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What is maybelline eye shadow made of

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Talc, Mineral Oil, Zinc Stearate, Dimethicone, Magnesium Carbonate, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Lauryl Lysine…MORE. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-maybelline-eye-shadow-made-of ]
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I’m wearing blue eye shadow! What will be next?! Maybelline Cool …?
The Bottom Line: Maybelline Cool Effect Cooling Cream Eyecolor make color and shimmer very wearable. They’re fun, long lasting and feel wonderful! Try ’em!
What is the new Maybelline eye shadow that has been on commercial…?
The newest Maybelline products are the Expert Wear Eye Shadow Duos and Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quads. Creases defied. True color enhanced. In matte, shimmer and high pearl.

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If you have your perfect makeup from drugstore brands why switch to High end brands?
Q: Ive been wearing makeup since i was 13 and made alot of mistakes, i have all my staple products and know what works for me best,, I use clinque moisturizer, murad eye cream, but for my makeup i use almay foundation, max factor mascara, loreal eyeliner, loreal shadow, maybelline lipstick and gloss.I have the prefect look with these products and people even ask me if i had my makeup profesionally done alot.I tried switching to the high end products, honestly did not care for them or for any makeover i have been given in the counters, i always do a better job..So why switch? i recently brought a whole bunch of products on the reccomendation of kim kardashian and wound up returning everything because it looked awful and cheap on me,, and me and her have very similar features-im armenian too and thats why i brought the stuff-thought it would look good since we look a little alike-i was wrongsilvana clinque is high end and their moisturizer is the best on the market so your wrong
A: If you’ve found your perfect makeup and like the way you look, there is no reason to switch. Stick with what you know works and what you like. I love makeup and have tons of it from all different brands- from $2 drugstore stuff to expensive high-end brands. While I feel overall the high-end stuff works better for me and gives me what I want, there are some really cheap brands that I love and some high end brands that I thought were horrible. Even within the same brand, there may be certain colors that are better quality than others. If it works for you, who cares what brand it is?
Absolute BEST!?!?
Q: i need a really good mascara that will make my eyelashes super long. and Im not wearing false ones. i like maybelline define-a-lash but it made the skin around my eyes irritated. try to keep it under $10. but what is the best mascara, also that wont leave that shadow under your eyes at the end of the day??????
A: LOREALVolume Shockingthe brush is great you will love it. It easily separates eyelashes and doesnt leave a shadow under the eye. $9-10 http://img.epinions.com/images/opti/2b/0f/Loreal_Volume_Shocking_Mascara-resized200.jpg
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