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What foods increase a mans sperm count

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The priority is eating healthy foods! Some supplements that can help: Vitamin C,E, B12, Selenium, Zinc Arginine, Carnitine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-foods-increase-a-mans-sperm-count ]
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What foods or vitamins increase a mans sperm count
There are several kinds of ginseng and all of them have the effect of increasing sperm count. Orange is one of many fruits…MORE?
What Foods Increase Sperm Count?
・ Zinc is essential to the healthy production of sperm. A deficiency in this trace mineral can lead to… ・ Selenium is an antioxidant that can improve both the motility, shape and volume of sperm. Natural sources… ・ Eating foods high in …
Are there foods that increase sperm count?
There are several dietary measures that a man who has a low sperm count can take to attempt to increase his sperm count, including: * Eat a diet that includes whole, unprocessed foods. The best foods for health in general, and also for sper…

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What kind off foods are good for a man’s fertility?
Q: I just read a headline on the yahoo homepage that said soy based foods can lower a man’s sperm count. So It got me thinking, what kind of foods help increase a man’s sperm count?I’m in an internet cafe and hadn’t time to read the whole article
A: Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc that is good for a man’s sperm count. I’ve also read that just more fruits and vegetables in their diet can help higher it as well. That’s all I know on this subject but I’m sure there’s more, good luck!
what foods can i eat to increase fertility?
Q: we r trying for a baby. I heard along time ago the man can eat certain foods that will help sperm swim well etc and become stronger. any ideas?. ps my sperm count is fine by the way.
A: It not just about what you eat it. Reducing the amount of alcohol you consume can be very helpful to and it is something that can affect your sperm and her fertility. All the above suggestions are healthy options and eating a healthy diet will help you body be in the best condition possible for conception. However, there is no given answer. If you find you are trying for a long time go to your GP. What worked for us was we took the first day of my last period calulated the date two weeks from there and then for 4 days before and 4 days after this date we were trying – got it right first time both times!
What is the best food to be taken when trying to conceive?
Q: Hi, what kind of food should a girl take when she is tryingto conceive? Is there any veggie or fruits which can enhancethe chances of pregnancy??? For a man too, is there anyfood that increases there sperm count….
A: hi, Me too trying to conceive. Take more greens and take a Ferotex capsule every morning ( it includes Iron, Zinc, Folic acid and Vit B12) + you can take Foliline for Folic acid All the BestEyerum
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