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Why does a penny turn silver in zinc

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This chemical reaction plates the copper in the penny with zinc. This is called galvanization [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-a-penny-turn-silver-in-zinc ]
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Why does a penny turn silver in zinc
This chemical reaction plates the copper in the penny with zinc. This is called galvanization
Is a gold colored coating on a penny permanent, after heating whi…?
The gold color is because copper and zinc make brass. Depending on exactly how it was heated afterwards a number of things could’ve happened to make it darker again (such as oxidizing the copper).
What are the components of the 1980’s US pennies copper silver or…?
Beginning in mid-1982 the cent coins were changed to zinc with a thin copper coating. A silver cent would have cost over a dollar to manufacture at that time and probably nearly $2 by now!

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Turning a penny to silver and gold lab?
Q: In a lab we used zinc and NaOH to turn pennys from copper to a silver color and then into a gold color(brass). I need help on the questions though.What is an alloy? Is brass an alloy, or is it different? What do you think, and why?
A: An alloy is a combination between two or more metals surrounded by an electron cloud. Brass is an alloy because it is made up of copper metal and zinc metal.
For science class, I did a lab that involved placing a penny in an evaporating dish….?
Q: In the evaporating dish, there was water and zinc and sodium hydroxide pellets. I then put the evaporating dish on a hot-plate. My teacher asked us why the penny turned silver, once it was placed in the solution and I’m not sure why. Can you help, please? Why did the penny then turn golden after i placed it on a hotplate?What two metals were mixed in the making of the alloy?What is the name of the alloy that was prepared?
A: It sounds like the copper was plated with zinc (silver colour) . On heating the alloy “brass” was formed (golden colour). Brass is an alloy of copper & Zinc.
Quaetion is in the details. please i really need help.?
Q: ok my class did this experiment where we made a penny turn silver. it wasnt asctually silver, it was like fake sivler. then we took the “silver” penny and put it over a flame for about 30 seconds and then it had a goldish color. it was fake gold though.can anyone explain why the penny changed to those colors?…..to make the penny turn silver i think we used sodium hydroxide and zinc. and put the penny and the solution(sodium hydroxide and zinc) into a beaker and boiled the penny penny in the solution. after the penny was in there for about a minute the penny was silver.can anyone explain to me why this happened?thankss soooo much!!!
A: Sounds to me like you “plated” the zinc onto the penny and then burned it off in the flame.
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