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Why cant you have more then one daily vitamin a day

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Taking similar vitamin products together can result in a vitamin overdose or serious side effects. Many multivitamin products also contain minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Mineral OD can be serious. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-cant-you-have-more-then-one-daily-vitamin-a-day ]
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Why cant you have more then one daily vitamin a day
Taking similar vitamin products together can result in a vitamin overdose or serious side effects. Many multivitamin products also contain minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Mineral OD can be serious.

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I have a few questions about dieting and calories…?
Q: Okay, so here is the thing. I have previously worked at LA Weight Loss for 2 years and worked at a gym for a year. So I know the “proper” way to lose weight. You need to eat often, small meals and healthy food. Losing 2 lbs a week at most. Along with being active. I get that. However, I was in a car accident almost 2 years back that up until 8 months ago when I completed psychical therapy, I could do any working out. Before the accident I was 125lbs. I was 205 at my highest weight due to being sedentary, upset and eating bad. My fault, I know. :(Anyway, I am getting married in 2.5 months. I want to feel good about myself and like how I look in the photos. Which I will need about 30 more pounds off, or more if I can. I am 5’2 and almost 25. So here is my deal: I did a lot of internet research on calories. The min and max. How low is too low and at what calories that your body will go into starvation mode and so on. I read that just above starvation, depending on the person can be anywhere from 400-700 calories. A lot of people say no less than 1200 calories and to lose no more than 1-2lbs per week. And the only reasons I found of why you shouldn’t do very low calories diets and lose fast was being deprived of vitamins and nutrients, that you are losing water and muscle, not fat.. or once you get the weight off you gain it right back because you binge and cant control yourself then gain even more and so on. Starvation mode can also be triggered by if your body is used to 3000 calories a day and you all of a sudden drop to 1000, yeah its a shock. you need to ease into it. Before I dropped my calories, I was around 1200-1300. So I did not jump into it.I also found out that Dr’s do 800 calorie diets for people. But it is monitored. Those people are also 300-400 lbs. Someone of that weight needs more than someone of my weight. So here is what I have been doing for 2 weeks. I am staying between 850-1000 calories a day. I am taking Women’s One A Day multivitamin (and I also have a calcium supplement and Flintstone vitamin everyday, Lol) Here is what I eat: 2 servings of lean proteins, 2 servings of starches, 3 fruits, 4 veggies, 2 dairies and 1 fat. (this is the LA Weight Loss diet) However, I am choosing very low calorie items. Instead of a banana which is 110 calories, I will have strawberries for 35 calories. I eat healthy fats with omega 3 and 6. Basically I make every single calorie count and I never consume an “empty” calorie. I also have good carbs. I make my own bread and I can eat straight grains and oats. I eat nothing processed except my dairy as I basically have no choice. I also watch my fiber intake and get my recommended daily or very close to.I am very aware and concerned for my body. I do not want to hurt it and I am not looking to get attention. When I did my research I looked up symptoms of being malnourished and “starving” and the symptoms were constant head ache, dizziness, being very tired and irritable. Also hair falling out and all. So here is my thinking: I am getting more nutrients than someone who eats nothing for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch and Taco Bell for dinner. So to me, it seems better to eat 1000 calories of very healthy food verses junk and getting no nutrients and tons of fat. I think its crazy that people get criticized for not eating enough calories, even though they are healthy calories. But what about those eating too much EMPTY calories? Way worse in my book. I also drink AT LEAST a gallon of water everyday and I work out at the gym for close to 2 hours. 1 hour of cardio and then I go to the weight room for 45min and stretch for 15min. I have a friend from the gym I worked at that is a personal trainer. I have been speaking with him about all this. And he said that everyone’s body is and can be different. To just really monitor myself and if I get those symptoms, to eat more. He thinks I am fine, especially doing it for such a short period. He says I am doing it in the best way possible and being as healthy as I can about it. Because there are TONS of Americans who eat 1 meal a day and its fast food and barely take in any fluids or vitamins! Well let me tell you… I feel awesome! I am more alert, happy, very energetic, I sleep really well and never wake up tired. I have never felt better! So I think I am okay. I never feel thirsty or too hungry. I usually eat before I feel hunger. I eat 4-5 small meals a day. I Kinda snack all day really. 2 weeks ago I was 185 and today I am 171. So it’s working. No negative symptoms. So my question is this: Is there something I am missing? Again, I looked up all the “dangers” of a low calorie diet. Not getting the vitamins I need… well between the multivitamin and healthy eating, I’m fine right? And as far as losing just water weight, I drink plenty and I also urinate often and its always clear. So it’s not water weight right? Plus I feel great. So am I doing myself right? I’m not sMy fats usually consist of Olive Oil, Avacados, Fish, or Nuts and I also do take a fish oil supplement. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Thanks for that answer. I get what your saying, but I still feel its better then someone eating 1200 calories of junk. So judging someones nutrient intake by just calories is not right. But yes, I will look into a high quality vitamin, Thanks! :)Oh and my multi has 100% vitamin D, calcium and iron. Plus I have 2 dairiesa day. Usually a yogurt and 8oz of milk. And a calcium supplement which I previously stated. I think I’m okay in that department 🙂
A: I answered your question yesterday, but for some reason, it would not post (Yahoo! Answers is currently unavailable…)First of all, let me tell you that it’s nice to get a question in Diet and Fitness, where the Asker actually knows what she’s talking about! You did your research on good nutrition and proper exercise. I’m sorry you had a car accident, I’m 125lbs myself and I know this could happen tomorrow for me, not being able to exercise and gaining one pound a week! Then on top of having to deal with healing and physical therapy, now you have to tackle the almighty weight loss.Usually, people use the “avoid the starvation mode” at around 1,200 calories, which would be good for an average woman like me. That number is your BMR, the Basal Metabolic Rate, before exercising.(The BMR for women is the weight in kg x 7.18 + 795 and for men, it’s the weight in kg x 10.2 + 879).A 200lbs women would have a BMR of 1,450 calories, so I’d say you’re short of a meal or about 450 to 600 calories.Now, my BMR is 1,200 calories…If I eat 1,200 calories, I maintain my weight.If I eat 1,200 calories and exercise, I lose weight (one pound for every 3,500 calories of exercising).If I eat 1,600 calories and exercise, I maintain my weight (providing that I do an average of 400 calories/exercising a day).If I eat 1,600 calories and do not exercise, I will gain weight (about 3 pounds/month!!).I would never, ever, ever eat under my BMR, on purpose, even in the healthiest way, because then my amazing body will adapt to lower calories requirements. It’s not really the starving stage yet, where the body is eating the muscle mass because there’s no fat reserves left, but once you have a lower metabolism, you will never, ever be able to eat normally again and not gain weight. Besides, I’d rather have a cup of milk than suck on a calcium chewable!!Even if I eat 1,600 calories and exercise, I still use multivitamins (One-A-Day) and vitamins E and sometimes some extra calcium if feel I did not get enough that day. There are two things in your question that I want to get out of the way.First, you’re getting married and you want to lose weight to look nice on the pictures…what does your fiancé think about that idea? Was he already your fiancé when you were 125lbs or did he came up later. Some guys are attracted to big girls and will lose interest as you lose the pounds. Other guys will be attracted to skinny girls, skin and bones variety, and would lose interest if they gain 10 pounds. Whatever they say about your “personality” guys are really into body types (have you ever seen Johnny Depp with anybody other than very thin women?).Second, you say and I quote “I feel awesome! I am more alert, happy, very energetic, I sleep really well and never wake up tired. I have never felt better!”I felt the exact same way when I did a 10 days fast. Nothing but water. No nutrients, nothing. Then my body could free itself from the constant demands of digestion and elimination and therefore the mind was free to focus on thinking. In 10 days, I won a Chess Tournament, I learned a one-year course (accounting) and ace the exam and also I memorized the entire book about driving and got my license at my first try (I’m French and the driving exam is WAY harder than in the US and you rarely succeed the first time .I did not have to go to lunch so I would go swimming instead, full of energy, as you said, alert and happy. Healthy food did not do that to me, lack of food did. So you might just feel great because you don’t have to digest so much. But this cannot lasts forever. At one point, you’ll need to eat more and under 1,200 calories, eating healthy is still a real challenge to get everything you need and not get hungry. I have no idea how you can manage to eat less than 1,000 calories and not be hungry or frustrated because all the good stuff are out of limit. Food should be a source of enjoyment, not something you’re trying to avoid at all costs. Food is not only for the body, it’s also for the soul and you need a treat from times to times.I agree with you, it’s not just about the calories but what your body needs. I could eat a Big Mac for lunch and one for dinner, and therefore meet my calories requirements for the day, while at the save time, clogging my arteries and setting the field for my heart attack or stroke.About the 1 or 2 pounds loss/week. It’s not about water gain or water loss or muscle mass gain, it’s about fat reserves loss through exercising. You need to eat your BMR and then exercise for whatever you need to lose, knowing that each pound of fat reserves is 3,500 calories. A 500 calories exercising daily would then make you lose one pound of fat reserves a week . This is already a lot of exercising (about 2 hours walking or 1h30 bicycling). You can exercise for 4 hours and aim for a 2 pounds fat reserves loss. Above that, you would have to be on vacation somewhere where you walk all day long, bicycle a lot, swim in the ocean and participate in a water polo game in the pool, do some trapeze, yoga and dance lessons and a lot of scuba diving and horse riding and dance all night in the night club!I don’t know how long you will last doing what you’re doing now. It’s a question of commitment and you seem to be very committed but I’m afraid eating under your BMR will doom you for a life of very low calories diets and exercising or easy weight gains, because your body won’t need so much anymore.You will still be healthy is you stay on a low calories diet (in fact low calories diets make you live longer) but you’ll miss out on one of the pleasure in life…gastronomy!I wish you the best and happy nuptials!
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