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Will it cover scars and stuff

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Yes! This is a great way to diminish the look of scars, especially acne scars that usually look worse with makeup! ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-it-cover-scars-and-stuff ]
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Will it cover scars and stuff
Yes! This is a great way to diminish the look of scars, especially acne scars that usually look worse with makeup! ChaCha on!

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what should i get by Dermablend that will cover up my scars?
Q: i have horrbile long dark scars on my legs and wrist. i heard dermacare works very well. i am black. so i know i need the darker ones. but there is a thing where its severe fondation and then theres one for moderate fondation for legs and body.which one should i get???and also if you have used this product…does it work well well to cover up stuff because i wanna be able to wear skirts and capris and t-shirts again.
A: My friend (dark-skinned African American) uses Dermablend Chroma 7 Cover Creme with the setting powder and he loves it. He had to get skin grafts to his scalp and they never darkened up like the rest of his skin. He has been using Dermablend for over a year and loves it. It’s good to see him out without a hat on and looking good! It DOES rub off though if touched so make sure you wear darker clothes.
Foundation or concealers that will cover up my acne scars!!! help ;)?
Q: I’ve had acne since i was 9/10- and i’m now 15. I’ve tried heaps of different over the counter stuff, but everything is useless. I’ve been taking prescribed meds for 3/4yrs– and it works pretty good. I still break out and i have some pimples on my face mainly when STRESSED. But anyway, i have a LOT of red scarring and some indentations on my face. I can’t seem to find make-up that actually covers the scars properly and that doesn’t look completely weird and fake.. Does anyone know of any foundations or concealers that have worked??? I CANNOT leave the house without wearing makeup my scars are SO GROSS AND RED!! i wouldn’t wear any make at all if i had great skin which i obviously don’t cry 🙁 SO what are some good makeup im desperate i just want great looking skin im using that st.Ives apricot scrub and it works pretty good, my skin looks a lot more healthier and refreshed!! but still any foundation or concealers please.
A: I really suggest you go on acutane. (intense prescription brand) it requires blood work though and you go on for 6 months at a time. . 🙁 I have done one course and it has worked wonders for my skin. I will be doing another course this month for another 6 months because i dont want scars when I am 20. look it up or talk to your doctor next time you go in because it is wonderfulllll!I also suggest bare minerals to help your skin. It is really the best to help with your skin but it is not as great as using concealer. I understand wanting the coverage right away but try to think what is best for your skin. For a concealer though i really like chanel. It is expensive but it works! and it lasts about 6 months!I hope I helped ! 🙂
I have some bad surgery scars on my leg and abdomen but tattoos cover them. Will chicks care? Honestly?
Q: I broke up with my GF six months ago and I want to start dating. I am 25 and have not been with anyone besides her since I was 20. Even before then I didn’t have much experience with women. I am a decent looking guy and I work out so I am lean and 6’0 and 185 lbs, but I have one issue: I have some nasty surgery scars (long stories, injuries, burns and an illness) on my leg, hip and stomach. My scars are covered with tattoos (60% of my skin is covered with plans for more) and I have a great artist but it still bothers me. The idea of dating is weird. I hardly ever take my shirt off and when I do I get a million questions about my tattoos, my scars and it makes me uncomfortable. I used to be really confident but my ex said some mean things about the way I look. It was so bad I won’t repeat it but I will say it left me with a complex about my body. I can’t get over this awkward feeling when I meet new women. I feel like my face is ok looking but I dread getting undressed. I don’t know if I should warn a new lady or deal with “OMG! What happened there?” when she sees. How do I break the news? Just say “By the way, I have some huge scars and lots of tattoos just so you know…”? Or do chicks even care about this stuff? Is the old adage “chicks dig scars” true? Or is it just something they say to make a dude feel better? If a guy is good looking and a good person would most ladies care? Would it be a turnoff? Or a turn on?I am young and healthy and I feel like I should be enjoying life. I don’t like to talk about the past. It was really painful and I survived and I am physically fine now and I just want to move on. I want to date but I am scared women will be grossed out by my scars and they will want the whole story behind them that I really don’t care to share. Most chicks would get very grossed out knowing all the gory detail. It’s hard to talk about what I have been through. How do I get over these fears? And do I have anything to worry about when it comes to women seeing my body? LADIES: If a guy’s body is nice and he’s got great tattoos would you CARE if he had some crazy looking scars? And would you care if he didn’t really want to go too much in depth explaining them all?
A: stop putting yourself down.. you sound like a guy decent guy… and yes chicks do dig scars.. lol.. i was checking out a guys scars on a movie the other night..lol. i personally wouldn’t care about the scars, and if asked about them cum up with sum really interesting and funny story… the boyfriend i had in highschools dad had huge scars on his stomach from a fire, i asked him about it one day and he told me he was attacked by a shark… i knew he was lying and knew he didn’t want to talk about it so i left it at that.. but always asked him how the fish were biting when he got back from a surf…lol… i think your being too paranoid about it. and have made it bigger deal in your head than it actually is.. a girl won’t care when she sees how good of a guy you are.. and you said you work out too.. is that trying to compensate for the scars.. i hope you manage to get over this because you might being miss out alot while you busy worrying about this.. good luck and i wish you all the best..xo
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