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What other things could cause bruising easy

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A:Bruising easily can be caused by: Cirrhosis Of The Liver, Marfan Syndrome, Aging Skin, Bone Marrow Disorders and Hemophilia. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-other-things-could-cause-bruising-easy ]
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What other things could cause bruising easy
Bruising easily can be caused by: Cirrhosis Of The Liver, Marfan Syndrome, Aging Skin, Bone Marrow Disorders and Hemophilia.

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What could cause easy bruising besides anemia?
Q: I bruise easily without any explanation. I do not bump into things, they just appear at random times and sometimes in strange places that I know could not have bumped into something. I have had blood work done to test for anemia, but I’m not anemic. Looking for other explanations.
A: Hemophilia, low platelet count, factor deficiencies. Have your physician do a coagulation wkup with PTT, APTT & Factors. Also these OTC medicines Advil, Motrin, ibuprophen (NSAIDS), aspirin, fish oils, ginger, garlic,all thin out your blood. Also excessive exposure to the sun can thin your skin.
Did I do the Right Thing for my Horse’s Wound?
Q: So my mare is a competitive OTTB mare, and she’s always been prone to weird leg/foot problems, and always swells up for the weirdest reasons.She’s had about a week off on pasture turnout. I saw her Thurs. night, and she was completely fine.But today, her front left leg, slightly above (yet all around) her knee, was completely swollen.It was swollen so big it looked like she had half a melon on her leg! Really, the swelling was about the size of two closed fists. (The swelling was only in her knee, had not moved below it yet.) Her leg was warm, but not HOT, and it was mushy swelling, and not the bubbly-infectious swelling. The swelling was painful to her, she didn’t want me to touch it at all.She didn’t appear in pain at the walk, and at the trot, she only limped because of the swelling pain (meaning not a soft tissue injury).What caused it? An itty bitty cut… It was between .5-1 inch long, and not wide at all. It was deep enough to cut through both layers of her skin, but wasn’t actually very deep…So what I did was, I gave her a gram of Bute, I brought her in and did hydro-therapy for 20 min., and it cleaned it out well, and wasn’t bleeding anymore, and there was nothing irregular-looking about it!Soo my rationalization told me to go ahead and close it up, because it didn’t seem infected at all…so I put Wonder Dust on it to dry it up. Turned her loose for about 2 hours, then hosed it down for another 10 minutes, and gave her another gram of Bute (I wanted to give her Banamine, but we were out). And I put her back outside for the night.SO, this is what I was hoping you guys could help me with:What sort of worried me, was that the swelling hadn’t gone down, /at all/ during those two hours. Usually with her, we get almost instant results with hydro-therapy.I wanted her to stay out tonight, because I figured her walking around on it would help disperse some of the swelling.I didn’t wrap it because it was on her knee, which isn’t easy to wrap!Did I do the right thing by putting the Wonder Dust on it?Could anyone suggest any sort of ointment I could put on it to reduce the swelling (i.e. FuraZone, DMSO)?Other than that, does anyone have /any/ idea why a little cut like that could cause her to swell up soo much? (She hardly even bruises from bites…)Tomorrow I plan to go out in the morning, and reasses the situation…Most likely will be doing more hydro-therapy throughout the day, and if the swelling dispersed some, I won’t be giving her any Bute.Do you all have any other advice, or ideas on what else I could do to speed up her recovery?Thanks for reading this all!Thanks guys!Yes I worried about the Tetanus issue, too… Until I remember she’d had all her boosters in March, so she /should/ be good for now.
A: If the wound is so tiny, but deep, and she’s that swollen it sounds like more of a puncture wound, which can cause a lot of pain, and also can open her up for infection. It sounds like you’re on top of it pretty well, although I wouldn’t make any assumptions as to whether it’s soft tissue damage or a fracture, or a foreign body, just off of the way she limps. It may take X-rays or flouroscopy to see what’s going on inside there. I agree with the other poster about the tetanus booster, and I think you may also want to consider giving her antibiotics for a few days. A little Lasix can also work wonders when it comes to taking fluid out of tissues. I’ve had the best luck on wounds like that with a DMSO/Furacin sweat. It will be hard to do if you aren’t able to wrap the knee, but if you just paint the whole leg from several inches above the top of the swelling on the knee, down to the ankle and then wrap several layers of plastic cling wrap over the whole length of the leg, and put a standing wrap on her lower leg with 1 layer of duct tape around the top of the plastic, it should hold up overnight. The swelling should be drastically reduced by the time you take it off to hose it the next day, although it may fill back up again after being left open for a few hours. If it’s not a lot better within a few days you should have a vet check it out. Another idea is Nolvasan ointment, which is really effective for wounds, but again, you would need a dressing to keep it on, and it wouldn’t have the anti-inflammatory effect of the DMSO. Whatever you do, I wouldn’t try to close it up right away. You want an injury like this to remain open and draining until all danger of infection has passed.
is it possible for a player to fall in love?
Q: this guy has been hanging out at my place and even spending the nights everyday at my house for 8 months. he admited to me and my step mom about all the girls he messed with in the past. he says he only loved a girl once and that was his 2nd gf but than she cheated on him. he said since than he has never been loyal to a girl and had a few one night stands. we are best friends and can confide everything to each other. he has not been dating anyone in the last couple of months (i think 3) but i really dont know how often he dated b4. he admited to my step mom that he likes me but he tells my married sister he dont. my sister told him last week that i like him and ever since than he has not came and visit when i am aorund. he is only here when i go to work.however last night he walked in at two am and and my dog woke me up barking at him. we both stayed up and talked for about 2 hours and than fell asleep on the couch together. (i dont have a room at my parents) we have b4 but it was feet to head. this time he made some excuse to sleep side by side. i woke up in the middle of the night and i relized he was holding my wrist. he was sleeping to but he had to have woken up to do so cause he looked like he was uncomfy in order to do so. we do flirt a lot but in voilent ways such as pinching and sometimes he bites me. i bruise really easy so i get made fun of at work for it. i am also easily spooked so he is always trying to scare me like every 5 min, if not less. no jk. but we never did make a move at all to one another. two weeks ago i went to a party and billy (the player i like) was there. i never drank in my life and when tj asked me if i wanted a drink billy started cracking jokes and said i should stay away from it and not to drink. he also said he promised my mom he would never let me do anything stupid. he was drinking himself and he asked me if i like him. i told him yeah he is a great friend. than things got quite so i asked him why he asked and he said he just wanted to make sure that we were just friends. we were sitting on the opposit side of the room so i dont know if he was asking me this cause he knew the other guys liked me and he thought i would admit i like him so he can look better or if he really wanted to know 4 himself. than later 2 of his friends tried asking me out when billy was not around. he found out the next day when i was telling my step mom. i was asking her what i should do cause i dont want to go out with them and than billy said i could always go out with him so that they will leave me alone. i just stared at him and billy started lauphing as said “look she is not saying no”. that was when my step mom said yeah cause she thinks your joking; witch was true and he claimed he wasnt. but than later said he was cause my mom started joking about it. but the thing is ever since he found out i like him as i said b4 he has been avoiding me. y?
A: hmm this is very weirdd its liek guy playing mind games this time lolbut if he is avoiding you that means he dont want anything more then frendship…or it could also mean that he doesnt wana be with u cuz he thinks he will hurt u (sine he is a player)…and to be honest…i think you need to make it clear to him that u like him…and what ever happens next will happen for the good…..cuz if u dont tell him…ull always regret it ..but if u doo tell him and he avoids u after..ull get ur answer.
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