constructed in the 1840s and 1850s by Joseph Robidoux, the founder of St. Joseph. The apartments inside the building housed families that had purchased lots from Robidoux. He let them stay here free while their houses were being built. The restored eastern section of the building shows how rooms would have looked in that time period. The middle section has displays showing the history of fur trading, Robidoux history and the early history of the town.

Third and Poulin Street


National Military Heritage Museum

This museum has over 20,000 military artifacts housed in four buildings. Exhibits include military uniforms, vehicles, weapons, medals, equipment and gear.

701 Messanie


Heaton-Bowman-Smith Funeral Home Museum

This is actually a funeral home that has the museum in the back room. Here you will see antique coffins, urns and the wicker basket that was used to haul the body of Jesse James from his home to this funeral home.

3609 Frederick Boulevard


The Black Archives Museum

This museum features exhibits such as the Underground Railroad, desegregation, the Middle Passage and African-American history in St. Joseph.

3406 Frederick Avenue


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