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Are there any types of metals in the human body

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Yes. There are trace elements of iron, magnesium and zinc in the human body. Some metals can be toxic (too much silver). ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-there-any-types-of-metals-in-the-human-body ]
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Are there any types of metals in the human body
Yes. There are trace elements of iron, magnesium and zinc in the human body. Some metals can be toxic (too much silver). ChaCha!

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Strange feelings, thoughts and sensations.?
Q: I have some sort of strange mental ordeal happening with myself at the moment. For the past 4 months I have had the same basic feeling implanted inside myself. It feels as though the whole entire world has turned black and white. It feels like the more I live, the more tired I feel. I frequently feel as though I’m standing in a large hallway and everyone is bustling past me as if in some sort eccentric rush. Although, to add to this I feel esoteric to the meanings of life (more often than not) and as a result I have a noticeable laugh to myself. On lookers are often perplexed but I just cannot find the words to express any of the feelings. To be blunt, it feels like I’m 80 percent stoned all of the time (mentally). It seems as though events in my life have triggered me to realize the beings we are. That we are all living together on a revolving sphere in a large, dark floating culmination of matter. I stop commonly and take notice of the small things; like ants, pretty flowers, small shrubs and sometimes touch them and really concentrate on the feeling that I receive from touching something that is alive. This goes hand in hand with my prolonged gaze at objects that are attractive, as I try to understand the workings of it.If it helps anyone in answering, I have been having the exact symptoms of clinical depression for (roughly) the last 4 months. This includes breakdowns (which, except once, have happened while by myself), suicidal thoughts, extremely broken sleep (maybe 6 – 4 hours a night), self mutilation (as a means of venting some of the pressure that builds up in my mind, and after wards becoming perplexed by the sight of my own blood and thus calming me), mild hallucinations (white figures running past me), et cetera. Music is a strong influence on my life. However, my music is often what would be considered “ambient”. In other word, minimalistic MIDI keyboard sounds and air washing past for 40 minutes. I also enjoy Depressive Black Metal as there are often ambient aspects incorporated into the music. This relaxes me and often puts me into a trance-like state of mind where I feel like I am watching the world rush, push, shove, fight, yell, kill, curse and just sitting back and feeling as though I am not a part of it. Sort of like my ‘spirit’ (if you will) is separated from my body.Life through these eyes has taken on a whole new meaning in which I barely recognize the things society expects us to do and instead become aware of the fact that we are just human people whose physical bodies are walking around in the same vicinity doing things together, like talking and laughing.If anyone has some sort of insight into what this might be, then I would be very, very appreciative.NOTE: If it helps at all, I am a 16 year old male whose personality type is “INFP”. I am completely sane (as far as I know) and enjoy doing normal things amongst my “obscure” hobbies.Thank you for taking the time to read this.- Liam
A: You’re right, you are strange- but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With your interest in the details, you could be something great. Especially given the fact that you’re 16, you have good vocabulary and you seem pretty mature compared to most others. As long as your suicidal thoughts are only thoughts and you keep persevering through life, I think you are going places. I’m not patronizing you, but here’s what I think you have: a Genius’ Brain. You admire the simplest things, but contemplate the most complicated and untouchable subjects known to man. You’re not a manual-labor kind of person. You would rather speak or teach. You are a philosopher of the true sort, but history doesn’t interest you. You wonder about the unknown, but avoid learning more about it because you feel insignificant. You know there is more to life than just life and death but can’t make anything of it, which is why you are depressed.My opinion is that you decide which religion is right for you and that you teach it to others, because you are a skeptic and will know what you’re talking about. Not only that, but you would be a good teacher or minister of some sort because of your personal story. You will be able to share it with others and let them know that they have a GIFT rather than a problem.Good luck!
I need help on my story: The ending and anything ?
Q: I need help on my story. Its due tomarrow. I’m haveing a hard time trying to find an ending. Also, say anything that dosen’t sound right and may need more attention. Please don’t be crule about my story. I’v only worked on it for about 5 hours. (also, I’m not a good writer) I have More homework and I have to go to bed in an hour. “I couldn’t believe it at first either! Yesterday, she just stayed still while everyone was having a blast dancing on the old mans grave” Tristan laughed. “Poor Akira, She hadn’t had a friend since that one girl, uh, Kayla, I think, ran out of our house screaming, ‘You’re a freak, Akira Daffodil, a freak!’ Now she hardly gets out of her room. “I hope she’s not hurt any more,” I responded. “How did your Grandpa die?”“Sage, it’s so boring, it’s turning into embarrassment. He only died of old age”“I thought murderers were struck by lightning or hung?”“He thought of himself as a scientific surgeon with human subjects and a lot of failures. Then he would say ‘No wrong has been done, as long as I’m doing this to help others, right?’ Then ‘ed smile wide. Just trying to imitate him gives the chills. By the way, have you ever wakened up with scratches on your body that wasn’t there when you went to sleep?”“Yeah, I’ve don’t that. It turns out, like, you scratch yourself in your sleep. How weird is that!” I smiled, drank the rest of my pop, and sat up from the patio. “It’s dark. I need to get some shuteye for our trip tomorrow.”“Oh-yeah, can’t wait to claim my dead uncles at the morgue!” Tristan said sarcastically. The next morning, Tristan, his sister, Akira, and me drove over to the morgue 50 miles out of Greenly, Denver to be precise. There are 3 reasons I drove them. 1, I love ‘em. 2, Tristan recently got caught drinking and driving and got his license removed. And 3, their mother died when they were young. She was poisoned and found near Tristan’s grand dad’s house. Everyone is convinces he killed her. Their dad died a couple days ago. No one knows how, but his lungs disintegrated. We skimmed through the dead bodies until someone said “Ah! I found them,” but no one did. A dark dressed man came up to us and said. “You must be the Daffodil Children. My name is Nigel. I’m his secretary at your dads. I got he e-mail from your father. We are cremating them as I speak.”Akira calmly said, “Our father is dead. There is no possible way you could have gotten an e-mail from him.” The man stood still. “I’m so sorry, but he did send it. Your uncles died of a type of gas that decomposed their bodies from inside out. I’m really sorry for your loss.”As we headed down back to Greenly, I decided to take a back road. The road became extremely curvy not to mention the road was on a hill side. “You guys alright? That’s must have been hard on you” I took a second to look at Tristan. When I looked at him, it felt like I stepped into a horror film. A stream of blood came down from his ears and his eyes like he was crying blood. “Tristan ar-“I was interrupted buy a scream from Tristan and Akira. I looked forward on to the road. The car swerved onto the other lane and about 20 feet ahead was a speeding 18 wheeler. I froze up as my life flashed before my eyes.I cracked my eyes open. It was very dark outside. The blood was already rushing to my head. I was upside down. My head, dripping wet with blood. I heard familiar voice. “Sage, is that you?” She shown a flashlight from the side window on her face that shown minor injuries. The light traveled to my leg. Then I saw my damage. “Th-the bone,” I whispered faintly.“Looks like an open fracture.” She then shone light to Tristan, or what was left. His body had decayed leaving behind a shell of skin. I gagged in the sight of my best friend. A small, metal vile lay with his skin. ‘Perfect,’ she lipped.“Akira please, help me, please!” I cried out. She stared at me for a little bit and observed the situation…..this needs an ending
A: Doing the best I can in a situation like thisAkira looked at me with a grim expression. I limped over to her and when I was at the halfway point to her, I dropped to the ground. Reaching a hand for her, she turned her head away from me and began to speak, her voice cracking from the tears that was forming.”Please, help!” I shouted. She shook her head. After all of the death and despair that happened in our life, I had half a mind that she would leave me there, to die. Tears was swelling in my eyes as well and I couldn’t take it anymore. Crying out, I yelled”Why won’t you help!””There’s been so much death…from this world…it’ll be better for you to…” She said choking on her own words.”You can’t be serious!” I responded.”Please tell Sage’s grandfather…she misses him.” She said backing up. The pain ached as I looked at her with my mouth open wide and my mind wandering. Was this really the girl that I knew? She left in the distance, my only chance of life and hope, running away thinking it would be better for me to die. Was it the current state I was in? My injuries? I wouldn’t make it much longer. Eventually I would die from blood loss and this bone fracture in my leg sped up the process.I would lay on the ground, pathetic and hopeless from the girl who did the best thing for me. The outside was dark. So very dark and the small light breeze felt like a blizzard. I shivered as blood dripped around me. I looked at where Arika had left and saw a white light. Was it her? Was I saved? Suddenly, the light passed and there was nothing but darkness as my blood lost had reached it’s limit…as did I.Gave you my best ^^. Mail me for more writing HW
Does a metal or plastic horn of some sort exist which can naturally project the voice instrument? ?
Q: My name is David, of Cleveland, Ohio. I am seeking an “instrument”, a horn of some type, or some other apparatus which naturally projects the human voice. I am aware of standard megaphones, electric and otherwise, and that is not what I am looking for. Megaphones don’t have the acoustic qualities I am looking for, are too bulky, and too heavy. I’m looking for a longer, narrower, horn-looking instrument, perhaps shaped like a soprano sax, and most likely made out of metal. In short, I perform a number of vocal sounds with my mouth which sound variously like a trumpet, trombone, tuba, bass, and other strange or interesting sounds. People are amazed to hear me perform jazz or my own compositions with just my voice, but other than using a microphone to increase volume or perform live my voice can’t “cut through” like horns or other metal instruments.In 1992, a friend had a cheap plastic “toy”, which did exactly what I was looking for, and was shaped much like a soprano sax, without keys. It had a resonator on it, maybe more than one, at the wide end. And I believe there were 5 separate small holes at the resonator end, instead of one large one. The body of the horn was hot pink (LOL), and the mouthpiece and resonator-end cap were yellow… I’d rather it be almost any other color than that 🙂 but I’m more interested in its utilitarian than aesthetic qualities. I have never seen one of these plastic resonator horns since 1992. Have any of you heard of this? If so, let me know who makes it and where I can get one. Any help, resources, links, or any other information would be sincerely appreciated. If a sound engineer would like to try to build one for me, or knows of anyone who has created anything like the horn I am seeking, please let me know. Please feel free to write me back at: [email protected]
A: Have you tried the horn from a musical instrument? For instance take the last ten inches from a trombone. If you were to perform you might get a number of horns from different instruments and use the one that that came from the instrument that your voice most closely resembles for that sound. Remember this makes me your agent and I get 15%
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