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What causes excessive bruising

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A:Excessive bruising may be caused by certain medical conditions such as bleeding disorders. People with these conditions bruise easily and more than normal. Some possibilities include hemophilia and Von Willebrand’s disease. ChaCha 24/7! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-excessive-bruising ]
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Excessive bruising is caused when a group of kids come running at you while you hold a tray of cupcakes. Oh wait, that was just my son’s birthday party. Nonetheless, excessive bruising can be a serious sign of bleeding disorders, leukemia, …
Excessive bruising may be caused by certain medical conditions such as bleeding disorders. People with these conditions bruise easily and more than normal. Some possibilities include hemophilia and Von Willebrand’s disease . ChaCha 24/7!
Excessive bruising can be caused by several things: iron-deficiency anemia, clotting disorders, thinning of your skin, internal bleeding, and a few kinds of cancer.

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Red spots and excessive bruising? What may be the causes?
Q: My aunt has some red spots on her legs and arms that look like skin allergies. She started having these spots when she was really depressed and stressed. Just a month ago, she and my uncle had a big fight that resulted to a weak heart. About a week or two later, she started having them and thought she had a skin allergy so she went to a dermatologist. She was told that they were allergies and was given some creams to heal them. After a week, they seemed to be healing up but after another bout of fight with my uncle, new spots formed. Just the other day, she discovered that she has big bruises surrounding the red spots on her legs. She said that earlier that day, she didn’t have them. This is when we started to think that this is serious so we told her to talk to a doc but she insisted to do this after new year. Now, the bruises seem to be healing up. Now, has stress or depression something to do with this? Or something with the blood? By the way, she is taking up Lecit E ( I think this is one of the causes of the bruising). I’ve read in the internet that excessive intake of Vit. E can cause bruising so…the bruises do not hurt and the spots do not itch. She doesn’t have fever or chills…please answer seriously. Thank You
A: Has your aunt had a blood test to check her levels as iron deficient anemia can cause bruising for no apparent reason. Simply taking an iron supplement can help to reduce or reverse this . I’ve had that problem. Taking a supplement for it helped to change that for the better now and I don’t get the bruising hardly at all, I used to see them randomly on my legs just. It was weird, but makes sense after I got a blood test to rule out anemia. If she’s tired easily or often also I’d have her get checked.
I’ve been bruising a lot easier than usual. What’s wrong with me?
Q: Is it possible that I have blood problems, or another disease that would cause excessive bruising? Do I have a deficency of anything to cause this?
A: I doubt that you have a blood problem. It’s much more likely that you have an iron deficiency brought on by your monthly cycle. Eat more red meat or take some supplements and it should go back to normal. You may be anemic. If it continues, or if you are feeling tired a lot, go to a doctor and he can test for that with a simple blood test.More would be wrong if you had a blood disorder. Bruising isn’t the main symptom, and when you bruise with a blood disorder, they are *huge* bruises that appear out of no where.
Should I be concerned if I have bruises all over and I have no idea where they came from?
Q: I keep getting bruises all over. Some are as small as a nickel or quarter but others are big black and purple monsters. I’ve been getting them on my thighs and all over my arms but I’ve noticed one on my hip recently and now I have another monster on my upper arm. The thing is, I have no recollection of doing things that would bruise. I do have a high pain tolerance from 3 years of recurring kidney stones, so maybe I’m just particularly clutsy lately and just don’t take note of the accidents because it doesn’t hurt. I do tend to be anemic around that time of month, but the bruises have persisted for around a month and a half or so. Should I be concerned or no? Any clue what could cause excessive bruising?I’m young(22) and usually I have low blood pressure(diastolic in the low 60s), my dad’s pretty adamate about my brothers watching that because high bloos pressure and heart disease run in my family and strike young. (I have a cousin who’s also 22 that has high blood pressure and cholesterol, even though she’s always been more petite)I am high risk for chronic kidney failure. They were concerned that I had started that back in July of last year, but the levels of protein I was leaking in my urine hadn’t progressed to a significant level yet…the nephrologist said that the protein leakage was due to the constant stress on the kidneys from stones and infections that were damaging the nephrons…guess this could have something to so with the ‘ol kidneys, maybe I should give the nephrologist a call. I have an appointment in 2 months anyway.
A: Are you on a blood thinner? Or, how much ibuprofen or aspirin do you ingest? If not, see your medical provider. It could be something more serious. Good luck!
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