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Does cigs cause acne

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Does cigarettes cause acne ?Some researchers believe yes, smoking may indeed be a cause of acne.Thank you and ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-cigs-cause-acne ]
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Does cigs cause acne
Does cigarettes cause acne ?Some researchers believe yes, smoking may indeed be a cause of acne.Thank you and ChaCha.
Can smoking cigs cause acne?
well i can tell you it can cause death!

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Does smoking cause acne?
Q: I smoke, more than cigs, but i started breaking out. Is this from the smoking? and what can i do to stop the acne?
A: I doubt it – but if your body is run down from smoking it could impact it as could the germs on your hands touching your face.Fight acne with acne products twice a day without every forgetting. IE don’t get lazy.Face wash, toner and spot treat things with cream.Drink more watertake vitamins.
how do you get rid of acne scars?
Q: i use to pop my pimples until i found out that was the cause of scaring so now i have these ugly scars i can’t rid of and i have senior pictures pretty soon, i just don’t want my kids to say “mommy why were you a pizza face,” i don’t get acne anymore because i quit smoking cigs.
A: Hi.I know acne is really annoying, especially if if comes out severe.Try using some tips and tricks from this website:http://AcneTreat.netIt helped me alot, i’m sure you can find something for yourself too.Seeyaa
Do you have any stress-reducing tips?
Q: I’m thirteen, and a lot’s going on right now.I’m wondering if there’s any stress reducers that you maybe do yourself that you could suggest me doing.If this changes anything, I’ll tell you what’s causing stress—Anorexic best friend who just OD’d on her depression pills last night-Brother who leaves tomorrow to go to Basic Training for the National Guard-Best friend who spikes her coke and smokes cigs-Obscene amounts of homework at school-Friends who depend on me [i’m the one they talk to about their problems–I don’t mind, but it can get tough]And of course, all this stress is giving me major acne, which in turn stresses me more.Anyways, I don’t know if that changes what techniques you’d suggest to me, or whatever, but..Thank you soo much.I need to get less stressed.
A: I am so sorry to here that. I must admit, I have trouble dealing with stress myself as I self-injure; please please do not do that. My life has been so messed up because of it. And I’ve been going through a lot myself – but anyways, maybe the things i tell you, i can also try myself!1. write all your feelings out in a journal or anything.2. talk to your friends or anyone you can really depend on. just because they depend on you, doesn’t mean you can’t depend on them. try and see your school counselor or talk with your teachers about what’s going on right now. maybe they can help you keep on track with homework.3. take a rest here and there, RELAX!!!! light candles or get this scented stick that helps relieve stress :)4. if you are angry or want to get all you feelings out, you can scream or take a hot shower. just wash all that stress away.5. take one thing at a time , very slowly. make a schedule on when to do homework and give yourself some time.6. maybe you can stay afterschool to get some homework help or do homework at the library or something. or maybe your friends can help you7. use oxy, it is this acne cream that helps :)I am sorry to hear about your bestfriends. But just know that your anerexic friend will now get HELP. As for your other friend that does drugs and smoke, maybe you should consider getting help for her? I have friends that do drugs too but sometimes theres nothing you can do…For your brother..i understand that you may be lonely and miss him but just remember one thing, he will ALWAYS be your brother and you guys can always keep in touch. Talk to teachers about the homework or stay after for help. make a schedule on when to do it and have time for yourself. if you have to take a day off from school because of all the homework, try and convince your parents. also, so much homework and lack of sleep can really get to how your body functions. so rest rest rest rest. remember, homework isnt everything…just try to actually know what your teachers are teaching and do good on tests and quizzes (unless hw counts alot for grade?). are you in highschool? if not, dont stress. grades dont really count until youre in highschool. my mom told me that but i still tried my hardest and stressed over everything. some lady came to my class and even told us that highschoool counts for EVERYTHING – grades and all. so i actually didnt even have to get good grades in middle school (well obv good enough to pass)…. but i guess it’s good that you get good grades beacuse than you actually understand what your teachers are talkking about and then it might help you in the future in highschool. but it’s okay to slack on the work a little..just wait till highschool. thats a diff story. and if you are in higihschool, please, grades arent everything…they may affect your future but honestly, juts make it out of highschool alive. grades and school shouldnt be so bad =[ just serioulsy take it slow and relax. then you can get everything organized and under control. goodluck!
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