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What are ways to not get sick

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Ways to not get sick include washing your hands often, humidifying your house, take a lot of Vitamin C, and zinc lozenges. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-ways-to-not-get-sick ]
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What are ways to not get sick
Ways to not get sick include washing your hands often, humidifying your house, take a lot of Vitamin C, and zinc lozenges.
What are some good ways to not get sick?
Wash your hands constantly. Or when you can. Especially after you have been out in public or before a meal.. Eat a healthy diet. Lots of fruits, vegetables, and wheat. If it is cold dress warmly. try not to be around someone that is sick to…
How to Not Get Sick on a Sailing Cruise – 2 Popular Ways to Preve…?
Looking for some information on how to not get sick on sailing cruise? Many passengers get motion sickness when sailing on smaller boats and therefore they assume that they will get sick when they go on a cruise. But having motion sickness…

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what are some way to get a sick baby to eat?
Q: does anyone know how i can get my 5month old son to eat? he has been very snotty for about two weeks now and we have been having a hard time getting him to eat and sleep nobody want to help us with him because all he will do is cry then he chocks on his snot i give him regular similac sensitive formula and rice of course i make it warm but not hot i don’t know what to do he doesn’t want to be held or layed down all he does is cry all the time
A: Milk IS okay during an illness. It is an old wives tale that has been proven to be false. It does not make congestion worse. At this point, fluids are more important that actually eating. He will eat when he is hungry. Continue to offer him the formula, but if he doesn’t want it, don’t push it. Give him water and other clear fluids (white grape juice, apple juice, pedialyte if he isn’t drinking much at all). He will not starve himself. Try giving him rice cereal mixed with clear juice from a spoon, not the bottle. Sometimes sucking on the bottle will make him feel worse. The pressure from sucking could be painful. Try to soothe him in anyway that you possibly can. Put him in the stroller, car seat, swing, bouncy seat, etc. The elevation will help him with the post nasal drip that is causing him to choke. Make sure you are suctioning his nose out frequently with the aspirator that you got from the hospital, or one that you bought. Take him into the bathroom and run only the hot water. Sit there in the steam to help loosen up any congestion.Basically:A bottle of formula is OKWater and clear liquids are more important than food when he is sick.Head elevation will help drain the fluid causing the post-nasal drip.Be extra patient and loving with him. He needs all the love you can give!Best of luck 🙂
What’s the best way to get drunk quick without getting sick?
Q: It might sound odd, but I fantasize about getting really drunk and being taken advantage of, yet in reality I would make sure it would be a mutual consentual agreement. I have a partner who will help me fulfill this fantasy. I rarely drink anything and do not know my limits before getting sick, yet I really want to get as drunk as possible. I already bought a very strong liquor, Bacarda 151. If I take it in very tiny doses, maybe mixed in with coke, do you think that will do the trick?Is there any way to respond to some of the answers I get?
A: The sugar in the coke will add to the hangover, so I’d say mix the 151 half and half with water, chug it down, get your freak on, then eat a big greasy cheeseburger. The grease will coat your stomach and the bread willl absorb the alcohol.
MY MOTHER , all ways sick and lonely at home, m out of country, how to make relax..?
Q: m not living with my family almost four years, my father died and i moved to abroad , elder brother is married and bz with his family, other bro is bz with his business and lot of pressure of work when he comes back home mama has lots complain ,every time she complain she is sick or she will just fight for no reason etc etc, got one younger sis she is studding and in boarding only on weekends she comes back, well whenever i call home idk what to say mom , tell me what to do her life attractive and she will stop be sick … well idk i can explain wht i want or no… but plz i need help(she is almost 49 year old now)
A: i agree with Gwendolyn!! if she not really ill, i think she needs to be encouraged to get out more and make new friends and find other interest, to make her life more attractive. now you have all left home, shes sitting at home all day alone with nothing to do, maybe that’s why shes always moaning at you! she needs somewhere else to channel her energy!!, peace love and happiness to you….. : )
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