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Can you get zits while stressed

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Yes, stress, particularly severe or prolonged emotional tension, may cause acne. Keep on ChaChaing! Any other questions? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-zits-while-stressed ]
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Can you get zits while stressed
Yes, stress, particularly severe or prolonged emotional tension, may cause acne. Keep on ChaChaing! Any other questions?
Are zits caused by stress?
They can be, or from just eating too much snacks that contain sugar. There are very tiny holes on your skin and it can get dirt, or bacteria and affect the skin, making a pimple in that place. A very good acne face wash for me would be Clea…

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How do you get rid of acne scars?
Q: I don’t have severe acne, but I get some once in a while here and there, just like any other person in this world. But when I get stressed out, I break out really badly and it’s sickening, and it’s just not small zits, they’re acutally huge ones where you touch and it hurts like a bitch! Anyways, so now that schools over and done with, I don’t have much acne, but I have those “brown spots” and scars, and I’ve tried everything to clear them away, what can I do or use to get rid of the scars as soon as possible? And how can I prevent new zits from growing? Thanks in advance! Any help or advice is appreciated!Honestly, you people that say stupid remarks like “your screwed” or “put a bad over you” should do find something better to do with your lives. I don’t need your childish comments. I asked for advice NOT statements. SO SHUTUP
A: Cocoa Butter orVitamin E capsules, bust them and rub them on keep both up until u see results and it will helptwice a day for the vitamin e and as often as u think about it do the cocoa butterAnd use oxy pads on a regular basis to keep them away
My wife doesn’t enjoy sex or anything that leads up to it, HELP!?
Q: This is a little long (I’m sorry) and yes I do expect you to read it all so if you’re in a good mood to help someone in need, please read it all and respond accordingly.Just like the subject line says, my wife tells me that she doesn’t enjoy and isn’t interested in sex or anything that leads up to it and I need help because I of course do enjoy it!!! We have sex once every two to three months and that includes all types of sex!!! To keep up with my sex drive I have to masturbate daily to keep myself from going insane…Now, I’m not your typical nagging husband either, I’ll mention it’s been a while and make a pass towards her once and a while but I don’t press on when she tells me no or gives me some lame excuse about not having time (although I’ll make time and she doesn’t utilize it). The only time I will ever throw a tantrum is if it’s been *way* too long and she’ll normally give me sympathy sex at that point. When I ask her what she *does* enjoy she says she gets more “pleasure” out of backrubs, foot massages, playing with her hair, and popping her zits on her back/face than doing sexual things or doing things that could lead into sex (like dressing sexy, talking sexy, touching each other’s body through clothing, ect). Don’t get me wrong, I will pamper her because it makes her happy but if she had her way I’d be pampering her every day (and I still wouldn’t get sex in exchange)…As far as the dressing sexy thing, I give her *a lot* of time to do it but I don’t know what her issue is, whether it’s low self esteem or depression or what, but she doesn’t even make an effort. She’ll just throw on a baggy t-shirt and some loose fitting jeans on her days off (which isn’t a huge turn on obviously – unless I was turned on by what dudes wear – but I’m not) and for work she has to wear business casual but she wears the most conservative clothing she can find (never wears skirts/dresses and/or heels just flats and never ever anything that could be considered revealing or visually stimulating). She never said anything about it but my guess is she doesn’t like feeling/looking attractive (not even for me)… Yes, she did hook me for life but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to enjoy seeing her at her best once and a while (maybe not every day but once a week would be nice)… By no means am I saying that she has to look like a pornstar to make me happy but I’m her husband and she should want to do what little things she can do to keep me from looking at other women and/or wanting to stray (I’m 7 years married/faithful but I’m just that most people do things like this to keep it that way as married couples)…We’re in our mid 20’s, despite us both working we make under the poverty line after bills are taken into account, we have two kids (so she had to like sex at least twice in her life), she’s thin and gorgeous but I’m a little overweight for my height, and, yes, we are stressed out to the bone (who isn’t). We’re generally happy in our relationship but she never talks to me about our problems when there is one (I’m obviously open with my issues in hopes of a solution), as a matter of fact, to get her to talk I have to frustrate her by asking a lot of questions to get it out of her (and I have to ask the *right* ones too)… As far as the kids, again I give her *a lot* of time without them. She has plenty of time to “recharge her battery” but she’d rather spend it talking with her girlfriends through the internet or wasting time on youtube, myspace, photobucket, and, yes, yahoo…. As a matter of fact, the only time we spend together is probably in bed (sleeping)…Help me! What do you think I can do to fix my issues?!?! Marriage counseling isn’t the solution as SHE WILL NOT GO….
A: Has she always been like this? Something is not right when a 20-something woman hates sex so much. Tell her if she doesn’t know what is wrong, to go to the doctor for a check-up.I hate to say it, but it sounds like maybe the problem is with you, my friend. If there’s something you aren’t doing, or doing right, that might do it. When she does put out, do you just rush to get your own jollies, or do you take plenty of time to make sure she is satisfied, too? If she is left frustrated, well of course she won’t want to do that again. Maybe go to your local bookstore and pick up a book about sexual techniques or pleasuring a woman (or order one online). Could be you are missing something vital to her pleasure. You said you’re a little overweight. How much is a “little?” If you’ve turned into a fat slob (sorry), that might turn her off, too. Few women want to make it with the Pillsbury Dough Boy! Embark on your own self-improvement campaign. Eat less fattening food, exercise more. That might get her attention. How is your hygiene? No woman wants to get up close and personal with a man who smells bad, and razor stubble hurts. Shower and shave before bed,thed see if it helps any. Make sure you brush and floss, too! I know your money is tight, but how about romancing her? It might get you a lot farther than nagging. A bouquet from the grocery store might set you back $5, but could mean the world to her. Send the kids to a relative’s or friend’s for the night, and take her out to dinner. It doesn’t have to be a 5-star restaurant, just a place she enjoys. Quality time without the kids is vital to a marriage. In the morning, you go get the kids and let her sleep in. This should work wonders.These are my best ideas for what would work for me, or any red-blooded, normal woman. Hope one or more helps you out. Good luck!
Need advice about Asian Parents and grades?
Q: In a couple days im gonna be lectured by my parents. It usually happens four times every year. Im only in 8th grade and I really can’t handle the stress anymore. I have a..C-AlgebraB-Language Arts and ScienceA-Social Studies Most of the time I stay up till 10pm-12am and yet my parents “force” me to go to sleep(which I find that crazy). I get very stressed out when there’s a big test and feel like having panic attacks. Im going to high school soon so I got recommendations from all honors classes and my parents are forcing me to go to honors even though I know that it’s not my thing and yet they don’t care. They want me to go to North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics so that I could have scholarships and go to colleges easily so they won’t have to pay as much(My parents are really cheap. Long story). They compare me with my cousin who lives in the Philippines and saying that “she has a scholarship, look at her! she’s reading while your playing with games,she’s in the A honor roll…blahblahblah” They bought her a laptop and they are giving her the new ipod nano(I don’t have a laptop=(). I’ve been playing piano for about half my life and said I can’t quit even if they die. So currently I basiclly have no social life what-so-ever because Im too focused on my education and my parents won’t let go to sleepovers and parties. Having a B is not acceptable and they make me feel more negative about myself when they talk about my report card. The only time I got straight A’s was when it was my first quarter in sixth grade and all what I got from them was “Maintain it.” I didn’t get any rewards and when I started getting one B…ONE B they started giving me lectures. My teachers said that for anyone who gets C’s and higher will do well in highschool and I believe them cause they are pushing us like crazy! With the addition of my parents pressure, my brain is currently overloading. One night I came downstairs with dark circles in my watery eyes, zits like crazy and messed up hair. Sometimes I have no time to takes showers so I take it about twice a weeks. They said that they’ll be okay as long as I try my hardest then the other day they said theyre gonna deprive me of everything that I have if I don’t get all A’s(again I find that crazy)Now I feel more sorry for my little brother because he isn’t as smart as I was when I was his age and they always compare him to me and yet they go easy on him. Now I feel more lethargic and just wanna pretend that im not alive. Im more less motivated to do anything and just want to sleep. I just wanna know why the heck my parents want this for me, how can my parents understand the stuff I am going through and how I can tell my parents my feeling in a way that they don’t give any harsh back to me. I’ve asked many of my asian friends for advice but they are going through almost everything that im going through now(one friend said you’ll get used to it). I’ve also noticed that I have never met a full Asian that wasn’t really smart<–that was just random
A: Hi, I’m Asian too. My parents are just like that. High school is a lot harder than middle school, trust me. It doesn’t get much easier. Your parents just need to respect you, give you some time and space. Try talking to them about it, tell them about all the stress that you are going through.I understand that they just want you to have a good future. Tell them that you are trying, and the only way to prove that is to do good in school. That’s the only time they will back off.My parents don’t really believe in rewards, just “the future is your reward.” Wow, pretty lame huh? Well yeah. Just do good in school, hang out with your friends when you can. And take showers daily lol. Talk to your parents. I know many Filipinos and their parents are loving; hopefully they will understand 🙂 Best of luck to you!
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