Put Your Brand in Front of Sports Fans with Custom Soccer Balls

Custom-printed soccer balls represent the perfect promotional item for many purposes. They’re not a traditional choice, but their benefits are numerous.

Savvy marketers understand the usefulness of promotional products. They engage all the senses and make your brand stick in consumers’ minds. Giving an imprinted gift also promotes goodwill and loyalty, whether it’s a pen, a mug, or a t-shirt. These benefits are even stronger with a custom soccer ball. High-quality sporting goods are valued and appreciated items, and because they are used in a dynamic and engaging activity, consumers will associate your brand with the thrilling emotions of athletic pursuits.

Soccer players keep a beautiful, sturdy soccer ball for years in many cases. This gives custom soccer balls exceptional value in terms of impressions. Companies of all sizes, from local businesses to large corporations, can benefit from this. Printing their logo or message on a ball will keep the company’s promotion visible for a long time, often longer than traditional promotional products, such as t-shirts or jerseys. The more the consumers use the ball, the more your brand is seen.

How did custom soccer balls become such an ideal promotional product? Their emergence in the industry has grown from the explosion of soccer in the United States over the last 20 years. There are now over four million soccer participants across the nation, according to estimates from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, and that number grows every year. Custom soccer balls offer marketers an ideal way to reach this rapidly swelling market segment.

Some ideal uses for promotional soccer balls are giveaways at sporting events, incentives for employees, gifts for clients, and presents for youth soccer teams. The balls get soccer players excited and present the company’s message in a dynamic way. They’re also a good choice for school and university fundraisers.

The options for configuring a custom soccer ball are numerous. Your company’s logo and message can be printed on the soccer balls in brilliant full color, and the ball’s panels can be colored to match your brand. Some companies go for an international flair and add the flags of World Cup countries. This appeals to the popularity and competitive spirit of the World Cup. Still others incorporate renowned soccer players’ autographs, particularly if a sponsorship is involved.

In addition to the ball’s appearance, companies also have options when it comes to the size of their balls. The balls come in a number of sizes, with most sponsors opting to use the larger size “4” and “5” soccer balls for their custom logo and message because these sizes are standard regulation measurements. In some cases, sponsors choose a miniature, promotional-size soccer ball, size “1” through “3,” for their campaign. These make delightful toys while still carrying the soccer theme.

The best deals can be found by seeking a supplier with factory-direct sources for their customized soccer balls. This allows you to get balls made of the highest-quality synthetic leather at a great price. Each ball includes a re-inflatable athletic valve and ships in a deflated state for easier shipping. Custom balls can be produced for under $10 each, depending on quantity.

Whatever options you choose, custom soccer balls are a winning way to get your brand in the game. For help with this or other promotional projects, contact Gorilla Marketing today.

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