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Is it healthy to bleed a lot from a little cut

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A:Bleeding alot from a small cut could be a sign of hemophilia, which is uncontrolled bleeding. See an M.D. if bleeding continues. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-healthy-to-bleed-a-lot-from-a-little-cut ]
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Is it healthy to bleed a lot from a little cut
Bleeding alot from a small cut could be a sign of hemophilia, which is uncontrolled bleeding. See an M.D. if bleeding continues.

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My immunity is very weak. What can I do about this?
Q: I get sick quite often, around every month to be precise. And I get sick quite easily, too. I have to be fully covered all the time even if it’s hot, if my back or stomach get exposed a little I will get sick. If I eat after I’m full I’ll throw up. I also bleed a lot from the smallest cut, and I get bumps on my body easily if I didn’t hit something that hard.My diet is quite balanced, I eat healthy food most of the time and rarely eat any junk food at all. I’m pescetarian (the only type of meat I eat is fish). I take daily supplements everyday; iron, multivitamins and omega oils. I observe my diet and the diet of everyone around me. What I eat isn’t much different from what they eat, but the same thing doesn’t happen to them. I lose weight easily as well, and if I pig out I never gain weight. I’m exhausted most of the time, it’s probably because I have low blood pressure, but it isn’t severe. I also have iron deficiency, and as I said I take iron supplements prescribed by a doctor. I don’t get why I get sick so easily and why my immune system is so weak. What can I possibly do about this?I’ve been to several doctors, they haven’t helped me much, they all tell me to just eat better, and I do.
A: See an allergy/immunologist to see if you do have truly weak immune system. You probably don’t.
my pug puppy (6 months) has BAD diarrhea, & random coughing .. but is also in heat ?
Q: hey.my pug shylah, she just went into heat (was going to get her spayed but she went into heat the same week but right before ! LOL) & we didn’t plan for this so we’re not sure about what could be caused by that.so far she only has been bleeding, but i’ve been cleaning her & put diapers on her so she doesn’t make a mess. also a really swollen private ! but that’s normal. we feed her twice a day. once at 12:00pm, & again at 6pm.i feed her about half a cup of Iams SmartPuppy, & a spoon of wet food. it is like a beef stew .. beef meat & rice & peas. her poop is usually normal but sometimes it goes a little soft, but today i came home from work to take her out & she had pooped in her crate … it was really runny. like almost unpickupable. then we went outside for our morning walk … she went again .. it was the same ..she tried to go like 5 times each time was less and less but REALLLY runny. i don’t know what it could be, i haven’t changed her food on her.i read that it could be over exertion .. we did take her out A LOT yesterday, so i’m wondering if that could be it ?she is a pug. & i know they aren’t meant for a ton of excersize .. we take her on 2 long walks a day, other than that we just let her out on our little yard to just do her duties at set times in the day.her poop hasn’t been this bad since we’ve had her (little over 2 months)the only thing i’m thinking is maybe the treats we give her for training/rewards.we give her beggin strips, puperoni, snausages, t-bonz, & milkbone.but we don’t give tham ALL at the same time. those are just her favourite … & i take the time to cut them up so one beggin strip lasts about 10-20 rewards. (little pieces.) & we don’t give her that much in a day.i do mix the treats up in a baggie (biscuit buddy is the name of it) so i take like 15 mins of a day when they run out to cut all of her treats up in & fill the baggie. so when we go for walks i have treats on hand. so they are at random when we do give her one. so in a day she does get a variety of the treats. but even so, these are the treats we have been feeding her & we’ve been doing the same things since we’ve got her. & it hasn’t been this bad. she does drink a lot of water though.as for the coughing, i can guaruntee it’s not kennel cough. i’ve youtubed it, googled it, and it’s not like that at all.she’ll be licking herself or something .. and then she’ll come up & just give a big loud hack. then it’s not there anymore. she does it maybe a few times a day. but so far i’ve only noticed it after she’s cleaned herself or eaten. but maybe it’s normal ?i’ve been to the vet & he says she’s healthy. checked her poop & everything.so i’m not sure what’s going on here ….. very confused.which is why i’m not sure if being in heat has anything to do with it. because also being in heat / going into heat, she hasn’t eaten as much as she used to, but she drinks quite a bit.oh yeah, we also give her chew bones. chewlotta by milkbone.she’s been vaccined against parvo.
A: Your puppy may have parvovirus. Take her to the vet as soon as you can get there. It may be too late to save her, but only the vet can tell. Really bad, explosive diarrhea is ALWAYS a sign to get to a vet immediately if not sooner. So is coughing. Coughing could also be pneumonia – but only the vet can tell. Take her in right away.
Veterinarian question. Should he give us our money back?
Q: Our 6 year old Bull Mastiff had a skin tag on the back part of her leg. Sunday night she slept in her crate (she’ll go in there or our bedroom and pick where she wants to sleep) Monday morning I woke up to the sound of the dog that slept in their with her barking this horrible bark. I ran into the room she broke out and snagged the skin tag on the way out. There was blood everywhere. We rushed her to the closest vets office. They did blood work and said her red blood cell count was low 37. I asked if the blood loss could of caused that. Vet said “no, owners see a little blood and it’s a lot to them.” My boyfriend said you should come see her room it looks like someone was stabbed in there. They xrayed her heart it was fine. He wanted us to take her to Emergency vet to have an ultrasound done. We don’t have 500 dollars laying around so my boyfriend asked if they could just remove the tag she’s bleeding. Vet said he couldn’t he would have to put her under and her blood pressure was too low to sedate her (well yeah her blood pressure is low she bled all over her bedroom) He basically sent us home. Called us once at home and told us to tie a string around it if it starts bleeding again and to put cornstarch on it if it does. Tuesday it didn’t bleed. Wednesday very little. Yesterday started bleeding again off and on. Last night I woke up more bleeding. So this morning I called another vet got her in this morning and had first vet fax over paperwork. He was shaking his head the entire time and said I can remove that right now. I asked if the blood loss could of caused the anemia (she has been fine healthy appetite throughout this and was fine Sunday day running around with other dogs) He said possibly that dogs can get anemic from any blood loss even fleas. He took her off numbed her leg, shaved her and removed it within 10 minutes. Put three staples in her leg and we’re home with her now. She goes back in two week. The first vet did not do his job or help us in anyway. I let my dog suffer needlessly for four days because he told me there was nothing he could do for her. Do I have any action I can take here? First vet charged us $414 to do nothing to help her. The vet that removed it today charged $279 ($113 of it to send tag off to lab to make sure nothing wrong with it)I’m so angry right now. I let my dog suffer and get sicker and sicker from loss of blood because I believed what the first vet told me. Is there anything I can do? I feel the first vet should give me my money back he did nothing for her. Swore up and down the blood loss could not cause anemia when I’ve been reading on internet yes it can and the vet that removed it agreed. All the first vet had to do was numb her leg and cut it off. I don’t understand why he didn’t do that.Thanks for any info any of you can give.To the person that stated I should of taken her to the emergency vet. I spent 414 dollars to be told nothing. I didn’t have another $500 to spend. You need to read my entire post. The vet that treated her today said her heart is fine. And that the anemia is more than likely the result of blood loss. What would taking her to the emergency vet to have an ultrasound done on her heart of done. Granted they probably would of known and done exactly what this vet did but that doesn’t change the fact that he didn’t do his job. And that is what my whole question is about him not doing his job properly.
A: Wow, what a mess. I really can’t believe the first quack told you to tie a string around the tag if it started bleeding–what a way to cause more trauma. Poor girl!First, file a written complaint with your state’s veterinary medical board. It may take a little web searching to locate. You should also file a complaint to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). And finally, file a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).I am sorry for your misfortune, expense, and of course that of your poor dog. The second vet did the correct thing, and I am glad that they sent the tissue off for histopathology. It will probably come back as just a skin tag, but it is always better to be sure. This, in my mind, made that second vet an excellent doctor. Stick with him, I am sure he will do a great job in the future.
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