How many weeks pregnant are you when you normally go into labor

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Full term is 40 wks – that’s 40 wks after the 1st day of your last period, but anytime after 37 wks is normal for full term labor. [ Source: ]
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What is the average weeks a pregnant woman usually goes into labo…?
As far as I know, a normal, healthy onset of labor can occur as early as 36 weeks. A baby is considered full term at 38 weeks. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to pack your hospital bag now and leave it in a bedroom or hall closet. Make a list of…

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How many ultrasounds do you get when your pregnant?
Q: I’m 17 and 32 weeks pregnant with a girl, and they have only given me 2 ultrasounds, and they told me they werent going to do anymore. I thought this was kinda weird, because i thought they did one more towards the end to see how much amniotic fluid was inside my uterus for the baby, and to see where the placenta is to make sure it’s not blocking where the baby is supposed to come out, and just to make sure the baby is growing normally and to make sure she’s healthy. Another weird thing is that i finally got to meet one of the six doctors that is going to be there when i go into labor, and she didnt go over anything with me, not even my birth plan, and this is the only time I’ll ever meet her, she checked the babies heart beat, told me her name, and then the appointment was over. I was in the middle of asking her a question because i have SO many questions about what happens when you go into labor and what to expect and just all that stuff because this is my first pregnancy, and she was in the middle of answering one of the many questions i had for her and she walked out of the room… But dont people usually get more then 2 ultrasounds throughout their whole pregnancy to make sure everything’s okay for when they go into labor…?
A: It depends on your doctor and your pregnancy. A woman with a complicated pregnancy might have a half a dozen. A woman with a normal pregnancy might have only one … or none at all. (Routine scans have not been found to improve outcomes and ARE expensive, so many women opt to skip them, and some docs and many midwives don’t even offer them.)Unless there are complications, there is no reason to do one towards the end of pregnancy. Multiple unnecessary ultrasounds cost money and tend to result in a lot of unnecessary interventions and worry.Be glad that you’re having a normal, healthy pregnancy. If you had placenta previa, you would be bleeding. (Also, a low-lying placenta would have been noticed at your earlier scans, and you would probably have had a few more scans to monitor it. Since you didn’t, you can assume that the placenta is where it’s supposed to be.) If your 20 week scan was fine, then you can assume that baby is ‘healthy’ (and if she isn’t, having a late scan won’t change anything.) And ultrasound is very inaccurate at estimating size. Your doctor is presumably checking your fundal height at every visit, and that’s a better way of juding that baby is growing well and the amniotic fluid is normal. (Women who get late scans are often told that they need to be induced or have a c-section because baby is ‘too big.’ And, as often as not, the baby is a perfectly normal size, and could have been born vaginally, at term.) Yes, it can be frustrating when a doctor seems rushed like that. All you can really do is hope that she wont’ be the one on call when you go into labor…
Hi! I’m 27 weeks pregnant with twins and measuring 32 weeks! Just for fun, how long do you think I have left?
Q: I was measuring at 32 weeks on Tues at my midwife appointment, both babies are doing well and developing on date.If I’m measuring 5 weeks ahead of schedule now and I have been since they first checked at 15 weeks, how many weeks gone do you think I’ll go into labour? I’m still pretty small and neat considering it’s twins, no-one would guess it was twins and everyone has been shocked how small I still am when I’ve told them, but they are developing normally so I’m not bothered!Just thought it would be fun for people to guess!
A: Hey girl ! im guessing another 9 weeks for you !!! but ya never know you wanna goto 37 week atleast so fingeres crossed i was measuring 25 weeks at 20 weeks with my babies cant wait till next week to see how much they have grown !! im 24 weeks tomorrow and feeling them under my ribs and just generally heavy !! heheh How are your twins laying ? Yea ppl say to me either your huge or your small but when ya say i have 13 weeks left the expect that to be until 40 weeks im like im only 23 weeks and then they go wow ! my belly at 20 weeks was the same as my first son at 27 weeks so dont be to worried about what ppl say your babies are growing and doing well id rather be a little smaller then bigger there is alot of weight in our bellies atm ! with the 2 of everything ! what would they know hey LOL
Baby name game.. ( A lot of Details!) Number 2!?
Q: 1.)Your 13 years old. Your mother,Cindy Jane Montreal, and your father, Russel Gene Carver, have just gotten a divorce. You feel lonely and you are terribly upset. You cannot be alone anymore so you rush over to your boyfriend, Dillon Raymond Ceverren’s house. You two end up making love. 3 weeks after this happens, you start to throw up in the morning. You freak out because you may be pregnant. You call Dillon and he takes you to the store to get a pregnancy test. (Dillon is 15) You go into the bathroom and take the test. The test says positive. You are very upset. Dillon suggests its a faulty one and that he could take you to the doctor to get a test done. He takes you in and they check. You are pregnant. You have never been more upset in your life. How will you tell your parents? They would be soooo upset. Dillon takes you home. You tell your mother, because your father has already moved out. She slaps you right across your face and calls you names that no mother should ever call their children. She makes you pack some of your stuff, and she kicks you out. She tells your father and he says he is not going to deal with you. Dillons parents understood. They were not angry. You stay at his house through your whole pregnancy. You call his parents mom and dad. Since you are very skinny, the baby will be small as the doctors tell you. They say there is barely any room in there! You give birth a week before you are due. Dillon and his mother are with you when you delive. You deliver normally.The delivery has taken a toll on your body. You are tired and run down. The baby is a beautiful little girl. She looks like you and Dillon and soo many ways. She has Dillons light blonde hair, and you deep blue eyes. She weighs in at 4 pounds 9 oz. What will you name her?2.) You are 17 and Dillon is 19. You live with him in his 2 bedroom apartment. Your mother barely speaks to you. Dillon has his high school deploma and is taking online college to become a Mechanic. You are still attending high school and getting straight A’s. You and Dillon decide you are going to have a romantic night together. Well the condom slips. You bet that you are going to get pregnant again, and you are right, You find out 2 weeks later that you are pregnant. 4 months into the pregnancy, the doctor finds another baby! You are expecting twins! You and Dillon are the happiest! At 6 months along, you are put on bed rest. You will be missing the next 4 months of school. You know you will have to take your Senior year over again and you are not happy. Your bed rest was very boring. You could barley even ever get up without Dillon yelling at you to lay down again. You know its for the best. Now your 9 months pregnant and 2 weeks over your due date. They decide that the babies cannot stay in there much longer so they induce you. You are in labor for 23 hours before you give birth. You deliver vaginally. The twins are two little girls. They look almost exactly alike. They both have light brown hair and light blue eyes. One of then is 5 pounds 13 oz and the other is 6 pounds 1 oz. What do you name them?3.) Your now 22. Dillon is 24. Your first born little girl is 8 years old and your twin girls are 5 years old. You and Dillon plan on having one more. You and Dillon go away on a vacation to Las Vegas and you come back pregnant. You are sooo happy, and you say this is the last one. When you are 5 months pregnant, the doctor spots two other babies. He says that they are too small since he just noticed them and they most likely will be stillborn. At your 8 months check up, the doctor finds that one of the little babies has died. It was too small The doctor said by the looks of it, the only one that will survive is the baby that we first noticed through all of this and the other one will die. You give birth at 9 months, almost a week before you are do. The doctors say that you should deliver vaginally because the other little baby wouldnt survive even if they did a C-section. You sadfully agree. The first baby that comes out is the main baby, that you have noticed throughout the whole pregnancy. Its a boy! He weighs 7 pounds 1 oz. The second one that comes out is the still born that died at 8 months in the womb. It was a boy. He only weighed 1 pound 1 oz. The 3rd baby was a little girl. She only weighed 1 pound 2 oz. She died 2 hours after birth. What would you name those 3? The one that survived has dark blonde hair, almost brown. You were satisfied with him, because he is the one that you felt kick through the whole pregnancy.4.) It’s been 4 years. Your now 26 and Dillon is 28. He is now a mechanic. You first born girl is 12, your twins girls are 9, and your little boy is 4. You decide that you want to adopt from a mother who is pregnant with twins. She is Korea. When she is 8 months pregnant, you fly down to Korea with all the children and stay with her until the twins are born. 3 weeks later, she gives birth to a Boy and a Girl. The little boy
A: 1. Destiny Hope2. Faith Jane and Chasity Bailey3. Cole Robert, Deliverance Russel, Remembrance Cindy (Haha)4. Tyler Sun and Elizabeth Moon
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