What, if any, are the health benefits of burning incense?

Q:What, if any, are the health benefits of burning incense?
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There are absolutely no health benefits whatsoever connected with burning incense. In fact, the process reduces the available oxygen for you to breath and the fumes can irritate your sinuses, eyes, and throat. People burn incense to cover up odors that they don’ t want others to smell or notice.
non whatsoever
Well there are plusses and minuses. On the good side, incense can relax you and generally have a “good feeling” effect. Of course, I’ve bought incense that, when I lit it, just about made me barf too.On the minus side, incense is smoke, so it is loaded with carcinogens. You probably aren’t getting much exposure if you only burn it occasionally. But you should probably stay away from “cheap”incense too, since it may not be made with the best of ingredients. My favorite is “Nag Champa”, which has a very aromatic, eastern scent to it.
There’s not really any health benefits but the smells (depending on the fragrance) can either make you feel relaxed or energised. People often use it during meditation or healing sessions. There is no danger from passive smoking incense because it has none of the dangerous chemicals and tobacco you get from cigar and cigarette smoke. I have known someone to be allergic to one of the fragrances, but other than that, it’s quite safe.http://www.freewebs.com/spiritualhealing.
It depends on the fragrance,Some relax you ,some energize you.Some make you sleepy etc.It tells on the package which is for what.
Well, there is certainly benefit from essential oils (lavendar calms and sooths, lemon and peppermint invigorate, etc.) but you do not hear of health benefits associated with incense. Incense seems mostly used to set a mood or affect and environment – which surely helps those of us who believe that health is a state of mind. Alternatively, smudging with sage (which could be thought of as a type of incense, maybe) can help rid your environment of unwanted energy – that in itself could certainly be considered a health benefit.Peace!
It is calming and lowers stress levels in some people.This helps prevent stress related illnesses.
i cant imagine scented smoke would have any health benefits, but it might calm you down, relax you so that could be one
None, zip, nada.
i would say no.what benefits can you think of of smelling smoke.who cares if it’s good smelling smoke.some pipes have very pleasant smelling smoke and i believe it’s called second hand smoke and it’s very bad..
i dunno, but thanks for 2 points!
I guess the health benefits might be some spiritual health especially when it helps you to get along with those engaged in religious/spiritual services. Otherwise, some caution is advised. I just ran across the link attached. So limit usage as much as possible just to be on the safe side.
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