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Can you get poisoning from steel

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Yes you can. It is called zinc poisoning. Symptoms include vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-poisoning-from-steel ]
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Can you get poisoning from steel
Yes you can. It is called zinc poisoning. Symptoms include vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. ChaCha!

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Do acoustic guitar strings contain Lead ?
Q: I heard from a friend to be careful when using steel strings on a guitar because they contain lead, is this true? He told me playing it too long can give you lead poisoning and I asked how? I told him do they play, then eat and they end up getting lead poisoning? He said probably, maybe it sticks to their fingers and under their nails and forget to wash their hands. Is this actually true? Can you get lead poisoning from Steel guitar strings?
A: always wondered about that. always thought it was the Drugs,alcohol and cigarettes that were killing me, now I find out they want me to quit playing guitar because it’s bad for my health!
How to clean ceramic or steel dog bowls?
Q: I heard that plastic bowls are bad for dogs because it could their skin discoloring? Anyways, I’m getting a puppy by tomorrow or Saturday from the shelter and I was wondering how you can clean the stainless steel or ceramic bowls. I’m scared of dish soap residue on the bowls and it might poison my puppy or something. Thanks
A: hi..dish soap and water, rinse well. we use metal for my two girls and have never had a problem in years. and i should add that one of my girls has colitis and we have to be very careful with what goes in her tummy! have fun with your new puppy!
Munchausens? Hypochondria? Could my partner be either, or is he just a crybabby?
Q: EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. my boyfriend is complaining about some physical malady. It seems that his aches & pains surface on a rotating schedule: his knees one day, his back, his legs, upper arms, shoulders…Then he comes down with “colds”, “sinus infections” and “stomach flus/food poisoning”. Finally, the skin problems: He will complain that his eyes are dry and itchy, or he has hives (invisible hives) or ingrown hairs in his beard, causing infection in his face.I kid you not, he complains of at least one or two of these ailments daily. It never lasts; by the next day it’s something else. I hate to say this, but these things seem to bother him the worst when I need help with the baby or with a household task.I’ve held back from discussing this with him, but it’s really starting to get on my last nerve. He will come up from the basement, after spending hours tooling around down there, and suddenly he has all these problems. He’ll sit in the chair making these faces like he’s in agony, moaning and groaning, but if something comes up that he wants to do, he has a miraculous recovery.I’ve started keeping a journal of his complaints, so that I can somehow try to discuss this with him. I’m tired and my bones ache too. I have a steel rod from my hip to my knee, and pretty bad arthritis in my hip, but I don’t use it as an excuse to get out of my duties as a parent, or as a way to get sympathy.Any advice?Cowgirl- that’s Munchausen’s BY PROXY, when someone causes injury to others.
A: Ugh, my partners back aches, his knees hurt, he worked too hard at work, he feels queasy, he didn’t sleep well, he has cancer, he can’t breath…….the list goes on. It could be just MEN in general, lol.I have been running on about 3-5 hours sleep for the last 8 weeks (I have a nearly 8 week old baby) and I have three kids to look after (one goes to kindy, but it is a stretch to get her fed, dressed and there on time, lol) I have to clean, cook tea, prepare meals, washing, folding etc (you know what I mean) and have to suck it up to look after my family. My partner might have all these ailments, but he doesn’t get away with sitting on his a$$ because we have lots to get done and I don’t want to still be washing dishes at midnight because he is “too ill” to help out.You could try to beat him at his own game and play up your problems, let the house go, don’t cook because “your hip hurts”. Only do things for your child, unless you can con him into that too.Or you can call him on it and tell him to suck it up and be a grown up, everyone has problems, but when you have kid(s) and a house and work commitments, you have no choice but to get things done.
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