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What foods help out acne

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Eat lots of fresh natural fruits & vegetables for clear skin. Avoid highly processed foods & caffine & eat dairy in small amounts [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-foods-help-out-acne ]
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What foods help with acne?
Sorry, no foods are to blame. It’s hormonal and/or a bacterial infection of your oil glands due to hormonal changes in your body – if you are in your teens, early 20’s. I’ve been a dermatological nurse for a few years, and I myself, when I …
Does anyone know any foods to stay away from or any foods that he…?
sugar, milk, cheese, any candy except sugar free dark chocolate, gluten, pastas, fried foods, potatoes, green peas,any kind of fast food-these you should stay away from. Cantaloupe, kiwi, brazil nuts, grapes are all good for you, and salmon…
What foods help prevent acne
Fresh fruits and vegetables can help maintain healthy skin, but avoiding hydrogenated vegetable oils and other unhealthy foods help prevent the acne. ChaCha!

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What are the best foods for acne free skin?
Q: I’m 28 years old and still have occasional break outs. My skin is very oily but I take care of it religiously. I’m also taking a contraceptive to tame my break outs. I was just wondering what miracle foods are out there that could help keep my skin clear??? 🙂
A: lots of fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is awesome for your skin.
What are good foods for clear skin?
Q: Make me a list of foods that wil help aid in the removle of acne. Foods that are healthy and help out with muscle aid and skin and hair and nail growth. make as long as a list as possible please.
A: take a alpa lipoic supplementfruits and especially veggies helpalso drink a lot of water!
What foods cause acne? Can stress also cause it?
Q: Im 19 years old. And i have had perfect complexion my entire life. people have always complimented how pretty my skin is. But lately ive been breaking out a lot on my forehead and right around my hair line. What can i do. Washing my face doesnt do anything. Someone help please. My boyfriend gets back from the army in 2 weeks i dont want him to come back to this.
A: Anything greasy honestly, and stress causes alot of biological problems, but I doubt it’s the problem. Its apparently that grease from your hair is causing it (no offense, we all have it >_<)You have a few options, Try to cut down on greasy foods, keep your hair back, get a medication for it, pills, lotion, whatever. You should try all 3 honestly. Duac works wonders, overnight, just apply to the acne. Check out this site toohttp://www.acne.org/And a product that works wonders overnight:
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