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What are symptoms of hemophiliacs

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A:Symptoms of hemophilia include abnormal bleeding after an injury or surgery, easy bruising, and frequent nosebleeds. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-symptoms-of-hemophiliacs ]
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What are symptoms of HEMOPHILIAC ?
bleeder; haemophile; haemophiliac; hemophile; hemophiliac
How to Spot Hemophilia Symptoms
・ 1 Watch for symptoms of bleeding. These can include blood in your stool or urine, prolonged bleeding… ・ 2 Observe any sudden pain or swelling in any of your joints. Check to see if this is accompanied by the… ・ 3 Look for signs of int…
Can Hemophilia symptoms?
I don’t think that any condition other than gender related can be afflicted by one alone. There are allot of disorders and diseases that seem to effect one more then the other, but even hemophilia can show up in both. Source(s): nursing exp…

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I need info on hemophilia. What chromosome causes this disorder? What are symptoms of this disorder? What trea?
Q: I need info on hemophilia. What chromosome causes this disorder? What are symptoms of this disorder? What treatments, if any, are available? What’s the fatality rate? How common is it? Is it preventable? Are there any pictures online of a hemophiliac’s karyotype?
A: It is a sex linked recessive disorder that mainly affects males due to the nature of inheritance of sex-linked traits. For example, if the mother is a carrier, the son WILL have the disorder. If the father has the disorder, the son WILL NOT have the disorder and CANNOT be a carrier, and each daughter WILL be a carrier. I believe that 1 in 10,000 males have the disorder and 1 in 100,000,000 (100 million) females will have the disorder.Symptoms include the absence of blood clotting when getting a cut or bruise. This can cause one to to bleed literally to death even from a minor cut if left untreated.Edit: The chromosome that carries the trait is the “X” sex chromosome. A person’s karyotype that is affected with the disorder would be identical to a normal person’s since they have no extra, missing, or abnormal chromosomes.
Need help with my health test please!!?
Q: Here are some questions on the test:1. Who is Jonas Salk and what did he discover?2. Who is Ryan White and what does the “Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resource Emergency Act” provide?3. Besides HIV what disease did Ryan White have?4. What are 3 symptoms of HIV that a teenager might have if they contracted the virus from an infected person?Define the following:* Hemophiliacs* AIDS Cocktail* Opportunistic Infection* Helper T cells* Killer T cellsEven if you just know one, it will help me so much!!! THANKS(:
A: Sweetie, it’s called Google! You can’t expect people to do your homework for you….life doesn’t work that way.
missing clotting factor?
Q: my symptoms are episodes of bloody sputum lasting a few weeks, and a lump at the back of my thigh with bruising which also keeps recurring. i have had various blood tests and my haematologist thinks i have a missing clotting factor. i had more blood tests today to try and determine which factor is missing.what would this mean. am i a haemophiliac? what other disease can this be?
A: haemophilia is a genetic condition, so you should be able to determine whether haemophilia is a possibility if any of your parents/grandparents have it. if you ask questions ask your haemotoligist while you are there, make a note of things to ask if you think of them before seeing him/her but forget to ask while there.
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