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What is the blood disease when one bleeds easily

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A:Hemophilia is the blood disorder in which someone either clots easily or bleeds easily. Anything else? Just ask ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-blood-disease-when-one-bleeds-easily ]
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What is the blood disease when one bleeds easily
Hemophilia is the blood disorder in which someone either clots easily or bleeds easily. Anything else? Just ask ChaCha!

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Is this decent? Short Report on von Willebrand Disease?
Q: My sister said I plagiarized this which I KNOW I didn’t do. What do you think of it? I know it’s not perfect but besides that I tried really hard on this so please give me your opinions. I will give points if you tell me.. von Willebrand Disease, a serious bleeding disorder that slows the clotting process. Symptoms of this disease are prolonged bleeding, bruising easily, and frequent nosebleeds. The disease is caused by mutations in the VWF gene which is passed down through generations. The VWF gene is what provides instructions for making a blood clotting protein called the von Willebrand Factor. Without the von Willebrand Factor, blood clotting takes longer and prolonged bleeding can occur which could possibly cause higher chances of fatal injuries when exposed to dangerous obstacles such as those on the ESPN. This disease is divided into three types, 1, 2, and 31. Type one is the most mild case with 70%-80% of all cases diagnosed have. 2. Type two has 4 types including type 2N, 2M, 2A, and 2B3. Lastly type three is the least common and most severe form of von willebrand disease. In this type, bleeding becomes even more prolonged and bruising can also happen more easily even in the absence of injury.Von Willebrand disease is the most common genetic bleeding disorder. While it is not entirely known as how many cases there are, some studies have compared it to a 1 in 10,000 ratio while others estimate a shocking 1 in 100.There is sadly no cure for von Willebrand disease. Thankfully however the symptoms are bearable and most patients with this lead completely normal lives with little or no therapy whatsoever.Bibliographyhttp://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition=vonwillebranddisease
A: Your report and the website both used the words ” bleeding disorder that slows the blood clotting process” this is more than 5 words straight and I could imagine several different ways to say this. Thus this qualifies as plagiarism. Also, the report isn’t very good. I would bust you for plagiarism if I was your teacher.
Do I have schizophrenia?
Q: Ever since I was 10 years old, I have had some of the symptoms. Sometimes I will feel as if I am on top of the world, and other days I will want to do nothing, go under the covers, and just listen to my music or sleep. <– apparently, that’s bipolar? idk. But anyways, the first time I had an episode of this disease is I was watching a movie with my parents. I felt like I was bleeding, (there was blood involved in the movie) I got really scared, and cried to my mom. She told me there was no blood, so I let it go. Recently I saw the movie Orphan, and she was stabbing the dad, I felt like I was being stabbed behind me. Usually when I am watching a scary movie, I feel like I am being hurt in some way. I also feel like people are behind me, or stalking me. One time I heard someone outside say the n*gger word, and I went downstairs and asked my parents if they heard it, they said no. One time I was watching a TV show late at night, I heard voices, but it wasn’t the TV. I turned it off, and I was okay. I turned the TV back on, went under the covers, and I thought I saw someones hands coming out at me, like they were trying to grab me. Nutrition is a very big deal with me, I won’t eat unless I am REALLY starving. Unless,of course(;, I am bored as hell. I’m 5’0, 13 years young, and I weigh 100 pounds. I have GAD, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, learning disorders, especially Dyscalculia. I hate bathing, and for some reason, I like the smell of body odor? My mom would wash my hair in the sink, and when I actually do smell good I get nervous, and sweat, which leads to BO. When I do see things, it’s usually out of the corner of my eye, and when I look it’s gone. One time I saw a “cat on the street at night, and my dad didn’t see it. I’m a bit of a pervert, I talk about sexual things, I laugh when people are yelling at me in a serious way ESPECIALLY my mom, like if someone is crying I will laugh realllly hard. I can’t help it, like when my friend fell off her bike in 5th grade, I laughed because I thought she said something about vanilla ice cream, and she was like “it’s not funny.” I guess she thought I was laughing about her falling. One time this girl was doing a presentation, I started bursting out laughing for no reason at all. It’s hard for me to cry, unless I get really hurt or anxious I will feel like people are out to get me. I laugh at nothing, everything, and anything. I’m a bit of a spaz attack, and I get annoyed and pissed off easily. I have ideas and thoughts of killing people, sometimes I want to step on people until there face gushes out blood. I’ve had that idea since I was about 9 years old, I’m pretty sure. I just want to know if that is the case or I am just ill? Idk. HELP?Btw ;; I used to cut myself, and I think I’m fat and I’ve tried to not eat for a while. I have exercised to the point where I got very dizzy, and my whole body hurt. I’ve looked at myself in the mirror before, and hated what I saw. I have a counselor, i’m going to talk to her about all of this sooner or later when I have the guts to, haha.
A: only a dr can tell you that
Carnage Curiosity- a poem from me. I would love Feedback and Response to this!?
Q: Title: Carnage Curiosity “What you are shrieks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.” Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson.”Please someone help me!!!” You scream endlessly. It’s a bloody murder, But I think you forgot. Like they all do the victimless innocent Insolent’s. That people like me, well the monsters. We’ve got no morals nor laws to abide with or against. For we are to our own accordance pronounced gods by name and religion. A deity now shush my muse for its time, for procedure. With of course the necessities of essentials precaution. My tools that work for the beauty of the killed mute and make art. We have an affair as we weaver our words into your wounds..Your in the cutting room closed off sound proofed. Don’t breathe in those silence tears. Begging with a sorrow so pretend it hurts. Your own forgiveness pleads don’t put wreckage to my souls condemnations owned. My planned examination won’t be stopped. By your pathetic attempts failed in blood shed.. For I shall play the doctor and you, the patient. Without painkillers I will fix you up prettily. Repair the endangerment you in forced on yourself. For I am the Savior to your fuck yours. You’re a virus an infectious disease. That we wouldn’t want to spread but dispense of clean. Bleeding out the loss…Bone dry, and blood lusting I will do justice with my arsenal of weapons. For they are true perfection lethal but effective. Let’s see that anatomy of morbid curiosity. Now don’t get desperate for help has come. In my cruelty and your survival strategy for don’t you see I am your rescue a heroic. You’re the mess, revoltingly disgusting, the carnage is just my self indulgence undoing,. My malice mangling for I cannot help but be vicious to those that won’t succumb to my will. I will break and bend you. You might say your obscenities that I am soulless, and a serial psychopath. I agree with you darling dear, of my murderous attain. But I am untouchable as you are mine, a sweet prayer sacrificed. Breakable easily caught in a prison with a death sentence by extreme measures. Your screams echo in the blood dripping from your opened wounds. So unsavory for this pain a one last task stabbing. You, will once again remain silenced with pupils dialed and blue lips with a ghostly white appearance.. Delicate. In those cold muted words you ask for something but I am unreachable to the deaf of you. ..I am leaving you like you wanted, alone. You asked me “Where has my humanity gone?” It was never there to support me, so it wasn’t there at all to being with. Good bye my lovely girl. This was fun to bad we couldn’t have met again. Maybe next time you would be more quieter.. When I was performing the surgery. For free as I have liberator you now.. a ghost.to be.And Me, you may ask I am just the walking shadow wandering aimlessly…Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me about this piece of poetry..
A: i like it even though its a little gory 😀
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