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What foods can you eat to increase fertility

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It appears that zinc plays an important part for both men & women’s fertility. Zinc promotes fertility & good ovulation in women. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-foods-can-you-eat-to-increase-fertility ]
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What foods can i eat to increase fertility?
It not just about what you eat it. Reducing the amount of alcohol you consume can be very helpful to and it is something that can affect your sperm and her fertility. All the above suggestions are healthy options and eating a healthy diet w…
Are There Any Specific Foods I Can Eat To Increase Fertility??
Be sure to start by taking pre-natal vitamins while you are trying to conceive and stay on them during your pregnancy. Fertility foods for women: Tea – Green tea and orange pekoe tea are both excellent fertility enhancers. Tea contains a hi…
How to Increase Fertility with Foods and Supplementation?
・ 1 Get some ground flaxseed and add 1 tsp to start to your smoothies, salads, oatmeal, or homemade granola… ・ 2 Eat fatty fish (wild) salmon at least 3 times a week. Also take at least 4 fish oil a day from a good… ・ 3 Get a product fr…

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What kind of herbal supplements increase female fertility?
Q: My partner and I have been TTC for 2 years now. As you can imagine we’re both getting pretty down about how long it’s taking. I was just wondering if there are any supplements or foods I can eat to increase my fertility. We are both very interested in taking the natural route to conceiving first rather than fertility medication. My doctor suggested evening primrose oil to make my cervical mucous more susceptible to his sperm. I’ve been taking it for two months now and I really can see a difference in the quality of it; it’s less sticky and more slippery like it should be. Plus it does help a little bit with my PMS. I keep track of when I ovulate and we have intercourse usually a day or so before and a day after as we were told to do so. Just a little info: I have mild endometriosis that was mostly removed during a laparoscopy last October. Do you have any more suggestions or ideas?yes it it up to god to decide whether or not i get pregnant. but i have complete faith that he will. this is what he wants me to do…my calling. i’m supposed to be a mother! this is something i fast for regularly! he has put it in my heart to seek natural help 🙂
A: You can try Semen Fertility SupplementsSemen enhancement supplements are all natural, work naturally with your body, and target the biggest symptom of infertility – an inability to have voluminous, high quality semen. With semen enhancement products you can naturally increase your semen without any nasty side effects. The naturally derived ingredients ensure you will not have any dangerous side effects, even if you are overweight or suffer from a chronic illness. Semen enhancement products are completely safe to use, even if you are not healthy. The ingredients naturally work with your body to increase semen quality and volume, resulting in a bigger, more satisfying load.Hope to hear a good news from you lol-Michael
How to choose gender of your child? or have multiples?
Q: Has anyone tried certain ‘tricks’ to determine what gender baby you want to have? I have read that there are certain times of the month, specific foods to eat, positions, etc that you can try if you want a boy or girl. Or even ways to increase your fertility to up the odds of having multiples. Has anyone ever tried this and been successful?? Just curious if anything works!!SARAH*** yeah NOT a control freak thank you. I was just curious if anyone has ever tried this. And we have 3 girls, so yes, i would love to increase my odds of having a boy.
A: You could get the sperm spun.Don’t know how much that would cost but that is the only way you can get what you want without taking a chance of getting either. Yams increase your chances of concieving twins because it increases fertility.
do you think i should push for treatment based on my symptoms, hypothyroidism, details inside?
Q: ok so ive been feeling down recently, not emotionally, im a rock upstairs, but physically run downin the last year ive put on a huge amount of weight, and i know i dont exercise enough and i eat a little too much (or used to) but the last time i lost weight i was eating maybe 500 calories a day and my job involved 6 hours a night of essentially cardio workouts and even then i didnt lose much.i decided to go to the doctor because i had tried dieting and exercise again to no avail so i went to see what help i could get. she took a history to which i provided to following symptoms (some answers were prompted by her, they are all true, but some i dont notice without thinking on it)sensetivity to cold (im used to working in a kitchen, followed by long stints in the walk in freezer) now i get shivery if the wind blowsweight gain as discussed abovelow energylack of desire to eat, infact if i dont eat breakfast, i can go about 2 days without any food before feeling hungry (my blood sugar is normal, as is my cholesterol)low sex drive (my testosterone came out as low, havent had it rechecked yet, but ive gone from having or desiring sex at least once a day to not really wanting sex at all… im 22 and ive gone off sex!!!) its not a performance issue btw it still works fine, i just have no desire for it.inability to sleep, and then when i do sleep, i find it incredibly difficult to wake up again.muscle weakness, now i know im overweight and out of shape, but i get cramp going up stairs, my hands cramp opening a tin of beans, ive lost no muscle mass but i cant lift or carry the same amounts anymore and i tire very easily.now my TSH level was 4.6 which if you dont know is .4 below the “treatment” stage (tsh is the indicator to how much of a kicking your thyroid needs to start working, the higher the number, the more effort it takes to get it to turn on)my t4 level was “normal” so she said, but she would have to watch my tsh to see if anything developsnow considering that since the last blood test on record had a normalish tsh and the huge weight gain (im talking 100lbs in 12 months with no considerable change in diet/lifestyle) that to me shouts “hypothyroidism” but she suggested that the low testosterone may be to blame.now im no doctor, but my testosterone was 9 point something, and 10 is normal whereas my tsh is 4.6 gone up alot in the last year, blood relatives with thyroid conditions, and all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, surely that seems a more likely diagnosis? anyway if ive gained weight of course my testosterone will be low, thats why fat people have low fertility… i weight 24 stones at 6 foot tall! i actually make scales say error or the dial do a complete circle (dont laugh lol, ok ill let you laugh) of course there will be other problems, but surely treating for the symptoms is a good idea i mean, its either gonna work, or its not, right? i mean thats diagnostics at its simplest, surely starting at a low 50mg of thyroxine wouldnt cause any harmful side effects? if the symptoms show signs of improvement then increase the dose as necessary, if no improvement in symptoms or the TSH then sure, keep looking…am i right in demanding treatment based on the symptoms and the evidence provided above? i cant survive like this much longer im too damn fat, too damn tired, and if i dont get my sex drive back, my relationship with my fiancee is going to take a hit… shes hornier than a dog in heat!i await your responses,a valid point about the “fat” dietingi got a little fat, so i exercised, my job took up my whole life so i didnt get time to eat (never been one to remember to eat… go figure! a fat guy who doesnt get hungry!) i have tried eating balanced meals at regular intervals to no avail.and fyi, i dont like processed foods, i really love vegetables and as a chef i regularly cook proper food, and when im too busy my fiancee or parents make sure i eat right (cause they know what im like)
A: Firstly no one can, or indeed should, demand any treatment that their physician does not feel appropriate. To make a confirmed diagnosis of hypothyroidism requires 3 criteria in most cases, a raised TSH, a low T4 and a positive thyroid antibody. Though of course it does occur in men, it is also much more common in women. It is also the case that in most patients these days who do get a hypothyroid diagnosis, even when levothyroxine is given it makes no difference to the patients weight, as this is usually unrelated to the thyroid disease.
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