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When was the first mason jar made

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In 1858, John Landis Mason developed and patented a shoulder-seal jar with a zinc screw cap. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-was-the-first-mason-jar-made ]
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When was the first mason jar made
In 1858, John Landis Mason developed and patented a shoulder-seal jar with a zinc screw cap. ChaCha!

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Q: To give you a basic idea of my situation, I’ll describe it as detailed as possible. I need legitimate legal advice from a professional or someone who has experience with this.Last week I parked a rental car in front of the house across the street from my friend’s house. The rental car was signed in the name of my Dad, but I was just using it for the night. I accidentally left the car unlocked and when I woke up in the morning, some of the items inside were missing. I assumed my car had been broken in to, but the contents of the vehicle are more important to the issue at hand. Stolen from the car was a small bong, a blackberry phone that has a lock code on it, and about $110 dollars and a gram of weed inside of a mason jar. These were all on the ground of the passenger seat where the passenger left them, except for the blackberry which was in the side pocket of the car. I was really suspicious because it seemed like the ‘thief’ had been very picky about what they stole, for they left untouched a wallet and some dollar bills that were in clear view. Also, in the glove compartment was a bit more paraphernalia, but that was also left untouched.I just assumed that it was a regular car break in, and I moved on. None of the items were that significant to me to worry about.However, recently my dad said that he received a phone call that was confirming that the rental car he had turned in was in his name. And he confirmed that. Later, he received another call notifying him that there had been drugs found in the car. I know for a fact that these substances were not found when he returned the car to the rental company, because I made sure to check it thoroughly for any kind of material.The person who called my dad said they were investigating the situation but are not providing him with full details.Also, they merely asked him if he knew anything about it and said that a few kids from the surrounding high schools had been arrested and that it was an ongoing case. However, I did not go to school around the area that this happened and I am not really around there much anyways.I guess my question is what could happen next?I am wondering if the police can enter a car without the owner’s presence for any reason, and if they can remove anything from the car if they were to find it without notifying the owner first. I feel like this would need a warrant or something of the sort.Also, even if they were legally allowed to enter the car because they may have seen the paraphernalia (creating justifiable reason to enter the car), could they use the evidence against me or my father, considering we were not in the car at the time and therefore there is no proof that we knew about the paraphernalia or that it was ours.Also, if it was a police officer, wouldn’t they have checked and removed the paraphernalia from the glove compartment?I want to consider all options since the situation seems blurry anyways. I’m considering that perhaps the neighbor (who’s house I had parked in front of legally) could have seen the items when they were walking by the car and called the police then. Or if they could have entered the car, removed the items, then called the police in order to notify them of this activity.Finally, the option I’m hoping for most is that my father is making up the phone calls in order to get me to confess that i’ve used weed before.I am 18 years of age and I live in Arizona, if that will help you understand the law better.Ask any further questions by emailing me or asking in comments. I really need good advice because I want to see how much trouble I could be in or if I could get in trouble at all for this.Thanks!Mr. Goodhi- I agree with this, but would it really be valuable for them to remove the items and then attempt to figure out who they belonged to?Just because the car was signed in the name of my father does not make him the owner of everything in that car, nor does it make him responsible for items in the car.I only say this because I would assume that the police would want to know who the owner of the paraphernalia was.Any further details?Mikey-I guess I wasn’t as clear as I had hoped to be.My question is if this situation is worth me worrying about or if it will most likely be dropped. Also, if the police did confiscate those items, wouldn’t I be allowed to receive my phone back?If this is the work of law enforcement, I don’t understand why they would take the phone anyways, unless they were planning on going through the phone to look for more proof.But are they not required to notify my father or myself if they removed the phone from the vehicle?
A: If the items were in “plain view” from outside the car, the police could enter it and get it. But that is all they could go after. They couldn’t search the rest of the car which means they probably didn’t look in the glove box.
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