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Can you use alcohol on acne to get rid of it faster

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Apply a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid topical cream on the pimple. If the spot is under the skin surface and hurts when touched, use benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic Acid should work well for all other acne spots. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-use-alcohol-on-acne-to-get-rid-of-it-faster ]
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Can you use alcohol on acne to get rid of it faster
Apply a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid topical cream on the pimple. If the spot is under the skin surface and hurts when touched, use benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic Acid should work well for all other acne spots. ChaCha

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How to get rid of acne?
Q: Alright so the title pretty much says my problem. I’ve looked up a lot of things to help with acne online but most of what I’ve read has to do with general acne..so i was thinking of asking advice for my specific skin type.First off, I’m a 15 (almost 16) year old male. I have oily skin and I break out along my cheeks mostly. I’m not overweight, weighing about 150 pounds, and i do atleast somewhat. Ive made curing..or just getting rid of what i can of it my basic goal. I try to stay away from the basic oily and fatty foods, in fact, there’s a bad of Lay’s potato chips in my kitchen right now..but I’m resisting them. I don’t eat fast food much and I watch out for foods with high total and saturated fats..and I try to eat healthy. I’ve also started drinking more water. I bring a water bottle around with me at school and i drink atleast 2 liters a day. I use a natural soap in the shower..i forgot what it’s called but it removes the oils from my face and doesn’t dry it out too much anymore. I used to use a topical cream called “Duac” and it used to work for me..but now it seems like i just break out more if i apply it over areas that i haven’t already..so i stopped using it. Ohh. And my pimples are…uhh..”blotchy”. Sorry if that sounds a little gross. I mean.. i get small ones..but then i get a big one… And i do get a few blackheads. Recently Ive been using rubbing alcohol on some of my pimples as an experiment and..well.. I don’t think its done much. I might try using toothpaste..Ive heard it works and i tried it on a small pimple and it went away pretty fast actually. I take a Ester-C pill tablet, a Magnesium and a Multivitamin table every day. I try not to touch my face and i wash my hands and use hand sanitizer often. Any tips or advice would be very helpful..even if you don’t think it is. Also my face seems to be red alot from irritation..Thanks :)Ohh. and Im planning on visiting my dermatologist again.Thanks 🙂 does anyone else have any tips about acne? and how to help stop it?
A: Ok you and I have some things in common (besides the dietary supplement and food watch). You and I break out in the same area – our cheeks. I even thought of using hydrogen peroxide (rubbing alcohol) on my skin once too but never did. I also read that it is a myth to think that eating fatty food causes break outs and that toothpaste help to alleviate symptoms. Like you, I thought I had oily skin too. I mean we all associate oily skin with acne right? So I followed the advice of online dermatologist and other professionals by purchasing all these acne products for oily skin. What I found is that firstly, acne solution is a NOT a one size fits all solution. It truly depends on skin type, pH balance, etc, etc. What works for one does not for another. I’ve tried lemon treatment, Clean and Clear, Biore toner, Lancome creme cleanswers, ProActiv,etc, Clinique Acne treatment, etc. What these products did was aggravate my condition further. The problem is that I have an oily T zone with very dry cheek zone; therefore, drying it out further only exacerbated the problem. I quit using astringents and any acne products (as they are more drying) and I have increased my moisturizer. I’ve noticed lately that my skin has been responding very well to the balance. I knew I had dryer cheek areas because I’d moisturize at night and by morning my cheeks are completely dried out. But now I have hardly any breakouts and my little bumps (white heads) are disappearing. Contrary to popular belief, dry skin can cause break outs due to dead skin cells flaking and clogging pores. Remember too that acne is a hormonal issue and that there is NO cure for it but all products out there only offers to control the symptoms. You mentioned redness and irritation. It may be due to your treatments and/or cleansers. All these treatments seem to work at first (like your Duac) but after awhile, the dryness will make the skin erupt. You never know, your cheeks might be dry like mine and you probalby have combination skin. Now, I just use Clinique Rinse off Cream Cleanser (had great reviews on clearing acne but it’s not an acne product and not overly drying) and a moisturizer. That’s it…and my skin is reacting to it better. Perhaps it’s the balance that my skin needed…my solution is mainly for those with dry cheeks/combination skin with mild to moderate acne.
What are ways of getting rid of acne?
Q: I have acne one my nose,forehead,few on my left cheek.I used acne-free products,toothpaste,and maybe tried to pop them and wash it with alcohol.And each time some go away,more come in.Some of them are worse,some aren’t.I don’t eat lots of fast food(Burger King,KFC,etc) and i heard stress can give you acne and I get lots of stress thanks to my class(You don’t want to meet them).All I want to know is ways of changing my ways of getting rid of it,what i should start and stop doing,and thing I should do it gets worst(No get new products,I want natural non-commercial homemade remedies).
A: Mix some lemon juice and rose water in a small bowl and apply it on your pimples, ONLY YOUR PIMPLES, over night. It will burn a little. When you wake up in the morning, your pimples will reduce. Photo therapy or blue-light therapy is an increasingly common form of treating facial or body acne. It uses light that interact with peripheries in skin bacteria to reduce bacteria production and rectify acne. Many dermatologists use this form of treatment in a clinic setting, but it can be costly and time consuming. Health Canada recently approved a new product that has the same therapeutic effect, but it can be administered by the individual. Get plenty of sleep! They don’t call it “beauty-sleep” for nothing! Dab garlic juice on emerging and mature pimples Treat acne with benzoyl peroxide that is available in your local stores Disguise a pimple with eye-redness relieve eye drops by applying to a Q-tip and hold on pimple for about 10-15 seconds. Mix a packet of fast acting yeast with enough tea tree oil to make a paste. Spread over emerging pimple and cover with bandage & leave on overnight because yeast will cause the pimples to rise out of the skin while the tea tree oil attacks it. TC…
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