What can I do to become more focused?

Q:I’m taking an AP english class next year and part of the class requires the students to read a list of books provided by the teacher during summer break. Every time I pick up the book and start reading I look at the words but I’m not grasping them, Im daydreaming and thinking about other things and when I get to the bottom of the page I realize I dont have any idea what I just read. Any meditations or ideas on what I can do to focus my attention where it needs to be?
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Intelligence is knowing to avoid distractions and concentrate on issues -it is concentration, focusing attention, concentrating, knowing how to concentrate and focus attention ~it is success in life situations by effective concentration, by the effective focus of one’s attention…Attention is part of focus, concentration, a component of intelligence ~attention, focus of attention, can only last a few seconds (some tests suggested up to 90 but 30 seconds is regarded as maximum for focusing attention) -attention is the act or process of focusing on one or more particulars in the content of one’s consciousness to give special clearance to essentials by restricting one’s sensory input from the environment’s unwanted aspects -attention is never entire.. it digresses but can be re-focused at will.When one is trying to concentrate, paying attention, waves of electricity called ‘alpha rhythm’ are given by one’s brain at a frequency of 8 – 12 Hz., but attempts by bio-feedback on an electroencephalograph (EEG) or a ‘mind-mirror’ to usefully experiment with focusing attention to concentrate failed without direct input from the brain tissue, and because in 10% of subjects no waves were recordable ~in concentration, while trying to focus attention, sensory input in attentive states can be sealed off at sense-organ level.Concentration is exclusively to focus on, to give one’s attention to the task at hand by habitually bringing one’s digressed attention back to quicker focus the attention and to focus that attention more accurately ~concentration, concentrating, is being able to re-focus attention also if and when one is much distracted and immediately after any rest or other one or more breaks on the same task (as opposed to ‘concrete thinking’ -which is not attention or concentration but obsession with a specific fact or task and inability to switch focus of attention, concentration, to any other) or indeed any other tasks -the strength of the ability to concentrate, for focus of attention to become concentration, is by one’s own mental conditioning…Thought outwardly directs itself creatively when uncontrolled, and with 5 a minute break ideally the ability to focus and refocus attention as concentration lasts at best 20-40 minutes ~but focus and re-focus, attention and concentration is aided by a network of nerve fibres within the brain stem, and because of this(‘reticular-activating system’ -RAS) despatching signals to other parts of the brain, the brain is capable of being stimulated for attention also by one’s conscious attitude -i.e., focus of attention and concentration is increased by confident familiarity with, excited interest in, the task at hand.Exercises to improve focus of attention, and re-focus of attention, concentration, are easy, effective in a healthy body (nerve cells affect mental functions and vitamins B1 & B12 help -whole grains, nuts, milk help better focus of attention and concentration).Exercising focus of attention and concentration as follows safely improve attention and concentration:(Sophisticated breathing techniques to deprive the brain of oxygen to force greater alpha-rhythm by increased carbon-dioxide retention, by some suggested are known sometimes to have even upset one’s automatic breathing, and should never be attempted.)1. The simplest and easiest attention and concentration exercise is for 3 minutes a day sit 5 feet away from a black spot 2 inches in diameter on a wall trying to focus attention, to concentrate, to see nothing but that…2. Another attention and concentration exercise is studying carefully for a few minutes a picture or postcard of something unfamiliar to one (this must never be the picture of a person, nor a place where may have been or can be expected to be a person, nor animal ~it must be an unfamiliar scene -e.g. an artist’s from imagination painted picture of mountains, fields; the same one always) ~then, after focusing attention and concentrating on it, one tries to recall the detail on it -one’s success in focusing attention, concentration, daily increases.3. Depending on one’s time and interest, to exercise attention and concentration, one, in imagination, may expand a spot to a circle on a blank wall and learn daily to more easily focus attention and concentrate ~later by focusing attention and concentration to add in imagination a square around it -when can do that easily then proceeding in ones imagination by attention and concentration to pull toward oneself the centre of that circle to form a cone and as gets easier focus of attention an concentration then a pyramid, indeed by daily improved attention and concentration easily being able to change their colour and paint them in imagination in many different colours (it is possible to so improve one’s attention and concentration so as to place a piece of silver foil no bigger than a pin-head on a mirror and be able at will immediately to so focus attention as to see and concentrate on absolutely nothing but just that -learnable is such focus of attention, concentration).It is generally agreed by science that focus of attention and concentration can be improved, and even the simplest and easiest of these focus of attention and concentration exercises, would improve one’s effective focus of attention and concentration on issues in one’s life situations and in the true sense of attention and concentration one’s intelligent success or grater success in all matters important to one. It sounds like you have ADHD. You might want to check out the link below. If you have ADHD, taking Flax Oil might help. There is also the DORE institute which has a program that can cure people from ADHD. Source(s):ADHD – http://www.addresources.org/article_to_do_list_hammer.phpDore – http://www.dorecenters.com/
Great question. For me, it helps to have a place where all I do is read. The chair is for reading; nothing else. Also, I’ve heard that squeezing one of those stress balls while reading helps. Not sure why. Maybe you feel like you’re still doing two things at once.Good luck with the class! I have the same problem. I can’t concentrate when I’m reading, no matter how interesting the book is, and usually regardless of how under the gun I am. First, you have to stay focused. Maybe read with someone if you find you can’t concentrate on your own. Also, make a sheet of notes for every chapter. This will help you remember the book when you need to write an essay or refer to it later. Another thing you can do is get the book on tape, if possible. Usually following along with the reading is much easier than reading to yourself. It seems to go quicker that way. Also, as you’re reading, keep in mind that you may need to present this information in a creative way later in the year, such as through an essay or presentation. As you read, convert your “irrelevant” daydreaming into something a bit more practical, such as daydreaming about how you will present your information.The best thing I can tell you is to get the book on tape. If there is a movie, you may also wish to see it in case you didn ‘t grasp all the concepts. Remember, though, that many films skew the book’s content, so it’s probably a better idea to read sparknotes to get the gist.I recommend not taking any medicine. That doesn’t sound safe. Nor do I recommend caffeine (restlessness) or energy drinks. The best time to read, probably, is right before you go to bed or right as you wake up. You are most relaxed, there’s little on your mind, and you concentrate very well. You also retain the most information at these times. Good luck.Also, usually what I find best to read are books that “look” nice and that I enjoy holding. A junky paperback will not interest me to read, but a hard-cover, thick-paged, slightly beige book will. It just feels like my time is so much better spent when I’m reading something that actually took time to publish.
Try out TM(Transcendental Meditation) and Sudharshan Kriya..Send me a mail or IM me..I shall teach you how to do these..All the Best.. Try this meditation, and you won’t regret it. ,(Meditate with water)1)You wash your palms 3 times.2)Then your nose 3 times3)Then your face 3 times. 4)Wash your right hand till your elbow. 5)Wash your left hand till your elbow.6)Then wipe up your head water one time ( from your forehead till the end of your head ) 7)Then again wipe up your right ear one time. 8)Then wipe up your left ear one time. 9)Then wash your right foot 3 times. 10)Then wash your left foot 3 times. After all the above.. use a towel to dry your self. And then u can start focusing (Fresh mind, heart and body).. Good luck. I know u can do it.. if u have question,don’t hesitate to ask.
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