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How do you make eyelashes thicker

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Rogaine applied to the eyelashes works well, so do zinc supplements, they increase hair growth. You can also try rubbing a bit of vaseline on them, it will make them dark and glossy without any damage or being as harsh as mascara. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-make-eyelashes-thicker ]
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after reading and studying many of the posts online, i have found that applying castor oil to your lashes each night and washing it off in the morining helps to further your lash growth. Another little trick that is appearing to work for …
Vaseline apply nightly before going to sleep
Get eyelash extenstions, OR grow your own! The BEST eyelash extensions by JB Cosmetics and Lavish Lashes. LATISSE ~ being the exception since Latisse will actually cause your real, natural lashes to grow thicker, darker and fuller. Latisse …

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Has anyone used revitalash to make eyelashes thicker and longer? How did it work for you? LM?
A: No but I’ve tried Talika..what a waste of my money…
How do you make eyelashes look thicker and darker?
Q: What can you do to make your eyelashes look thicker darker? What makeup tools can you use to achive this look?
A: line your upper eyelid with eyeliner, and use a good mascara like colossal or loreal beauty tubes double extend 🙂
How do I make my lashes look THICKER and FULLER WITHOUT mascara?
Q: OK so I have naturally LONG eyelashes, but they are really thin. I don’t own any mascara and it costs ALOT!!!!! Does any one know any ways to make eyelashes look FULLER and not at all longer without mascara??? If you know any way to make lashes look thicker at all even if it does use macara, can you help me out here???
A: its hard and weird unless you wear mascara. plain and simple. and once you get used to just applying mascara you’ll find it easier. the beauty about mascara is it no matter what kind will pretty much make it fuller and thicker. soo this one is a no brainer.
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