What do the pronounced ridges on my fingernails indicate about my health?

Q:I’ve heard that the state of one’s fingernails says a lot about one’s health. Has anyone else heard this? Over the past two years or so, a lot of ridges have developed on mine. Does this mean I’m a goner?
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yup like everyone you will die , eventually, but for now u have a vitamin deficiency or lacking a vitamin i cant remember off the top of my head but thats y u have those ridges
The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Nail symptoms as a symptom. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms. * Nail injury * Nail fungal infection * Chronic nail biting * Anxiety – a common cause of nail biting. * Beau’s lines * Respiratory disorders * Paronychnia – causes redness or pain at fingertip or nail. * Cyanosis – causes blue nails; see also various causes of cyanosis: o Lung disorders o Heart disorder o Congenital heart disease o Blood cell disorder o See also causes of cyanosis * Hypothyroidism – causes brittle nails * Hyperthyroidism – may also cause brittle nails * Subacute bacterial endocarditis – causes splinter-link markings under the nails. * Trichinosis – causes splinter-link markings under the nails. * Pituitary disorder – loss of the “white moon” at base of nails. * Paronychia – nail bed infections * Koilonychnia – causes spoon-shaped nails * Psoriasis – causes pitting of the nails. * Alopecia areata – causes pitting of the nails. * Onycholysis – separation of nails from nail bed. * Some possible causes of nail discoloration: o Subungual hematoma (see Hematoma) – discoloration or bruising under a nail (e.g. black nail). o Glomur tumor – causes red or purple area under nail. * Some possible causes of pale nails or white nails include: o Anemia – causes pale nails and lengthwise ridges under nails. o Iron deficiency o Arsenic poisoning – causes white lines and horizontal ridges under nails. o Liver disease – causes a whiteness of the base of the nails. o Chronic hepatitis (type of Hepatitis) o Cirrhosis of the liver * Some possible causes of thickening nails include: o Fungal infection o Psoriasis o Vitamin deficiency o Arteriosclerosis o Paronychia congenita – congenital nail thickening o Dystropic epidermolysis bullosa * Some causes of clubbed fingernails (rounded nails) include: o Chronic infections o Abscess o Lung cancer o Chronic lung disease o Chronic heart disease (see Heart symptoms) o Chronic tuberculosis o Congenital heart disease
usually trauma causes this like typing with long finger nails it can be your thyroid but it is never anything serious
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