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What can I use to reduce a diaper rash

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Frequent application of diaper-area ointments containing either petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or zinc oxide (Desitin) helps. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-use-to-reduce-a-diaper-rash ]
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What can I use to reduce a diaper rash
Frequent application of diaper-area ointments containing either petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or zinc oxide (Desitin) helps. ChaCha!

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PLEASE HELP! Persistent Raw Red Diaper Rash?
Q: I am posting this for a friend whose 17-month old daughter has had a painful diaper rash for several days. Apparently the rash has not subsided and is causing the baby a lot of problems to the point that she can’t sit in her carseat without pain. The mom has been letting her bottom air out. The rash looks raised and red and very raw and the mom doesn’t know what to do because her daughter has never had a bad rash like this before. Unfortunately, I am also of little help because my now potty-trained daughter rarely had a diaper rash either because we used cloth.Does anyone know what may be causing this little girl’s rash and how to clear it up? I had heard that Maalox mixed with Aquaphor was good for acidic rashes and that plain yogurt helped reduced yeast, but I don’t think she knows the root cause of the rash.Thanks for all the sincere responses and suugestions. I’ve passed them on to my friend, who like myself, is a full-time working mother. NOTE: To the self-righteous person who suggested that my friend is somehow negligent by not having taken her daughter to the pediatrician yet:Rest assured she is taking a late lunch hour today to do just that. I wanted to post a question to see if anyone had suggestions that might help her little girl get some relief in the interim. For those of us who unfortunately have to manage the rest of our lives around our work schedules so we can provide for our families, it’s invaluable to have a forum like Yahoo Answers to get instant access to potentially helpful advice before we are able to get our child seen by a professional. It’s too bad some people like you just want to try to make themselves feel more superior by putting down others. Don’t be so quick to judge other people. I’m sure you’re not so perfect yourself. No one is.
A: I love Bordeaux Butt Paste, and Desitin and Balmex are fine, too. This rash could be related to teething, could be a yeast infection, or could be an allergic reaction to something she’s eaten. I’d take her to the pediatrician and see what the pediatrician recommends.
I need some advice from parents who use cloth diapers???
Q: I am concidering changing my 15mo daughter to cloth diapers, she has a terrible problem with continuous rash, sometimes it get so bad it blisters, and i believe the cloth diaper being more breathable will help reduce this rash problem we’ve been having. but i don’t really know where to start, i hear about liners and ones with pins and ones with velcro??? and how many do i buy? i change her diaper roughly ever1 to 2 hours everyday except while she’s asleep at night, so thats roughly 8 to 10 times a day, not to mention she wakes up in the middle of the night still so i change her when that happens to. so i’ll give it a dozen diapers a day. do i day two dozen then? or three? i want plenty for those Just in case moments, and someone told me you change more often with a cloth diaper. so what’er liners? do i have to buy those seperate? How many should i buy? where is a good place to buy from? to i have to bleach them when i was them? soak them? Anyone who can teach me, THANKS!And whats a cover? someone said i’d need covers and the cloth diapers, and that i’d need like 30 of them…????
A: Cloth diapers are the best.If you use prefolds (the cheapest option) then I’d go ahead and buy 2 dozen, 3 if you want some extra wiggle room (they really aren’t expensive, so you may want to regardless). I do my diaper laundry every other day with about 30 diapers in my stash.When you get your prefolds, you will want to wash them about 5 times to remove any natural oils that would inhibit absorption. If you buy hemp prefolds, wash them 10 times (hemp has more natural oils)Don’t use bleach on any diapers. One, it may void any warranty on the diaper, especially if you end up using pocket diapers or other “fancy” dipe. Two, it will break down the fibers in the diaper much faster and you won’t get as much life from your purchase. Three, any residue left in the dipe will irritate baby’s skin. When I wash, I follow this routine: Hot wash, Warm rinse – use 1/2 capful of free & clear detergent. Then hot wash warm rinse using 1 TBSP dawn dishwashing detergent. Once a month I add 1 C Baking Soda to the first wash and 1 C White Vinegar to the second wash.You can get by with maybe 5 or so covers. I do a combination of prefolds and pockets (fuzzi bunz) and I have 3 covers in my stash. If you’re doing only prefolds, you may need up to 10 covers. You don’t have to wash your covers every time, just let them air out unless they get poop on them. Otherwise, wash them once a week or so. (covers available on the web: http://www.bummis.com/en/Products/covers/SuperWhisperWrap.html http://www.imsevimse.us/store/category/8kop/Diaper_Covers.html )Liners go inside the diaper and are good when baby’s poop is still mushy (still on just breast milk) because they lift right out and you can flush the poop and liner instead of having to deal with a poopy diaper 🙂 Since a 15 months old’s poop is relatively solid, you can just dump it right out into the toilet, you don’t need the liner. Liners are nice at this age if you need to use an ointment so that it won’t get on the diaper. You might want to buy one package. (diaper liners: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/doublers.htm )Here are some GREAT resources:http://www.thediaperhyena.com/diaper_folding101.htm – how to fold a prefoldhttp://www.diaperswappers.com – forum for cd users, tons of very knowledgeable mamas.http://diaperpin.com/howto.asp – FAQs including how to wash cd’shttp://diaperpin.com/clothdiapers/article_differentsystems.asp – explanation of different diapering systems
Cloth diapers and diaper creams?
Q: I have been using cloth diapers with my son and when I bought them the information I received with them said not to use any kind of creams with them because they leave a residue and reduce the absorbancy. Now here’s my problem, now that my son is eating solid foods he has been developing the odd rash. I air him out as much as possible, and have been using peneten and disposables to clear up the rashes. I would much rather not use the disposables, but I don’t know what I can use with the cloth diapers to prevent or treat the rashes. Any help would be appreciated.
A: Here’s a site that gives a few ideas!http://parents.berkeley.edu/advice/potty/diaperrash_cloth.htmlHope this helps!
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