What is a colonic, and how is it performed?

Q:What is a colonic, and how is it performed?
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You go to the office, a tube is inserted into your lubricated rectum, warm water is sent into your colon through the tube. Then the water is released. This is repeated for 45 minutes to an hour. The water loosens up encrusted fecal matter in your colon so that your body can get rid of it.It is very important that you research whomever will treat you. In the States the procedure is licensed as a “cosmetic” procedure. Ask the therapist lots of questions.Find out how long they’ve been in practice, what’s the average number of treatments given to their clients. Do they provide you with dietary education throughout the process or are you left on your own to figure out what to eat? Check out the office. Is it clean? Do they reuse speculum’s or do they use fresh ones each time?If their clients come in continuously for more than 2 months (max 3) at a time, or if their clients only come in once in a great while for one treatment, look for another therapist. The goal of the treatment should be to clean you out and to strengthen your bowels to do the work more efficiently on their own. If the therapist wants you to keep coming in for months and months and months at a time, your body will become lazy and instead of strengthening your bowels, they will become weakened.I wish you well!
basically they stick a thing up your ***
Full explanation here:http://www.quackwatch.org/01quackeryrela.
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