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What does matrix health group do

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A:Matrix Group deals with patients with bleeding disorders including hemophilia. ChaCha for now! Text back soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-matrix-health-group-do ]
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What does matrix health group do
Matrix Group deals with patients with bleeding disorders including hemophilia. ChaCha for now! Text back soon!

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Depression, Bipolar, Existential Crisis, Boredom…?
Q: or just plain stupidity…Well (wow, this is weird…i’ve never actually asked anything before….ah well, if i’m right and nothing matters anyway and it does turn out that i’m just some sort of sick puppeteer that’s just gotten far to attached to her puppet- oh, when, when shall i cut the strings- that she’s started to identify with it then i guess it won’t really matter if i humiliate myself, albeit online among a group of strangers who may or may not exist…..wow, i really do sound insane)Anyway, on with the actual question…As one may discern from the title of this question, I, the question-asker am currently in the midst of something…the only problem being that I am altogether flummoxed (i actually USED that word!?) when it comes to figuring out what that something is….Problems like depression/various other mental issues come to mind but i am entirely unsure as to whether one of these could be the problem or whether i’m simply being pathetic and creating problems for myself out of boredom/lack of identity…actually, i think its gotten to the point where I might even prefer to have a mental health issue that just sit around with the knowledge that i’m just some idiot who is to lazy to get up/be an individual/take charge of her life…So…(getting to the point) over the past 4 or 5 weeks are when i have really begun experiencing problems…or noticed them…let me give you a run-down:- generally feeling tired/lethargic, going to bed as early as seven thirty and still not wanting to get up in the morning (i’m 17 by the way, and currently in year 11 at school)- random periods of feeling rather jumpy/energetic/laughing alot…these usually last for about an hour or so…i don’t exactly feel ‘happy’ more like just not really caring that i’m miserable…usually i’m in class at the time so i end up being very fidgety/find it hard to sit still…my writing often looks like scribble- episodes of what might be called ‘paranoia’…worried that i’m going crazy…how do i trust myself…etc….running away from something…don’t know what ‘something’ is…brain sabotaging itself- I often feel like I am not really a proper person, an individual, like I have nothing unique to offer the world…’i don’t exist’ has been one of the most common phrases running through my head of late…i’ll never amount to anything, i don’t meet my own standards, etc.- Lots of little what i call ‘fleeting moments’…i was on the bus the other day and suddenly got the notion that all the people around me were trapped, that everything, all our physical surroundings, society itself was a distraction from something (again, i don’t know what ‘something’ is)…it was a bit matrix-like…but, as i said, it was a ‘fleeting moment’ did not last very long…but i get quite a few of these random notions during the course of the day…some days at least…- I’m also a very obsessive person…not as in OCD, but more like latching on to something (a book/film/musician) and obsess about it…like nothing i can do will ever live up to this so why bother doing anything?…and then, of course, am i a person? or am i just a mixture, a second-rate copy of all the culture/education/people i am exposed to…i’ve wasted my life so far…time is running out…- I think about death alot, and no, i don’t really find the concept that scary- pain/mutilation, yes, but death, no. I have has a few brief, recurrent thoughts concerning suicide- if it happens, then i want it to be artistic, belladonna poisoning all the way, love pre-raphaelite art- but nothing really serious….i can’t say i really believe in an afterlife, but i would like to and have therefore been trying to convince myself (albeit unsuccessfully) that there is one…- I’ve started cutting….no, i’m not trying to get attention, i find it works as a kind of distraction really, an escape from boredom/thoughts….i like the blood…it looks artistic, to me at least…and it sometimes make me feel like i’ve accomplished something, defied nature…kind of addictive really…i know i should stop/have been trying to, sort of…it’s hard..- gosh, i sound stupid….ugh, waste of space…even writing this, what a self-indulgent idiot i sound like…- my weekend was okay…sometimes things are okay….then they get boring…or proved false…- I used to be quite narcissistic, you know….my, how that has changed…still like the idea of being on stage though/performing, etc., doubt it’ll really happen, but the hope of it is still something to live for……lonely…more introspective than is probably healthy…Well, now that i have made myself sound exactly like the boring, self-centered person that i am…i am going to throw the ball into your court…(there’s more i could tell you but this question is already long enough)…am i depressed, bipolar, *insert random problem here*, or just silly/attention seeking and searching for thin
A: I agree with all the other answers, especially in that you need a creative outlet for all your imaginitive energy. I would challenge myself by reading every play you can get your hands on, going to theatre, even if you have to go alone, and maybe volunteering backstage in exchange for tickets and learning a little about the business. Theatres usually need volunteers, especially in these lousy economic times.As for the feeling that all the good art has already been done, it hasn’t. Art is screened through the eyes of one or several people, and everyone who comes to art has a different perspective. That’s part of the fun of it. There is room for your voice.I have bipolar disorder–going on 30 years–and you definitely do not have it. You want to make your mark on the world, so do it!Break a leg oo
Do the Christians in YOUR country abuse 2nd Kings 14:6 and Joel 3:10?
Q: The latest spiritual fad making the rounds in Fool Gospel Christianity is to say, “IT IS WELL!” as reply to any situation, and “I AM STRONG!” when one’s health is anything BUT-!The basis of these misquotations are:2nd KINGS 4:25.25. So she went and cameunto the Man of God to mount Carmel. And it came to pass, when the Man of Godsaw her afar off, that he said to Gehazihis servant, Behold, yonder is that Shunammite:26. “Run now, I pray thee, to meet her,and say unto her,”Is it well with thee?Is it well with thy husband?Is it well with the child?”And she answered, “It is well:”27. And when she cameto the Man of God to the hill,she caught him by the feet:but Gehazi came near to thrust her away.And the man of God said, “Let her alone;for her soul is vexed within her:and the LORD hath hid it from me,and hath not told me.”JOEL 3:10.10. “Beat your plowshares into swordsand your pruninghooks into spears:let the Weak say,’I am strong.’ “IF ALL HELL is breaking loose in your life, say, your spouse decamped, and took the car AND the dog, as well as your DVD collection, your kids have stopped smoking but started- well you get the idea. If someone asks “How are things with you?” you are supposed to respond: “IT IS WELL!”Also, if you are so deathly ill as not to be knocking on the Door of Death as taking a jackhammer to it, you are supposed to say, when people ask “How are you?” “I AM STRONG!”The REAL Biblical basis was that for SOME people, IT WORKED FOR THEM- because GOD was involved. If you know a 10-Talent Prophet like Elisha, and your only child happens to perform spontaneous retroactive abortion on himself, you are every bit justified in telling anyone who asks, “IT IS WELL!” because such a Man of God can FIX it.What I HATE about Christianity is that they spend thousands of hours studying the heroes of the Old Testament- Moses, Joshua, Samson, Gideon, David, and so on, pass a dark alley on the way home, and a single junkie with a baseball bat is the last thing they remember about that week! In my country, this is very serious, because this is one of the places on Earth where you can get literally killed just for being a Christian in the wrong state.I have tried to organize MINYAN groups to create defenses and resolutions to problems, but got nowhere, because the Pavlovian endorphin drunkards that our Christians have become, don’t want nto hear anything contrary to saying that the Fool’s Paradise Matrix they live in in JUST FINE. Now, my “IT IS WELL!” co-worker has just rushed to Lagos to attend her daughter who was in an accident on New Year’s Day, and just woke up on the 5th, which was when the eldest son saw fit to inform her. Her eldest daughter is currently pregnant, and her husband is also a co-worker, and they have decided NOT TO TELL HER about her own sister’s condition, because SHE COULDN’T TAKE IT. Despite being a Born Again Pentecostal Christian herself.These are the sort of testimonies that Fool Gospel Christians NEVER MENTION when they are telling Unbelievers how to live their lives, and how “I HAVE A GOD, WHO WILL NEVER FAIL!” “HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD-IN-HIS-HANDS!” This is NOT the sort of Christianity I teach others.
A: I doubt it since Christ fulfilled the Old Testament when he came.Also — Christian and Scientology, the two do not belong together. You are either a Christian or you are not. Scientology is a scam.
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