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What are more side affects birth control pill

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Blood clots usually occur only in women over 35 who smoke. Most of these side effects improve after 3 months on the Pill. Other side effects are lighter periods, milder menstrual cramps, and less acne. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-more-side-affects-birth-control-pill ]
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What are the side affects of birth control pills?
Side effects vary from pill to pill so it would depend on which one you choose but the most common side effects are: Nausea, headache, weigh gain, irregular bleeding, mood changes and breast tenderness. You could try to go by a Planned Pare…
Are there side affects after going off the birth control pill??
Side effects are as follows: * Mood swings * Tiredness * Abdominal cramping * Increase or decrease in vaginal discharge * Vaginal bleeding
What are all the side affects of birth control pills??
Any birth control pill or other hormonal contraceptive (like the patch, ring, etc.) will have the potential for some side effects, but many women find that after a couple months, the side effects become less noticeable and the benefits of r…

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Is it bad to be on the pill for too long?
Q: I’ve heard it’s bad for you to be on the birth control pill for too long.Your opinions on this? I’ve been on for 10+ years! How long is too long? What’s bad about it / what can happen? I thought there were more positive side affects than negative ones?
A: i dont think its bad?
What are common side effects of birth control pills?
Q: I just started taking Yasmin and was just curious is it normal to be swollen down there (like when you get turned on), want to have sex more and more sensitive during sexual intercourse? I have taken birth control pills a while back but couldn’t remember what the side affects were. Another question I have is how long do you have to be on the pill for them to take full effect and not get pregnant? If you have sex when just starting the pill during the 10th day of your cycle is it likely you’ll get pregnant?
A: Unfortunately, I don’t have stats for how common each of these side effects are, but I copied some info on the bc pills:”Most women (in fact 50% of women) who start on the Pill stop within the first year because of unpleasant side effects. So these side effects are really largely those of the sixteen million who continue; so you can imagine how bad they must be for the 50% who stop. But what are they? Most women complain of increased irritability, increased propensity to depression, weight gain, and a reduced libido.Now, I haven’t told you the worst reality about the Pill, which is really that it’s an abortifacient. I’ve been talking about it as though it were a contraceptive, but it also works as an abortifacient. At least it says so in the insert that’s with the Pill. It says that it works in three different ways: One is it stops ovulation, and that’s clear enough. If it makes your body think it’s pregnant, it will not ovulate because when you’re pregnant, you don’t ovulate because you have a new baby growing inside of you and there’s no reason to ovulate. Or if that doesn’t work, if there happens to be breakthrough ovulation (and no woman knows when that’s happening in her body). A woman doesn’t know month by month how her hormones are acting, whether she’s not ovulating when she’s on the Pill or if there’s breakthrough ovulation. And the Pill can change the viscosity of the mucus. There’s mucus that helps the sperm get to the egg and a certain mucus that prohibits the sperm from getting to the egg. And it will change the mucus. Or it will prevent the nidation of the fertilized ovum; that means fertilized ovum-a new little human being working down the fallopian tube, trying to implant itself in its mother’s uterine wall, nests…nidates. But it prohibits that, and the woman sloughs off the new fertilized ovum. A woman doesn’t know how this is working in her system. Norplant works this way. The IUD works this way. Depo-Provera works this way.Also, blood clots, heart disease and 11 of 12 studies show that there is a link between the pill and breast cancer”Of course, only the 12th is ever reported upon. But, if it makes any difference to you, my mom died when I was only 16 from complications from breast cancer. Her ONLY risk factor was that she had been on the pill for some time before she first became pregnant (a big no-no). Also, I know a doctor in town who no longer prescribes the pill at all b/c she had a 24 year old woman have a stroke–this woman did not smoke–her only risk factor? Again, just the pill.Your symptoms actually sound like your pill is NOT working. Maybe it is a lower level of estrogen? To be more turned on during sex and more sensitive is usually an indication of fertility–perhaps you missed a dosage or maybe you hadn’t been on it long enough, but it sounds like you had sex during your fertile period just based on what you list above. You may want to get tested for a pregnancy just in case (although its fairly rare to get pregnant on the first try–it’s a 3 out of 10 chance) and one wouldn’t want to potentially harm your new fetus (if it does live through the first dosage and such, it can cause long term health effects if the pill is continued). And yes, days 9/10-15/16 are the most fertile days for a woman with a regular 28 day cycle.Good luck with everything. Repost with any further questions if I can be of more help! Take care!
Best low hormone birth control pill?
Q: I need to find a birth control pill that has minimal side affects. I hate them cause what I usually say about birth control is “that is called birth control cause it makes women fat and crazy so no one wants to have sex with them anyways”. Well at least that what it does to me. So I need a birth control pill that will not make me “fat and crazy”. Anyone have good experiences they can share? I’ve heard good and bad things about Yaz and mostly good about Tri-cylen Lo. But I need more feedback.Thanks
A: I take alesse. Like you I get crazy when i take regular birth control. I actually tried to off myself once while on the depo shot. no joke it litterally makes me crazy. Anyway the alesse has been thus far side affect free accept for one which is that i have about 1000 times more desire to practice procreation. So you might want to try it. they even make a generic so you can get it pretty inexpensively.
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