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Is Proactiv good for your face

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Proactiv is an effective acne solution for some, although some users have reported that it causes excessive dryness and rash. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-proactiv-good-for-your-face ]
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Which face stuff works better? Clean & Clear, or Proactiv??
I use clean and clear products, esp. the sensitive skin astringent. The cleanser also works great! My daughter (age 14) uses Acne Free which is very similar to Proactiv but can be found at Walmart or Target or Walgreens – but a whole lot le…
What is the best facial soap/care other than proactiv??
cetaphil daily foaming face wash it a gentle cleanser that cleanse face well helps to control oil and prevents pimples is fragrance free and doesn’t dry out skin like other face washes cost $10 for big bottle and $5 for small bottle.
What’s the best acne face wash out there besides proactiv??
If you want what’s best for your skin how about something simple and easy and cheap and clinically proven to be effective…honey, baking soda, oats and coconut oil. This combination kills germs, exfoliates, soothes inflammation from pollut…

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What Is a good face product for your face, but not proactiv?
Q: My face has like some breakouts on my chin i really wanna get rid of but i have sentive skin and ive used proactive before…
A: clear.now, it’s really good, it’s not harsh at all but it is very effective. Break the cycle of breakouts with the only 3-step acne treatment system utilizing patent-pending sodium chlorite combined with salicylic acid to keep pores clean, clear, and cared for.http://aorihuela.qbeautyzone.com/
after you have washed your face with proactiv renewing cleanser is better to put lotion on your face ?
Q: is it better to put lotion on your face or just fall sleep with your face clean !like not puttin lotion or any other type of cream for the face.i only got the renewing cleanser!
A: after the cleanser you’re supposed to use the toner and then the repairing lotion. after that lotion I sometimes used aveeno daily moisturizing lotion, it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t clog your pores either
How long does your face break out after beginning Proactiv?
Q: I began using Proactiv about 2 years ago and it worked great for me. I quit using it because of the cost and I figured I could buy something over the counter that was cheaper that worked just as good. I found out the hard way that after you quit using the product that your face can break out again, regardless of what you’re using. So I started back using Proactiv again and my face cleared up for about a week and then started breaking out again. Is this normal? And if so how long does it last! I have only been using the Proactiv for 2 weeks so it might just be going through a stage…but I hate for my face to be broken out. Please help!!
A: I can speak from a combination of experience (I and my sister have used proactiv) and and my girlfriend (she is an esthetician, deals with people’s skin all day) to say that Proactiv is not a good product to use. It contains a lot of drying agents (a lot of alcoholm specifically, I think). This will indeed dry up any excessive oil on your skin, but will also do worse, and can actually cause breakouts (from your skin being overly dried and thus lacking in natural oils that serve as a protective barrier against bacteria, infection, etc…) and can lead to premature aging. Products that contain benzoyl peroxide, though sometimes necessary, can have similar effects. My experience is that products containing salicylic acid work the best. My personal preference is Aveeno clear complexion products (I use the cleansing bar to wash my face and then use the clear complexion moisturizer.) Keep in mind that a lot of people think that their skin is oily when it is in fact normal, so you may not need something to control oil. In any case, talk to a dermatologist and an esthetician (who often work in dermatologists’ offices) to get a feel for what type of skin you have and what will work for it.
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