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What is the best vitamin E oil for acne scars

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You can actually just by vitamin E capsules from the grocery store. Then just use a pin and poke a hole in them, and apply! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-vitamin-e-oil-for-acne-scars ]
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What’s better for acne scars? Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, shea butte…?
Hi there. I know what you mean…I have acne scars too and it brings down my self esteem. What I’m using right now is Colonial Dames 28,000 i.u. Vitamin E cream. This is probably one of the best vitamin e creams out there! I bought it on Am…
Is vitamin e beauty oil good for making acne scars that are now p…?
vitamin e is good, and green and black tea are good indrediants too. Most scar-fading gels are safe to use on any type of scar. Also try Mederna, that stuff worked great on my legs after a bad fall while horseback riding.
Which is better for acne scars? Vitamin E Oil or Bio Oil??
i just started this regimine 2 weeks ago: bio oil at night and cocoa butter in the morning. its been working pretty good so far.

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What Lotions/ Oils are best to reduce acne scars?
Q: I use Tea Tree Oil face wash morning n nite.With Witch Hazel in the morning n Cocoa Butter. N at nite i use with Vitamin E oil n Cocoa Butter.N still i get acne n scars? what am i doing wrong?should I be using Aloe Vera Lotion instead of Cocoa Butter?Not going to use Proactive. does not work for me. n off the counter like neutrogena n noxema n all that irritates my skin.Face Acne.. my bad.
A: I have two prescription medications and I rotate between the two. One is called MetroGel and it is a gel. The one that seems to work best though is called Akne Mycin, but it is a cream. The Akne Mycin cream is a bit obvious that you have white stuff on your face, and is best to wear overnight.The MetroGel is nice because it is not noticeable that you are wearing anything.Now, as for the scaring…I bought some body creme from Victoria Secrets and have been using it on my face. It has made my face look much smoother over the past few weeks! One time I put it on right after a hot shower when my pores were open and it stung a little, so I wet a wash-cloth and wiped it off some and the sting went right away. It smells fantastic and totally turns my husband on too! Anyways, it’s called Heavenly Body Creme by Dream Angels. The kind I’m using came in an 8.4 fl oz. container and says Shimmering Angel Whipped Body Cream. It has some sparkling to it. I haven’t found it online, but maybe if you went & asked your local store… Here is an address to some of their regular creme which may work better, I haven’t tried it. http://www2.victoriassecret.com/commerce/application/prodDisplay/?namespace=productDisplay&origin=onlineProductDisplay.jsp&event=display&prnbr=3C-199496&page=1&cgname=OSFRGBTHZZZ&rfnbr=2672&pn=false
What is the best product for acne and acne scars? (under $10)?
Q: besides:ProactivAcnefreeCetaphilmedermacocoa butterbio oilvitamin e oilplease give me products under 20 bucks that u can find in walmart, target, or walgreens. Products by neutrogena clean and clear, and clearasil. Please make sure they treat acne and acne scars and can be used by CHILDREN under the age of 12.
A: i can personally say Neutrogena Facial Washit doesnt automaticallly knock away ur pimples but it does keep them away for a LOONGG while.at least for me it doesthe only drawback is that it tends to overdry so maybe pick a small moisturizer too.btw im 13 & i used benzoyl peroxide its a bit too STRONG for my face. i reccomend salicylic acid
What is the best product out there for acne scars?
Q: What is the best product that can be used by children under the age of 12. Please give a product with fast results. PLEASE DONT SAY:MedermaVitamin E oilCocoa Butter
A: Try Putting Vaseline On It And SleepWake Up And It Should Be Gone :)Hope This Helps
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