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How to keep lip from getting infected after piercing

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Use Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen will help keep the swelling and tenderness down to a minimum and help take some of the pain away. Taking Vitamin B with Zinc can also help in the healing process. Use soap and water to clean the lip piercing. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-to-keep-lip-from-getting-infected-after-piercing ]
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How to keep lip from getting infected after piercing
Use Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen will help keep the swelling and tenderness down to a minimum and help take some of the pain away. Taking Vitamin B with Zinc can also help in the healing process. Use soap and water to clean the lip piercing. ChaCha

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How to get mum to agree to me getting a lip piercing? :)?
Q: Helloooo there!I’ve posted many questions asking if I’d suit a lip piercing, I’ve wanted on for ages & most people think I’ll suit me lots, but my mum has now said ‘oh I’m not sure now, I dont want you to ruin that beautiful face I made’ 1.) I’m 100% ugly, so there’s no chance of me ruining my face2.) they don’t scar too bad, only a tiny dot below my lip3.) it’s not like a tattoo, I can remove it.I’m a really good kid, I try my best at school, I help lots around the house, Im NEVER rude to mum, we have been through alot this year, & I’ve helped her so much, she even tried to kill her self one time, but I held her together to keep her strong, now eveythings fine apart from the medical issues she has after he punched her, but I have never complained, I’ve just smiled & got on with it, so I think I deserve a piercing? I hardly get anything anyways as my brother gets all the attention & love as he’s the trouble child, I just get shoved aside & forgotten about, It’s not the fact that it might get infected as the place where I want it done, my mum has had her nose & loads of her ears done there, they r really trust worthy, mum doesn’t mind me getting my nose done but not my lip, I don’t want my nose, I REALLY want my lip pierced, I’ll pay for it, I’ll keep it clean. I’m mature for my age (14 almost 15) I’ve done lots of research, it’s just I need her to sign the forms when I go, What do you think could change her mind?I really would like it done x:O You Guys Are So Sweet! :)’peace out homie’ lmao, ii love you! :[email protected] – Yeahh we get on okay, i’m there for her, so it’s all good. But i cant just go in & get one as i need a parten to sign for it & she’s the only one i’ve got! :L – But thankyou anyways! Sure you look awesome with your ears done :)@SESBBY – Thankyouu! 🙂 ahah i can see me swollowing it if it took the ball out! ouchhh :)@jazzy – Dude you made my day with your last 3 words 🙂 ii dont think she’s being mean, she’s jsut a bit worried, maybe ’cause that people will think less of me, but hey everyone thinks i’m a totaly crazy freaks so there’s no worries there! 🙂 i’ve spoken to her & she said she’d think about it, so that’s gooooddd :[email protected] – Great idea,So Thanks To The Whole Lot Of You! 🙂 I Spoke To Her Over Dinner Today & She Said She’d ‘Thinking About It’ so That’s Better THan Nothing I Suppose, My Nanna Kinda Freaked & Was Like ‘OMFG NOOO NOT YOUR LIP!’ But she wasnt keen on my mum getting her nose ……. nose done, but she thinks it suits my mum, my twat of a brother is in a strop as he has decided he wants his Brow done after me saying for years that i’d like my lip, & he’ll nag on about it & get it done soonish like everything else he staps his foot for, but never mind, as long as my mum thinks about it & the thinking involes the words ‘yes you can get your lip done’ i’ll be very happy, even if i have to wait alittle longer! 🙂 Thanks Again x
A: ok so u said u r a good kid right? i totally agree with u . u should a lip piercing idk y ur mom is so mean bout that. I would sit down with her and tell her how u feel about everything and that its totally messed up that u dont get a lip piercing. p.s. remind her all the bad stuff that hapened and remind her u were there 4 her step by step. peace out homie 🙂
how to reduce swelling to the lip after getting a piercing?
Q: haii!i pierced my lip yesterday with a safety pin(it took me ages cos i kept taking it out/losing the hole) i think i pierced the same place like 7 times,and it didnt hurt at all the first two or 3 times,but then i like messed up my lip from stabbing it like 7times xDanyway,i also think its to far up on the back of my lip :Pits not that bad tho.this was my first SELF piercing,i have had my lips pierced(snakebites) before professionaly,and i must say it was alot faster lol,but they swelled up and got infected.anyway they healed and my school made me take them out >:(point is NOW my lip is quite swollen,i dont have ice,but i put a frozen bag of veg on it,swellin has gone down a bit.and tips on reducing swelling??xxwww.myspace.com/hxc_lollypopsx
A: Lip Piercing Care: Lip piercing generally takes 6-10 weeks to heal. It is very rare to develop an infection because the mouth has the natural ability to fight off bacteria.Lip piercing signs of infection: You may experience some swelling, redness, scabbing, tenderness, and possibly bleeding. But don’t worry about all this. These are all natural occurrences in the lip piercing healing process.Here are some basic tips about aftercare of lip piercing:•Avoid eating, smoking and drinking within the first three hours of the piercing.•Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs before and after getting pierced, and till the wound is completely healed.•Wash your hands frequently, and any time if you are going to touch the piercing. This will significantly reduce your chances of getting an infection.•Do saline soak twice a day.•Use a new soft-bristled toothbrush and keep it clean.•You should brush twice a day to remove food particles that could get into the wound and cause an infection.•Always keep your mouth sanitized. This should be done after eating, smoking and drinking.•Avoid oral sexual till the wound is completely healed.•Do rinse your mouth with a mouthwash after meals or eating. For the first 2 weeks you should suck on antibacterial/anti-inflammatory throat lozenges (Difflam-C), these reduce the chance of infection and reduce swelling.•Ibuprofen will help keep the swelling and tenderness to a minimum, and can be taken when needed for pain.•Avoid sharing plates, cups, and eating utensils.•Vitamin B with Zinc helps in quick healing process. It is better, if you start taking this vitamin a few months before you get the piercing done.•Do eat things such as frozen yogurt, ice cream, cold foods, or suck on chipped or crushed ice, or very small ice blocks for the first 2 weeks. Cold things help the healing, alleviate pain and reduce swelling.•Dry with disposable paper products such as gauze or tissues, because cloth towels can harbor bacteria and catch on new piercing causing injury.•Avoid submerging in bodies of water such as lakes, pools, etc.•Don’t remove or replace the jewellery during the healing period, as the hole closes up very quickly and it’s painful to reinsert the jewellery once this happens.•If it becomes necessary for you to remove the piercing, then the best thing to do is to go to your piercer to have it taken out.How to Keep the Area Clean:Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning the area. Gently and completely cleanse the area with antibacterial soap and water first. Using a, cotton ball or tissue, gently remove any debris have formed around the piercing. This should be done twice a day.How to Keep Your Lip Piercing Jewelry Clean:Your jewelry can also carry bacteria and needs to be cleaned properly. Lather the piercing with your fingers thoroughly and rinse completely with warm water. Turn the piercing carefully up and down. AVOID cleaning the area or piercing with alcohol or peroxide. This could harm or kill the tissue that needs to heal. Simply use an antibacterial soap with warm water.
lip piercing safety? how NOT to get infected?
Q: ok on a dare i pierced my lip at meh friends house… i did not heat the needle, i did not sterolyze the needle, (it was washed and cleaned with soap, didnt have anythin to sterolyze with) after i pierced meh lip i wiped down the area with hydrogen poroxide (an hour later at meh own house) i have no idea how to keep it from getting infected … any ideas? i cant wear a ring yet cuz i got the wrong size…the needle was clean, wasnt rusted, and i pierced meh lip in a clean place.
A: First lets go down the list of things you did wrong: 1. Did your own lip piercing.2. Did it on a dare.3. Used a sewing needle. 4. Used a non-sterilized needle.5. Used hydrogen peroxide. Now.. IF it’s not infected already.. The things you can do to prevent infection are: 1. Rinse your mouth out with non-alcoholic mouthwash. 2. ONLY wash your piercing with anti-bacterial soap, washing it with peroxide will only delay the healing process, because it kills off all of the bacteria.. Even the good kind.And don’t take it out to clean it. Leave it in.
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