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Can girls get hemophilia

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A:Can girls get hemophilia? Girls rarely develop the symptoms of hemophilia itself, they can be carriers of the disease. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-girls-get-hemophilia ]
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Can a girl get hemophilia
Very rarely, a girl is born with hemophilia. This can happen if her father has hemophilia and her mother is a carrier. ChaCha on!
Why do guys get hemophilia and not girls?
It has to do with the genetic differences between males and females. If the woman only carries it on one X chromosome, she can pass on the condition but does not have it herself as it is a recessive gene and would be dominated by the corr…
How is it possible for a female to have hemophilia?
Normally a woman is only a carrier of hemophilia, but if her mother is a carrier and her father has hemophilia the female does have a chance to get it. It is very rare for this to happen but It has been recorded.

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Females can’t have hemophilia?
Q: everyone who answered the question about “Gracie who died last January because of hemophilia…” – (link at the bottom)Get real! Females can’t suffer from hemophilia, it catches only boys. Haven’t you studied your 9th grade biology book?Why do people have so little common knowledge?19 hours ago – 3 days left to answer. Additional Details18 hours agoHere is why females are only carriers if they are any affected and why boys suffer the hemophilia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:XlinkR…18 hours agoFemales can’t suffer from hemophilia because they are homozigotic – XX. Males are XY and if the X (from the mother) is hemophilic, the Y isn’t and the boy survives but suffers the hemophilia. A girl can be carrier but can never suffer from hemophilia because the egg would die as soon as pregnancy occur.18 hours agoEdith R: I saw “were carriers and passed it to their sons” but never saw “suffered it”. Get in bed young lady.
A: this proves how childish you are TROLL?THIS IS WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!this poor mom asked a very simple question , how do you deal with the loss of a loved one , thats all she wanted to know , a very simple question , it turns out her daughter died after a sledding accident of hemophilia ,she needed help dealing with her loss, but some stupid 18 yr old simple minded know it all tryed to say it was impossible for girls to get hemophilia , even after tons of people gave her links to prove although vary rare it was possible , now its dragging on , how childish you 18 year old ,ignorant, prego B****. see what stupidity causes.you are still wrong and are now proving how imature you are , grow up before you have the baby , PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can only guys get hemophilia??
Q: I have a blood disorder, and I am a girl but I am wondering could it be hemophilia??
A: It can happen to anybody – check with your doctor to find out if yours is hemophilia. There are other blood disorders as well, such as sickle-cell anemia. That’s a disorder where the red bood cells change shape and can’t carry oxygen as well as they should be able to.soaplady99ca is incorrect in saying that it only effects men. If the father of a child has the trait, and the mother of a child is a carrier, and the mother passes the chromosome with the trait, then a female can get it – X(defect)X(defect) would result in a female with the defect.
Do I have hemophilia?
Q: Is there some way a 14 year old girl could have a really mild form of hemophilia without even knowing it? Idk if this is normal, but when I bite my lip (bad habit) it bleeds and I don’t notice, then I look in the mirror and I have blood all over my lips. If I get cut or scratched by something dull, like a bread knife it doesn’t really bleed, but if its really sharp like a razor then even a tiny cut bleeds a LOT. And it will start again like a day later. Does that happen to everyone when they nick themselves shaving? I asked that yesterday on Y!A and someone said I might have mild hemophilia without even knowing it. They said to see a doctor and I CAN”T at the moment, so I’m feeling kinda paranoid about the whole thing. What do you all think?
A: Woman can get hemophilia however this is VERY RARE. For a woman to get hemophilia her mother would need to be carrier and her father would need to be a hemophiliac. To show how rare this would need to be the hematologist I see has been treating people with bleeding disorders for almost 25 years and he once told me that in that time he has treated a total of 3.A more common bleeding disorder for women would be something such as von Willebrand disease (VWD). In short it would be the same as a male having mild hemophilia. A blood clotting test would be the first thing that will be tested to see if you have any type of bleeding disorder.There are different levels to almost all bleeding disorders. Some are noticed right away. Others like mine for instance are not noticed until later on in life. Just depends on how server the lack of the missing factor is.See link below and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions
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