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How do I prevent from breaking out around my nose

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Wash your face with an acne soap daily, Wash your pillowcase often and always use clean face towels, Dont pick at them. ChaCha On [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-prevent-from-breaking-out-around-my-nose ]
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How can I prevent a broken nose?
If you’ve been struck in the nose, it’s important to see a physician to check for septal hematoma. Seeing your primary doctor or an emergency room physician is usually adequate to determine if you have a septal hematoma or other associated …

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How do you prevent pimples?
Q: I always have ‘butter smooth’ skin before i get my monthly gift from mother nature. right before i start i break out like crazzyy around my nose no matter how much i wash my face. I’ve tried acne cleaners but they don’t help me. I’ve also tried the toothpaste trick but no luck. any ideas? i dont want to have to buy cleansers so any ideas for other things?
A: Use a mild cleanser, I recommend Pears clear soap, wash once in the morning and once at night. Before washing, splash your face with warm water and after you are done washing, rinse with cold water, very cold (this makes the clear pore snap shut, making it less likely that bacteria and dirt will get in.) Do not scrub your face much at all, this can make it worse by making microscopic tears in the skin, allowing bacteria to flourish. Pat your face dry with a clean towel, and you are all set. If you use a lotion afterward (If you have naturally dry skin), make sure it is one that won’t clog pores and preferable is hypoallergenic. Another tip, don’t pick at or pop your pimples, this can lead to spreading of pimples or worse, scarring.P.S. Don’t feel pressured to buy something like proactive, it hardly works any better than the way I explained above. Good luck!
Nose swelling ?
Q: Hi Guys,I had an accident yesturday while running up some steps, I triped and landed right on my face…pretty painful.It bled a lot and have a pretty nasty gash on my upper lip, where my moustache is, and my nose got “bigger” the next day.The bleeding stopped now, im in no horrific pain, however my nose got pretty big. I put some ice on it later in the day but did not see any major improvement. I can’t tell if I broke it, i can move my nose a little bit w/out any pain. When I try pressing the top part of my nose (right below between my eyebrows) it does feel a little sore. Can someone tell me what I should do or what it could be? I’m guess its swollen. I rather not go get an x-ray if I can do w/out.Also i have a big cut/dry blood around my moustache area, and was wondering if you can suggest some medicine on how it could “heal” quicker or atleast prevent it from turning into an ugly scar.Thanks for your responses!!
A: It sounds like you could have broken it; however, if you’re not considerably bruised by now, you may have gotten lucky. Leave your nose alone as much as you can (I know it’s tempting to mess with it!). The gash on your lip needs to stay clean; if you can keep it bandaged in some way with antibiotic ointment, that will help lessen the scarring as much as possible.If you have a lot of bruising, and especially if you have gotten a black eye (or two!), then it’s almost certainly broken, and it’s probably time to head for your local ER.Good luck!
ACNE help!!!!?
Q: i am acne prone. it can come at any time. most of the time it is when i am really stressed or around that time of month. i know how to get rid of it. but it takes a few days if not a week to heal. is there any way i can prevent it?i wash my face 3 times a day with Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash. and moisturize with Clean and Clear Advanced Acne Control. and i tone 1 time a day. and then i apply Clinique Acne Spot Treatment to any acne. and i drink a lot of water. and keep my hands off my face. i never get just 1 zit/pimple i will get like 3. what can i do to prevent them from coming? (also my face is very sensitive to products. most of the time they will make me break out instead of helping me.)should i see a dermatologist? -it isnt severe acne. maybe 2 or 3 zits a month.and lately i have been getting A LOT of blackheads around my nose and on it. i used to never get blackheads. thanks for all the answers.i dont like proactiv and i hate dermalogica.
A: I use Neutrogenia Oil Free Acne Wash too but I use it only TWO times a day! You may be washing your face TOO much! Try dropping to two times a day!My skin is also VERY sensitive like yours and there are NOT many products that I CAN use! But I know that TONER is NOT good! I wouldn’t use it at all if I were you.I apply an acne gel to my face after washing it. I use Zapzyt (http://www.zapzyt.com/) and it works well. I also take Vitamin C vitamins and Beta Carotine vitamins everyday. They are both good for the skin.
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