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What can it mean if you have an itchy scalp

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An itchy scalp can be indicative of dandruff, or even worse possibly head lice. For the dandruff, up your zinc intake and try the shampoos, but for lice you’ll need special medications and tools available at your local department store to remedy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-it-mean-if-you-have-an-itchy-scalp ]
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What can it mean if you have an itchy scalp
An itchy scalp can be indicative of dandruff, or even worse possibly head lice. For the dandruff, up your zinc intake and try the shampoos, but for lice you’ll need special medications and tools available at your local department store to r…
Can a Tingling and Itchy Scalp Mean That Regrowth is Happening Af…?
I’m asked this question pretty regularly. People really hope that that the tightness, tingling, and itching on their scalp means that their are experiencing massive regrowth, but many also know that they experienced this same thing when t…
When you scalp is itchy, does that mean that your hair is growing…?
No it means your scalp is dry and need to be moisturized. And if not taken care of dandruff can arise.

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dry scalp nothings working?
Q: ok heres the dealthings that irritate it worse … tgel, head and sholders, selsun blue, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, almond oil, olive oil, vegtible oil, baby shampoo, deep cleaning shampoo ……. seriously i can list them all ive tried dove saint ives regular shampoos conditioners shampoos with vitam a’s b’s c’s ive even tried girly shampoos like aussi my sister uses it so i figured what the heck …….. ya all of em make it better for about 5 mintues after i get out of the shower or bath and then when i go to get dressed if i dont get a soft shirt it gets itchy to the point where i have to take it off ive done the oil in scalp treatments they dont help hell when i was 13 i put a whole tube of cortosone cream 3% in my hair after a week of it not working when used as the dermatoligist said ……… needless to say nothingive tried limiting bath/shower times, adjusting timing, washing throughly, patting dry all of that and using hair dryers as well as exfoliating or whatever you call it with a comb before showers nothing havnt gotten barely any improvement yet its been like 7 years since this dry scalp thing started and now my hands are starting to randomly get dry in the mornings and face feels all itch …… no achny at all i have asthma and ocd and no i dont wash 6 times a day and dont wash my hands like other people with ocd and ive tried hand lotions all that stuff to it doesnt help other then it makes my hands a bit itchy for a few mins then it goes away on my hand for like 15mins to an hour then is back againon my scalp itll come off with a comb but appear again in 1-3 hours its not psoriosis or serebic dermatitis or eczyma when i comb it it comes out and theres no patchs the skins normal colored and the only time i get a irratated spot is if i comb to hard and like break skinoh and water irratates it as well as my family tells me i have greasy hair …… it doesnt look greasy to me at all ….. i find washing my hair in a bath tub without soap and doing it underwater is better then anything shampoo or hair washing style wise. after a shower tho theres a gritty feeling like 5-10minutes after along the sides of my face and sometimes it just comes right back.also when i comb theres this distinct smell …… something like walking into a hair salon place where they cut your hair but it only last like 30 secounds at most usually?yes my skin is sensitive but i doubt its contact dermatitis since i can put shampoo on my arm and leave it there and it doesnt even get redmedicines .. flovent, albuteral,ive taken ridilin in the past andi take 3 of these gummi vitamins evry day my diets mainly meats and i love pretzles and i do eat fruit cups but other then tht i dont eat much fruits or vegitibles theres really none around here and i dont eat much unless its at night then i eat a litte havnt eaten lunch yet this year at school rarely breakfast get to the point where i feel sick in school cause i get hungry at a random point but then it goes away and im not hungry at all ….. i have insomnia and rarely get sleep like usually 3 or 4 am to 6 am is my sleep schedual and i sleep on a couch and sweat sometimes at night and i dont drink much either usually just like hawaian punch kin of stuff and ive heard stress can cause flare ups …… ya my lifes living hell but i dont believe stress can really relate to this? an also my parents have the tempeture and all around here all whack cause their obsesd with the heating bills and what notmy hairs medium length, black, my skins caucausion and im 17 and yes ive gone through pubertythere i think that covers just bout evrything that relates to diet lifestyle what ive tried stree what notany ideas whats going on here i mean ya along with ocd and the low self esteeme and school ya…. lifes hell
A: do u have dandruff? use Listerine when u shower or after u shower it kills the fungus its very effective
I have weird hair- can get very oily/itchy (like after using organic shampoo), & other times quite dry. TIPS?
Q: If I use stuff for thinning hair (I am starting to get a receding hairline/temple-area hair loss I think from taking accutane) or non-frizz shampoos, or organic/natural stuff, etc. it gets oily in less than a day. Contrarily, my ends always get very dry and knotted with regular conditioners- which means I need to buy very thick creamy conditioner for my ends (I dont use this on my scalp).I dunno whats going on…but if you have any clues on what may be wrong or what I may be doing wrong, or have had similar experiences and found a solution, please share.thanks a mill!
A: I use organic shampoos and conditioners too. It depends on what’s in it. If you feel that your hair is too oily, and it’s itchy, look for products that contain Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is really good for irritated and itchy scalp. Also, Tea Tree has the tendency of drying oily scalps. Give it a try, but continue to shop around.
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